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For advanced players. An isolated alpine region with very few shelters or resources. A true test of wilderness survival skills.
- In game description

Timberwolf Mountain is the fifth region to be introduced in The Long Dark. It's commonly considered to be the most difficult to survive here, due to frigid temperatures (Sub-20C almost as a guarantee) and frequent blizzards (Usually at least three a week). This makes your time outside extremely limited without top-quality clothing.

Overview Edit

Timberwolf Mountain is described as pure wilderness with a mountainous expanse almost entirely lacking in man-made shelters. It has steep cliffs and ravines that require rope climbing to navigate through.[1]

Connects to Pleasant Valley via a treacherous and cold mountain pass.

A plane crashed on top of Timberwolf Mountain. The plane was shattered into parts, littering the area with debris and parts: A wing, the tail section, a single landing gear and a huge engine, not to mention half the fuselage found near the top of the mountain. In addition, there are cargo boxes from the plane scattered near the various parts that, when opened with a hacksaw, contain large amounts of a specific kind of item, e.g. canned food, medicine or a class of clothing.

Game history Edit

Timberwolf Mountain was introduced on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298.

Strategy Edit

Timberwolf Mountain is lethal. If you stumble across it without at LEAST 15 degrees of temperature protection, turn around. Blizzards can strike at any time, and may keep up for days, while food and shelter is very scarce. There are few rabbits, only a handful of deer, but plenty of hungry wolves.

A few hundred meters up the pathway, you'll come across Crystal Lake, which is essentially a smaller version of Mystery Lake. A single ice-fishing hut squats on the ice, and thankfully there's no "thin ice" so you can walk confidently. On the shore of the lake is a small building, and essentially the only man-made shelter on the entire mountain. Inside you'll find a note that was written by an avid mountain-climber, and a crude map scrawled on the back. There's also a crafting table, a very chilly bed that offers minimal temperature protection, and a storage hatch that can take up to 40Kg of material. Other than the drawer on the crafting table, there's no other proper storage. You'll probably be putting a lot of things on the floor, so try to keep it organized... Underneath the crafting table is a good place to put furs, and you can even put things on the window-sill. Lastly there's a bookcase, which can store lots of smaller items.

Outside the Mountaineer's Cabin and across the lake is a wolf, so be careful of that. He's pretty active and he can spot you from a long distance away. A bit farther down the lake, there's a couple of deer, some old man's beard, and some cat-tails. Beyond that is a dangerous flat area, full of wolves and a bear, so don't venture forward unless you're, well, loaded for bear. However, there's a cave in the area you can use if you've already killed the bear, and you need to hunker down for a blizzard, very useful. Past that is a long valley, with little for comfort except a single cave.

The path to the summit is, mercifully, more or less linear. There's a few areas where you can find loot, but due to the lack of human habitation, most of the mountain is pretty much only fit for those who are equipped to hunt. Making it all the way to the top of the mountain is rewarded by a truly massive cache of supplies, but you'll need a hacksaw to get into the crates. Inside the fuselage you'll find huge set of mid-level clothing (not very useful), an enormous quanitity of food (also not anything special, since to climb all the way to the top of Timberwolf Mountain you've clearly got the gear to get the food you need whenever you need it), and a lot of other odds-and-ends, mostly crafting supplies like sewing kits, and a variety of basic tools. Naturally, you're not going to be able to bring all of it away with you due to weight constraints, and it's pretty risky to make the trek all the way from the mountaineer's cabin to the peak with minimal supplies, in case of something dreadful. The primary reason to head up there is to get the unique weapon, the Distress Flare, which is the only equipment in the game that can stop a charging bear. Just aim and pull, and the furry thing will run with his tail between his legs... well, bear's tails aren't long enough for that, but still. Somewhat 'distressingly,' the flare's case only comes with a handful of shots, so you'll have to make them count. Bears are easiest to hit when they rear up and roar at you, just before the charge.

Perhaps it's a subtle nudge from the developers that bears are dangerous, and you probably shouldn't be trying to murder half a dozen of them without a good reason.

Locations Edit

This region contains 21 discoverable locations.

Gallery Edit

Maps Edit

Locations Edit

  • Go to Cave (Timberwolf Mountain location 1)
  • Go to Cave (Timberwolf Mountain location 2)
  • Go to Chasm Cave
  • Go to Echo Peak West
  • Go to Echo Ravine
  • Go to Engine
  • Go to Forest Cave (Timberwolf Mountain location)
  • Go to Wing
  • Mountaineer's Hut
  • Mountaineer's Hut fishing cabin, Crystal Lake
  • Landing Gear
  • Forest Cave on Timberwolf Mountain

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References Edit

  1. Hinterland Games, 2015, The Long Dark — December Update (v.298), “Timberwolf Mountain”, viewed 16 December 2015 <>
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