This is a changelog for full-release versions of The Long Dark.

For the early access changelog, see The Long Dark/Early Access Changelog.

Current version Edit


Released 21 December 2017

  • [Both] Fixed issue where displaced arm animations could appear for certain harvesting actions.
  • [Wintermute] Updated Green Survivor description text; Predators are less deadly in this Experience, but will still attack you when unprovoked. (i.e. Green Survivor does not match Pilgrim settings.)
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where items could disappear from the Milton House after breaking down the blanket.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where stored items would be duplicated and could appear in more than one location at once. This affects the following locations: Lake Cabins, Fishing Huts, Jackrabbit House and PV Crossroads House. Please note this fix only applies to games created using Version 1.21 and onward.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where a map icon may automatically appear for specific locations when they are entered (ex. Stone Church in Desolation Point) rather than through Charcoal Mapping, which would result in them not counting towards the Faithful Cartographer achievement.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue with the items placed in one location could appear in a different location instead (i.e. we created a teleportation device!). This affects the following locations: Farmhouse, Farmhouse Basement, Dam, Dam Trailers. Note that this fix applies to existing games.

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Previous versions Edit

1.19 Edit

Released 18 December 2017

Size 420.0 MB

  • [Survival] Fixed the Faithful Cartographer achievement. Fixes are retroactive but may require performing one mapping action per region to update the Achievement "checklist".
  • [Survival] Fixed issue with stored loot being reset in the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse, as well as other (unreported) instances of loot being lost. Previous loot should now be restored.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where player could end up with second, untreatable "Plane Crash Injuries" due to conflict between manual save and checkpoint.
  • [Both] Fixed crash on 32-bit Windows XP systems.
  • [Both] Fixed crash when changing resolution on DirectX 9 systems.

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1.17 Edit

Released 18 December 2017

  • Fixed issue where some localized strings were not properly integrated into the game.
  • Fixed issue where some interiors would be duplicated and have duplicated gear items, when playing using a Custom Experience Mode.
  • Fixed issue with code-entry for the Custom Experience Mode appearing "all caps".
  • Fixed issue where Antibiotics were not curing Infections.
  • Fixed issue where all caught Fish had the same weight.
  • Fixed issue where some customization options would not persist when modifying a "baseline" Experience Mode using the Custom Experience Toolbox.
  • Fixed issue where Feats Badges could not be enabled when using a Custom Experience Mode. Progress playing when using a Custom mode will not count towards Feats progression, however, and this is by design.

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"Rugged Sentinel"

Released 7 December 2017

Size 796.8 MB


  • Added the Moose to all Survival Mode regions.
  • Added the Broken Ribs Affliction.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Cloak gear item.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Satchel gear item.
  • Milton is now playable in Survival Mode, as "Mountain Town", including a full Loot and Wildlife pass.
  • New Save System for WINTERMUTE.
  • New Experience Modes for WINTERMUTE: Green Survivor, Capable Survivor, Hardened Survivor
  • New Custom Experience Toolbox for Survival Mode.
  • New Worn Clothing Weight Modifier.
  • Added Aurorified Lighting to all regions; these appear when the Aurora is active at night.


  • General texture clean-up.
  • General art optimizations to improve performance.
  • Reduced opacity of nighttime breath effect.
  • Additional beautification around Coastal Highway Quonset
  • Additional beautification around Pleasant Valley townsite.
  • [Wintermute] Added missing texture to chair in cinematic.
  • Fixed floating bones in Forlorn Muskeg Bear Den.
  • Fixed floating Wood object in Mountain Town.
  • Fixed the sun position in all regions to ensure it rises in the East and sets in the West.
  • General clean up on "out of bounds" areas.


