Hunting Revolver

A powerful revolver chambered in .357 magnum meant for hunting large game. Not as accurate as a rifle and kicks like a mule, but smaller, lighter and just as powerful. However, the question remains: six shots or just five?


The Hunting Revolver is a weapon that can be found in hunting shacks and such. It is less common than the rifle, is slightly less accurate, and has less range. However, it is 2.4 kilograms lighter, sports the same damage, and can be fired from the hip. It will load rounds one by one or will load all 6 rounds at once if the magazine is empty. It uses .357 magnum rounds which are .01 kilos heavier than .303 rounds used by the rifle, but are otherwise very similar. The ammo can be founds in many of the same locations as .303 rifle rounds, albiet slightly rarer.


Weight: 1.6 Kg (3.5 lbs)

Magazine: 6

Repaired using: Rifle cleaning kit (renamed to just "cleaning kit")



Carter Hydro Dam (upper section, in safe)


Hunter's Cabin

Hunting stands

Ocassionally found in glove boxes of cars


Moddled after the Colt Python 

The description is a reference to the film Dirty Harry (1971). In the film, the titular character uses a S&W Model 29 (which is chambered in the even more powerful .44 Magnum), and asks a criminal if he thinks he fired "six shots, or just five" and if he thinks he has one remaining.

9mm Pistol

Once a standard-issue military pistol, it has likely been sold to either police or civilians as surplus. Not very powerful, but light, compact, and good for self-defense. Uses 9mm parabellum ammunition.


The 9mm Pistol is another pistol in the Long Dark. Unlike the Hunting Rifle and Hunting Revolver, it is not found at hunting locations; instead it is usually seen in homes, cars, and government offices. It has damage similar to that of the Survival Bow but does not inflict bleed on bears. It, like the revolver, can be shot from the hip, and has the same range as it (though less damage). Instead of being used for hunting, it is intended for self-defense, with its much lower weight, lower damage, lighter ammunition, and larger magazine size. Its ammunition is semi-common in homes and cars, amongst other places.


Weight: 1 Kg (2.2 lbs)

Magazine: 13

Repaired using: Cleaning kit




Stores (gas station, rural store, etc.)

Government Facilities (Camp office, etc.)

Cars (occassionally)

Plane remains

Moddled after Browning Hi-Power

Tools & Items


A classic farming tool and occasionally a weapon. Very versatile and popular amongst farmers, soldiers, and survivalists alike.


Fills the role of a hunting knife and hatchet in one, lighter than both (though slightly less effective). Also helps when defending against bears and wolves, allowing you to do more damage to them when in a struggle. Rarer than either but much lighter than both combined. Can be found at a few locations, but not many.


Weight: 1.2 Kg (2.5 lbs)

Repaired using: Whitstone




Mountaineer's Hut

Metal Lighter

A fancy, engraved metal lighter, likely owned by someone of some level of status, or maybe just by a chain smoker with a big wallet. Either way, it provides decent light and is good for lighting small fires.


A tool that combines both the lantern and the match into one. Can also be used to light fires, but requires either tinder or accelerant to be effective. Can be used to light cigarettes as well. Similar to the lantern, it loses durability over time and requires fuel (though it loses fuel at a faster rate and can only store 0.4 liters worth).


Weight: 0.25 Kg (0.55 lbs)

Repaired using: Scrap Metal





Ocassionally corpses

There is also a special gold-plated variant that can be found at the plane crash site. This version is statistically similar, but degrades at a slightly slower pace.

Rifle Scope

An old 3.5x sniper's scope for a rifle. A bit bulky, but should provide a clearer picture on target and some more zoom. Should make lining up a shot on target a bit easier. 


The rifle scope is an attachment that can be equipped on the Hunting Rifle and Hunting Revolver. It has a 3.5x magnification and provides a clearer sight picture, as well as slightly increasing accuracy and range while shooting. 


Weight: 0.2 Kg

Durability: 0.5% Per day

Repaired using: 1 Scrap Metal


Anywhere a hunting rifle can be found (slightly rarer than the rifle itself however)

Bear Trap

A trap meant for use against large game or predators. Has a pressure plate in the middle to put bait on and lure in predators and trap predators. Might even be powerful enough to kill a wolf.


