Time of day is dynamic which just means the day progresses as you play. The game world is also dynamic so things in the game can and do change depending on how much time has passed and what time of day it is.

Time scaleEdit

Game time generally progresses 12 times faster than real world time. So one hour of play can accommodate twelve hours in the game world. Usually even more game time will pass in a real hour thanks to Time accelerated activities like breaking up furniture or sleeping which can pass up to 12 game hours in as little as 10 seconds.

Day vs. NightEdit

Conditions during the day and night are different. At night, outdoor temperatures drop even colder and wolves are more active and alert making it difficult to be outside. Not to mention it's hard to see without the sun. You’ll probably want to find shelter before it gets dark. Nighttime strips shelters of any natural interior light; Light sources are really a must for moving around in the dark.

  • One day in 'The Long Dark' is 24 hours long split almost evenly between 13 hours of daylight and 11 hours of darkness.

Time DisplayEdit

The time of day is estimated by a sun and moon icon, which rotates, to give a rough idea as to the hour.

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