Animals still roam the wild post-event, but their behavior may seem a bit odd. This is attributed to the magnetic disturbance. Primary among the animals are the four-legged beasts, they are seen wandering about and interacting with their surroundings. Various birds are often heard nearby, though never seen. Crows do fly overhead, though they never land nor can they be caught and they do not react to anything around them. Fish can be caught, from under the ice in set locations, but immediately die when found, limiting any further interaction.

Of the walkers, Deer and Rabbits are the simplest. They run away whenever they detect a threat. Otherwise they walk random straight paths within designated areas on their maps. Bears have caves that they can actually be seen sleeping in, but are more often seen wandering about. Bears are not aggressive but they are dangerous; they will attack if provoked and are the strongest of all the animals.

Wolves are the true masters of this world. Again they patrol designated areas, but they are on the hunt. Deer and rabbits are their prey and they never miss an opportunity for a meal. Wolves do not share kills nor do they attack as a group. Lucky, because they are also hunting you. If a wolf does attack, it will pin the character to the ground and proceed to the furious biting. While it is possible to fight back in this struggle, it will not be without consequence. Learning to avoid wolves, and distract them, then to hunt with ranged weapons can upset then turn the tables on these vicious adversaries.

On December 16, 2016 Hinterland released a Moose sneak peek. It can be seen here.

Terrestrial animals BearCrowDeerRabbitWolf
Smallmouth bassCoho salmonLake whitefishRainbow trout
Interactions FishingTrappingBaitingHuntingStruggle
Up-to-date as of version 0.301.

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