Working similarly to the snare, the bear trap can be used to trap wolves and bears, though it requires use of bait. Trapping a wolf will cause it to bleed and be trapped for 2 hours, and it will likely die shortly after escape. Bears, however, will break out within 75 minutes and will not die from the bleed (though they will be very badly injured and will usually be killable with only 1 rifle round or a couple of arrows). They can be found at hunting areas and barns, and can be crafted at the forge using 3 scrap metal and 1 cured gut.


Wolfskin Hood

A hood made from the hides of wolves. A bit big and heavy, but very warm and durable. Also makes you look like a badass Roman soldier and shows wolves in their place below you on the food chain.


The Wolfskin hood is a type of hat. It provides more warmth and protection than other hats, but is also heavier. It also cannot be worn over certain other hats (such as the motorcycle helmet). It requires 2 cured wolf pelts and 3 cured gut to make and can be repaired with one cured wolf pelt. It must be crafted.


Weight: 1.25 Kg

Warmth: +2.5° Celcius

Wind Protection: +2.0° Celcius

Waterproofness: 85%

Protection Bonus: 6%

Mobility Decrease: -2%

Crafted using: 2 cured wolf pelts, 3 cured gut (using sewing kit, takes 24 hours)

Repaired using: 1 Cured Wolf Pelt (takes 90 minutes)

Harvest: 2 Cured Wolf Pelt (takes 120 minutes)

Rabbitskin Earmuffs

Earmuffs made from rabbit hides. Warm, soft, and durable, they offer good comfort and protection against the elements. Its like wearing a rabbit around your ears... oh wait.


Rabitskin earmuffs are an accessory which provides decent protection against cold. They are more effective than the wool ear wrap, but also a bit heavier.


Weight: 0.45 Kg

Warmth: +1.5 Celcius

Wind Protection: +1.5 Celcius

Waterproofness: 30%

Protection Bonus: 0%

Mobility Decrease: 0%

Crafted using: 2 Cured Rabbit Pelt, 1 Cured Gut

Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet used for motorsporting. It is heavy, uncommon, clumsy, and not very warm, but also increadibly durable. It also provides some decent wind protection.


The motorcycle helmet is a type of hat. It cannot be worn over many other hats like the Wool Toque and Wolfskin Hood. It doesn't provide much in the way of warmth and is rather heavy but does give unequalled protection in its class, as well as decent wind protection. Uniquely, it and the snow goggles allow the player to see more clearly in thick snowstorms. It is relatively rare, and can be found occasionally in houses and buildings, and more commonly in cars and garages. 


Weight: 1.5 Kg

Warmth: +0.8° Celcius

Wind Protection: +1.5° Celcius

Waterproofness: 30%

Protection Bonus: 9%

Mobility Decrease: -4%


Houses (occasional)

Corpses (occasional)



Carter Hydro Dam

The Riken

Gas Stations

Cars (especially car trunks)

Reinforced Wolfskin Hood

The ultimate in makeshift protection, a wolfskin hood combined with a motorcycling helmet. Provides a sh*tload of protection and very warm but also quite bulky and heavy. 


A wolfskin hood combined with a motorcycle helmet, the reinforced wolfskin hood is very heavy but also the ultimate head protection item. It provides more protection than either the Wolfskin Hood or the Motorcycle Helmet, and offers the same protection as the former. It must be crafted at a workbench with  tools, scrap metal, and obviously both the wolfskin hood and motorcycle helmet.


Weight: 2.0 Kg

Warmth: +3.0° Celcius

Wind Protection: +2.5° Celcius

Waterproofness: 60%

Protection Bonus: 11% 

Mobility Decrease: -6% Crafted using: 1 Motorcycle Helmet, 1 Wolfskin Hood, 3 Scrap Metal, 2 Cured Gut, 2 Cloth (using simple/quality tools and a sewing kit, takes 35 hours)

Repaired using: 1 cloth, 1 cured wolf hide (or 1 cured leather), 1 scrap metal (145 minutes)

Harvest: 1 cloth, 2 cured wolf hide, 1 motorcycle helmet (25% condition)

Snow Goggles

A pair of goggles meant for skiing or working in the snow. They provide virtually no protection but will probably help you see better in the thick of a snow storm. 


