Work bench

A work bench is required for crafting new items.

They are found in some of the buildings as well as outside one of the buildings in the Fishing Camp.

The items that can be crafted are Deerskin boots, Deerskin Pants, Rabbitskin mitts, Wolfskin coat, Bear skin bedroll, Bearskin Coat, Snare, Survival bow, Simple arrow, Arrow shaft, Torch, Old Man's beard Wound Dressing, Bandages, Fishing line, hook and Fishing tackle.

A sewing kit or fishing tackle is required for crafting any piece of fur clothing, and a hunting knife (or improvised knife) are required to craft bear-skin bedrolls, simple arrows, a survival bow and arrow shafts. Other items do not require any tools to craft. Note - Fishing tackles, bandages, old man's beard lichen wound dressings, tinder plugs and torches do not need a workbench. They can be crafted using the radial menu.

Since some of these items require a considerable amount of time to complete, the work can be done in intervals without losing any progress. The minimum amount of time to spent is half an hour. According to the overall progress the required materials will be consumed and the semi-finished product will appear in the player's inventory.

Only one item of each type can be in work at any given time.

Gallery Edit

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