  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot in Turbine Room of Carter Hydro Dam.
  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot under bed in the Coastal Highway Quonset.
  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot in Cave in Mountain Town.
  • [Survival] General loot tuning for Broken Railroad region.
  • [Survival] Fixed inactive container item in Hunting Lodge basement.
  • [Survival] Fixed missing corpses and containers in Broken Railroad region.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed progression blocker related to Wood Bin and Flashlight in the Hunting Lodge.
  • [Survival] Milton is now accessible from both Forlorn Muskeg and Mystery Lake regions.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed missing translated strings for "Lake Gunshots" side mission.
  • [Wintermute] Current episode progress (% Completed) is now displayed as part of Save Game information.
  • [Survival] Fixed issue where player could get into a half-buried car on Coastal Highway.
  • [Survival] UI updates to clarify Encumbered and "buffed" carrying capacity states.
  • [Survival] Loot updates to Pleasant Valley to reflect additional beautifications.
  • [Both] Added numbering to Afflictions in the First Aid UI to make it easier to treat when there are multiple instances.
  • [Both] Fixed some inconsistencies in UIs that presented "cancel" options where that functionality did not exist.
  • [Wintermute] Added some failsafe logic to ensure the Old Bear doesn't get stuck and prevent completion of the Bear Hunt mission.
  • [Both] Reduced Deer carcass quartering time to 60 minutes, to improve balance against Bear and Moose quartering times.
  • [Wintermute] Modified aurora appearance timings after the player completes the Bear Hunt mission in Episode Two. Aurorae should appear more frequently now.
  • [Both] Controller bumpers can now be used to toggle between Harvesting and Quartering interfaces.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where lit Lantern would be dropped during a Struggle, and end up back in the player's Backpack without being extinguished, thereby using up all the fuel. Lit Lanterns will now be dropped in a Struggle.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issues where items returned from a Trust interaction might not appear correctly in the player's Backpack.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where player camera would be inside the Bear mesh during carcass harvesting.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where player would take no damage when standing inside Grey Mother's fire.
  • [Survival] Fixed an issue where a few tunables in Interloper were defaulting to Stalker settings. Interloper should be more challenging now, as a result.
  • [Both] Fixed some bugs with the Struggle system which could sometimes result in the player losing control.


  • Several UI audio elements fixed.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed bug where lit Flare audio could carry into cinematics.
  • Moved triggers for "night is coming" gameplay VO to ensure they happen before it gets dark at dusk.
  • Modified frequency of exploration music in Timberwolf Mountain region.
  • General audio fixes for Grey Mother's House (Milton). Post Office (Milton), and the Hunting Lodge (Broken Railroad Region)


  • [Both] General navmesh updates.
  • [Both] The game will now automatically detect Polish and Italian text based on system language settings.
  • [Survival] Added more backer info to Cairns.

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Patch 10 - Released 16 September 2017

Size 318.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue with not being able to ascend rope in Broken Railroad region
  • Fixed collision issue in Dam that could cause player to fall out of the world.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad and Start Fire UI

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Patch 9 - Released 14 September 2017

Size 318.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Improved screen flow leading to Episode Two once Episode One credits are complete or skipped.
  • Episode Two: Fixed issue preventing Jeremiah's Flare Trust mission from triggering correctly.
  • Episode Two: Fixed issue that could prevent Old Bear from progressing to next waypoint in Bear Hunt mission.
  • Episode Two: Fix for Lake Cabin key using the incorrect key asset.
  • Episode Two & Survival Mode: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region.
  • Survival Mode: Tuned Aurora frequency values to make it more rare.
  • Survival Mode: Fixed duplicated gear items in Trailer.
  • Added scrolling for Journal text that won't fit entirely on screen.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad controls when viewing Journal Notes.
  • Fixed issue with Back button returning to Main Menu instead of previous screen when viewing Journal Notes from the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue with Cairn and Note collectibles not saving to Journal after death.
  • Fixed issue where Flashlight pick-up "hot spot" was awkwardly large.
  • Fixed issue where Backer text appeared as "N/A" instead of the correct English text in translated versions; this text is meant to be left untranslated in all languages.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Bears spawning in the Challenge: Hunted, Part Two
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Jeremiah Knives spawning in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue with being able to get past the collapsed bridge in the Broken Railroad region.

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Patch 8 - Released 23 August 2017

Size 274.1 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue preventing "Lake Gunshots" mission from completing correctly.
  • General cinematics polish.
  • Clarified Survival School "Harvestable Plants" mission requires adding plants to crate outside Jeremiah's cabin.
  • Fixed issues with Distress Pistol animation.
  • General memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where storage container in Lodge appeared to be interactive when it was not.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Trust option appeared for Grey Mother.
  • Fixed issue where Torch Blueprint would not unlock correctly when starting a fresh Episode Two game.
  • Fixed issue where players could return to Milton after completing Episode One.

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Patch 7 - Released 16 August 2017

Size 261.9 MB

May include spoilers

Linux Specific

  • Fixed issue with post-FX not rendering correctly on Linux when using Medium or higher display settings.
  • Fixed issue with movie files not playing correctly on Linux.


  • Fixed issue with Jeremiah's Flare Cache not spawning correctly. This fixes a blocker in getting the Supply Caches achievement.
  • Fixed several small typos in various Trust dialogues.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where Survival music could occasionally be heard in a story episode.
  • Fixed issue where Jeremiah would be inanimate after completing the Bear Hunt mission.
  • Fixed issue where the Snow Shelter would not unlock properly after completing the relevant Trust unlock.
  • Fixed issue where Methuselah cinematic might not play in Renewed Hope mission.
  • Fixed issue where Rifle could end up in a broken state when reloading during a door transition.
  • Fixed issue in Survival Mode where the female survivor voice sometimes plays when playing as the male survivor.
  • Fixed issue with a series of multiple exertion sounds being played after a Bear struggle.