The snow goggles are an accessory. They provide no warmth bonus and negledgable wind protection, but allow the player to see more easily in snow storms. They are relatively common at locations such as houses and hunting stands.


Weight: .35 Kg

Warmth: 0 Celcius

Wind Protection: 0.5 Celcius

Waterproofness: 30%

Protection: 0%

Mobility Penalty: 0%



Dehydrated, charred wood. Lightweight and very flamable with a high carbon content, it doesn't burn very hot but lasts a good while. Popular for campfires and barbecue grills. 


Charcoal is a type of fuel. It is the second most weight-efficient fuel (after coal) but unlike coal it can actually be used to start a fire. It is found in bags (similar to liquids) which may weigh anywhere from .75 Kg to 2.5 Kg and it takes .50 Kg to start a fire, being added in the same increments. It can be found in civilian locations such as houses, stores, and the like.


Weight: Varies

Fuel: 160 minutes per kilogram


Camp office




Car trunks (occasionally)

Fishing huts (occasionally)


Tobacco and paper soaked in chemicals rolled into a paper-wrapped cylinder. Not very healthy for your lungs but may help to calm the nerves and warm you up a bit. They also burn pretty well.


Cigarettes are a consumeable item that comes in packs of 12 (similar to wood matches). They require either a lighter or a match to consume and once used will offer the user a "calm" bonus. This bonus decreases the rate at which the player freezes (similar to hot foods) and also slightly decrease the rate of calorie consumption. In addition, they increase the player's shooting accuracy by the equivelant of 1 hunting level. However, cigarettes slightly increase the rate at which water is consumed and when many are consumed in a very short period of time they have the chance to leave the affliction "scarred throat" which rapidly drains the thirst bar (though not nearly as quickly as dysentery) and prevents the regeneration of condition. It can be cured using either 2 painkillers and 2 antibiotics or one rose hip tea and one reishi tea, as well as 6 hours of sleep. They last for around 30 minutes and can also be used as tinder in amounts of 6 (6 cigarettes = 1 tinder). They are found at most locations where people would be (houses, shops, cars, worksites, etc.). When the player is smoking a cigarette and they have nothing equipped in their hands, they will shown with a cigarette in between their fingers, occassionally lifting it up to their face to take a puff.


Weight: .01 Kg each (come in packs of 12, weighing a total of .12 Kg each)

Duration: 30 minutes



Houses and buildings





A lone, mythic creature, only able to be taken down by the most skilled of hunters. They say he stalks the wilderness, only challanging those whom he finds most worthy.


A secret animal, can only spawn on the two highest difficulties, and only once at least 90% of locations have been discovered. The likeliness for him to spawn will be increased with every new locaiton discovered after that, until it will be almost certain at 100% of locations discovered, though he only does so in snow storms and at least 2 kilometers away from the player. His behavior is similar to that of the Old Bear but less aggressive and typically keeps his distance. He is much larger and tougher than other animals and does not bleed, rather taking as many as 4-5 headshots or 10 bodyshots with a rifle to take him down with the rifle. Once he is able to spawn he will do so in areas where other animals are already present and only once per game. If the sasquach cannot reach the player then he will throw large rocks at him, which will knock the player down and damage his condition, with a small chance of causing an affliction such as broken wrists. Once killed he drops 60 Kg of "mysterious meat" which must be cooked to be consumed, degrades very slowly (taking up to 36 days to fully degrade from 100% to 1%) and has 2750 calories per kilogram when cooked, though also takes twice as long as other meats to cook. His presence will be announced in the region by a loud roar, which can be heard from anywhere within the region, even indoors. 


Behavior: Hostile

Rarity: Extremely rare


Outdoors, non-transition regions once 90%-100% of areas have been discovered


Balance/Gameplay Changes

Item Buffs

Buff Rabbitskin Mittens so that they are competitive with gauntlets. This could be achieved by increasing the protection they provide and decreasing their weight to 0.75 Kg

Allow refrigerators and freezers to provide a food decay rate decrease for meats and other foods (though not for clothing)

Reduce birch bark weight and cat tail head weight to 0.03 to give them an advantage over the more common tinder plugs