Hello fellow community members of this wikia.

I am happy to announce that I just adopted this wiki due to reasons from previous staff team being inactive and no longer visiting this wikia, leaving it vulnerable to vandalisers and any other issues unsolved. Thanks to Merrystar for giving me admin and bureaucrat rights.

My role in this wikia is to make sure everything are in check and any issues solved. Issues including, vandalisers, community members arguing each other, several pages need overhaul or subject for deletion and so on. And of course, improve the wikia by making it more cooler as possible.

As you know, I can not handle everything on my own. I am currently looking only one community member willing to become administrator of this wikia. The main duties of an administrator is of course, prevent vandalisers (As well as block them), solve any disputes between the community members and solve any issues. If you are thinking to apply; you must show activity everyday in this wikia and contributing time to time, that's all I want from you. However, if there is a page that needs to be removed, leave this up to me.

The format will be simple, I do not want to make it complicated.

  • Wikia name:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Activity in this wiki:

Anyone can apply.

Many thanks.

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