Freshly harvested fur from a Wolf. Warm, and striking to look at. Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 7 days.
In-game description
Fur from a Wolf. Warm, and striking to look at. Can be used for crafting and repair.
In-game description

A wolf pelt is an animal-based material that can be harvested and cured to then be used for crafting and repair.

Overview Edit

Wolf pelts can be risky or expensive to obtain. Without the hunting rifle, the player can possibly kill a wolf with their bare hands or with a hunting knife in a struggle. This is very risky however and could easily result in death.

Safer, but more resource consuming, is the rifle. A wolf shot at close range, such as sneaking up or when eating, can be easily killed with one bullet to the shoulder. Two bullets are more common. Given the rarity of bullets, it is wise to harvest pelts only when the best opportunity arises.

You can also use the Survival bow to kill a wolf in one hit if you're careful. When you only have beginner archery Skill, the bow sways too much to reliably hit a wolf from a safe distance. However, you can approach the wolf and wait until the wolf makes its final charge at you, then hit it in the head with your arrow. Be careful because while a head shot will instantly kill the wolf, any other body part will not and it will most likely attack you. This is much less resource intensive because bows and arrows are infinitely replaceable, and it's much lighter than a rifle unless you have many arrows.

A single fresh wolf pelt can be harvested from a wolf's carcass. It takes 7 days of air-drying indoors for the fresh wolf pelt to become cured. These ones can be used for crafting and repairing the wolfskin coat.

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