Wooden strike-anywhere matches.
In-game description

Wood matches are type of tool item used for lighting fires and as a small light source.

Overview Edit

Each match weighs a mere 0.008 of a kilogram. Using a wood match increases the base chance of successfully lighting a fire by five percent.

Light sources are equipped with the '1' key by default. Hold the left mouse button to strike the match for a small light source that lasts for a few seconds. While a lit match is held, your "Feels like" temperature will rise by a few degrees. Sadly, a fire so small will not cause a wolf to run.

Wood matches come in boxes with the product name Trusty Matches.

In more difficult game modes where matches are far less common, it's strongly advised to start fires by lighting a torch, and then use the burning torch to light your fire. This way, you do not waste a match with a failed fire starting attempt.

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