Wolf meat (cooked)
Wolf meat cooked
Item Type Food
Weight up to 1.00 kg
Calories up to 700 cal
Hydration -10%
Energy density 700 cal/kg
Cooked flesh from a wolf.
In-game description

Cooked Wolf Meat can be obtained by cooking raw wolf meat on a fire.

Cooked meat contains fewer calories than raw wolf meat, but carries lower risk of food poisoning. Once cooked, raw meat will have 50% added to its condition, but will continue to decay over time. Cooked meat weighs the same as when raw but decays only half as fast.

Low condition meat will show yellow then red condition numbers, warning against the increased food poisoning risks of low quality food. Meat with zero condition may disappear.

Consuming meat from carnivores increases the Parasite risk by up to 5% on Stalker and interloper difficulty.


Cook over active fire for 20 minutes:

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