The Ravine - entrance

A view of the entrance to The Ravine from Mystery Lake.

The Ravine is a transition zone connecting Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway.

Overview Edit

The Ravine is a long, linear transition zone that connects the Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway regions.

The Ravine is home to a sparse number of animals. Only a few deer may be seen on the side closest to Mystery Lake.

Navigating Edit

Navigating The Ravine is trickier than other transition zones. Going from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway, the player will have to balance across a fallen tree trunk, then follow a long, winding track through a tunnel and then cross a narrow and rickety train bridge before finally reaching a final tunnel through to Coastal Highway.

Since version 0.321 there is a rope (together with some other loot) in one of the hanging train wagons which can be deployed near the aforementioned fallen tree trunk to go to the bottom of the Ravine, where a distress pistol, some flare shells, a human corpse, a deer corpse and some other random loot can be found. The rope climb back is a very long one; having coffee or a bedroll will help prevent the player from becoming stranded on the Ravine floor due to exhaustion. Alternatively one can use an emergency stim, but the player will be fully exhausted afterwards.


There are no wolves or bears; a couple of deer and rabbits can be seen around this area.

Gallery Edit

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