Male, 43. Born in Black Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Will Mackenzie is one of two playable protagonists in The Long Dark.[1][2]

Flying a routine mail delivery in the Northern wilderness, bush pilot William Mackenzie witnesses mysterious lights flaring across the sky. Suddenly, his trusty DeHavilland Beaver loses power and crashes into the dense mountain forest below.

Stranded far from the closest human habitation -- lost, wounded, alone, and with wolves circling -- Mackenzie will have to quickly master basic wilderness survival skills if he's to last long enough to understand what he just witnessed, and how his world has just changed.

Overview Edit

Will Mackenzie was a bush pilot prior to the "First Flare" event, a geomagnetic disaster that brought modern civilization to its knees.

Players will experience the story mode through both Astrid Greenwood's and Will's point of view.[2]

Description Edit

He is white with brown hair and blue eyes.[1]In his concept art, he is shown holding an axe, with a rifle of some sort slung over his shoulder. His clothing is a bit worn out, and his left leg is injured, presumably from the plane crash. His facial appearance is similar to that of Raphael Van Lierop.

Background Edit

Through the course of Episode 1, we learn that Mackenzie was married to Astrid Greenwood. The two separated some time ago, but both still wear their wedding rings. It is implied that they had a child together who had passed away. Mackenzie also used to have an alcohol problem that he claims is under control now.

Episode 1 Edit

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Episode 2 Edit

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Notes Edit

References Edit

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