Truck are compact, 2-door pick ups found in the blistering cold of the Canadian wilderness.

Overview Edit

Truck are small, single cab utility vehicles found in the game The Long Dark. They offer a higher driving position when compared to the standard sedan seen over the three maps, and it is assumed from their higher ride height and possible full-time four wheel drive that a truck may be far more capable offroad than the relatively low-powered sedan.

Much like the sedans and tractors also scattered around the map, trucks are currently undrivable. However, in the upcoming story mode, they could have a more significant role in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, trucks only appear to come in one colour, light blue. This seems strange when compared to sedans which come in a multitude of colours.
  • The truck appears to be based on a 1980s Ford F150 with a custom wide fender bed.
  • The truck's hood, doors and the gas cap lid can be opened. However, the tailgate can not be folded down.

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