Item Type Tool
Weight 0.3 kg
Harvest 1 × Stick
A simple torch -- the same kind that's dispelled the darkness for thousands of years. Might even keep the Wolves at bay.
In-game description

The torch is a craftable tool which creates light and a small amount of heat, adding 3°C to your "feels like" temperature.

Overview Edit

The torch works like a flare, lighting up the surrounding area and scaring away wolves, but It is not as effective at scaring wolves. While carrying a lit torch, a wolf will run up to you and stand a short distance away, similar to a fire. Throwing a lit torch at a wolf usually scares the wolf into running away, but not always.

A lit torch can be extinguished for later use. It can be re-lit indoors or when the weather is calm by selecting it with the '1' key, then pressing the left mouse button and selecting a match or firestriker.

Unlike the flare or storm lantern, torches cannot be lit in overly windy weather. However, crafting a torch only uses 0.10 liters of kerosene, and it will burn for just over 7 minutes (or nearly 1.5 in-game hours). In that same period of time, a storm lantern will burn over three times as much kerosene, making torches the optimal choice of light sources if a player happens to be low on kerosene and unlikely to be cooking raw fish for more oil in the future.

Crafting Edit

You can craft one 100% durability torches at a Crafting Bench (the old crafting recipe made two), or you can pull a torch from any fire with 25-50% durability, reducing your fire by 10 minutes and 1°C per torch (the fire must have at least 10 minutes duration remaining).

  • 3 x Stick
  • 1 x Cloth
  • 0.10L kerosene
  • No tool required
  • 15 minutes

Torches cannot be repaired. They can be 'recycled' by adding them to fires or harvested for 1 x Stick.

Game history Edit

Gallery Edit

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