Weather conditions can change, going from clear sunny (or starry) skies, to cloudy conditions with low visibility, to blizzards. Traveling in different weather conditions may have impact on movement speed, wear and wetness of clothing, fatigue, warmth, and even restrict visibility or audibility of the environment.

High windsEdit

High winds push against the character, slowing movement and increasing fatigue rate when moving against, speeding movement and lowering fatigue when moving with. High winds can also make starting a fire or lighting a torch or match impossible.

Wind blown campfiresEdit

Campfires will blow out in heavy winds, but not completely. Instead, an affected campfire is capped to 9 minutes of fire life. Adding additional fuel will not be able to raise the campfire's life above 9 minutes. While it may be possible to keep such a fire tended until the storm shifts its winds, the better option is almost always to relocate.


If the player is hiding behind an object where the wind does not hit him, they will get an icon windshield.

Weather crowsEdit

A subtle indication that weather is about to change stage is that three crows will attempt to fly in a straight line directly over the character's head. Since the character is free to move and the crows will only follow their original trajectory, they often miss the exact flyover, but their calls will most certainly be heard.

  • 'Weather crows' do not adjust for elevation and may be observed flying below or through higher terrain elements and even through the character in some situations.
  • Weather crows will also fly prior to the start of an aurora.

Gallery Edit

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