In The Long Dark, interaction with wildlife is a central part of survival. A wide variety of animals exist on Great Bear Island, including terrestrial, aquatic, and avian species. The behaviour of the animals is somewhat unnatural, the cause of which is attributed to the Aurora.

Terrestrial Edit

Terrestrial prey animals, such as deer and rabbits will flee when startled by the player. However, moose will not flee when startled and will attack if provoked enough. All terrestrial prey animals have randomized routes to roam around regions.

Terrestrial predators animals include wolves and bears, which travel along fixed routes but will hunt the player if the player is inside their detection radius. Wolves will also hunt and kill rabbits and deer. If a predator attacks the player, a struggle will ensue. Predators will not attack the player on the Pilgrim sandbox difficulty unless provoked.

All of the terrestrial animals can be hunted to obtain meat, hides, and guts, and will eventually respawn after being killed. However, the respawn rate can be delayed temporarily if the player aggressively hunts down animals in a certain area.

Aquatic Edit

There are also fish which inhabit the waters of several regions. Interaction with fish is limited to the fishing game mechanic, which can only occur in specific, set locations; Fish can never actually be seen swimming. The fish species include the smallmouth bass, coho salmon, lake whitefish, and rainbow trout.

Avian Edit

Crows fly overhead and do not interact directly with the player, however they are valuable for signaling events and locations. Crows will circle over frozen corpses and deer carcasses, and will occasionally drop crow feathers. Crows flying in formation in a straight path across a region can signal a change in weather.

Other birds can be heard in the environmental sounds, but never seen.

Trivia Edit

  • All terrestrial wildlife will respawn a few days after killing, depending the frequency of deaths. More deaths, longer respawn time.
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