Water (Unsafe)
Water (unsafe)
Item Type Drink
Weight 1kg / liter
Calories 0 cal
Water that may make you ill.
In-game description

Unsafe water is water that has not been purified. It is mostly obtained by melting snow. It also sometimes spawns naturally in the basin in Quonset Garage.

Overview Edit

Consuming unsafe water does satisfy thirst, but can sometimes also infect the player with dysentery; a serious disease that will kill if left untreated.

One liter of unsafe water can be created by melting snow for 20 minutes at an active fire. Actually gathering snow to melt is not required, even if the player is indoors.

Water is relatively heavy at 1kg/L and can quickly overburden the player in large quantities.

Water always remains at 100% condition and does not decay.

Purification Edit

Unsafe water can be turned into potable water either using purifying or boiling:

  • Boiling 1 liter of unsafe water requires an additional 10 minutes at an active fire.
  • To use purification tablets, locate the tablets in the inventory and select "use". The process is nearly instantaneous even though a progress bar appears. Alternatively, select "purify water" while in the fire menu. Note that a fire is not actually required to use purification tablets, and purifying water while a fire is active will use up burn time.
Water bottles

Bottles of unsafe and potable water of varied sizes

Appearance Edit

Water requires no container to carry, and despite displaying as a jug in the inventory, will appear as a water bottle when dropped.

  • Quantities up to 0.50L will appear as a smaller bottle.
  • Quantities between 0.5L and 1.0L will appear as a larger bottle.
  • Quantities in excess of 1.0L will generate multiple bottles.
Unsafe and Potable water bottles are identical in appearance.
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