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1.08 Edit

Patch 6 - Released 11 August 2017

Size 414.7 MB

May include spoilers

  • Memory and performance optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where Methuselah may not trigger correctly in certain circumstances in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue with "Hank's Hatch" side mission in Episode Two.
  • General fixes to various cinematics.
  • Fixed issue with players teleporting when exiting the Lone Lake Cabin in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck in Grey Mother's Fuel mission in Episode One.
  • Fixed issue with text jittering on some screens.
  • Retuned Food and Fuel requirements of respective Grey Mother missions in Episode One.
  • Fixed camera crashing during Climb and Harvesting animations when FOV is over 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a variety of annoying collision bugs throughout.
  • Fixed issue where the Flashlight's "high intensity" setting was ineffective against Aurora Wolves.
  • Fixed endlessly feeding Wolf in Milton.
  • Fixed issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a dialogue sequence.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text in the Give Items portion of the Trust interface.

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1.07 Edit

Patch 5 - Released 9 August 2017

Size 261.0 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue with Rope Fall section of Episode One, where players could get stuck due to a scripting bug.
  • Improved cover flow UI for Episode Selection to make it more obvious that there are two available episodes.
  • Fixed issue with Aurora probability in Survival Mode. Auroras should now appear more reliably.
  • Difficulty tuning of Wolves in Episode One. Struggle should be more survivable for new players.
  • Fixed some camera popping in Episode One cinematics.
  • Fixed scripting error in "Fix My Rifle?" that could create mission logic issues.
  • Fixed issue in Bear Hunt mission where the Ear would not spawn under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with Mackenzie clipping through the chair in some Episode One cinematics.
  • Fixed issue with missing Milton Knowledge strings.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to pick up the Bear Hide in Survival School.
  • Fixed issue where the note with the Code would not appear in "Hank's Hatch" side mission.

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1.05 Edit

Patch 4 - Released 4 August 2017

Size 219.6 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed blocking issue where the Aurora would not appear in Episode Two, between completing the Bear Hunt mission and awaiting the aurora's return to get through the Dam. This fix is compatible with current in-progress games so you should not have to restart to benefit from it.

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1.03 Edit

'Patch 3' - Released 4 August 2017

  • Tuned Antiseptic so that one dose is sufficient to treat Infection Risk.
  • Added missing audio for picking up Astrid's Hardcase on Day 4.
  • Added additional checkpointing in Ep1 and Ep2.
  • Cinematics polish.
  • Additional optimizations for performance and memory use.

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1.02 Edit

Patch 2 - Released 3 August 2017

May include spoilers

  • Fixed save/restore issue that could result in missing loot in scenes when reloading from a checkpoint. This bug was preventing some quests from being completable after reload.
  • Fixed the Bear struggle.
  • Fixed issue that could cause player to spawn on top of a campfire in "Survival of the Fittest". It should now be impossible to place a fire and then spawn on it the following day.
  • Memory optimizations to reduce chance lower memory systems will exhaust memory and crash
  • Added some more tools in Milton.
  • Fixed issue with Wolf AI not fleeing correctly when the player throws a lit Flare, Torch, or Stone at it.
  • Fixed issues that preventing the WINTERMUTE soundtrack from playing correctly; you should now hear more music as you explore the world.
  • Modified Fire objective on Day 3 of "Survival of the Fittest" to track how long fire has been burning, vs how long it will burn.
  • Fixed issue where unlocked Crafting Blueprints could carry over to a New game.
  • Fixed issue with Condition tutorial triggering after every death. It will now only trigger once.
  • Add some missing subtitles.
  • Fixed issue with Map Marker not clearing after retrieving Distress Pistol in "Light Up the Night"
  • Fixed issue with “Echoes of Astrid” objective marker appearing during Grey Mother mission set
  • Fixed floating campfire in Milton
  • Fixed issue where looping Wolf "feeding" sounds remained even when the Wolf AI was absent.
  • Fixed issue where feeding Wolves could face the player while still playing feeding animation.
  • Fixed issue where Wolves would sometimes not go into their Hold Ground AI state when approached with a Flare or Torch.
  • Fixed issue with map icon showing up for some Stone spawn regions.
  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck on geometry in Milton.

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1.01 Edit

Patch 1 - Released 2 August 2017

Size: 267.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Added missing translations for Trust dialogue
  • Fixed startup issues for some systems using DirectX 9
  • Fixed issue with some books disappearing when dropped
  • Improvements to checkpointing to help avoid getting into a low-Condition death spiral
  • Buffed the Condition-restoration boost when player reloads after Death
  • Added a Bedroll to the Cave in Chapter One. This can be used to Save your Game
  • Removed requirement to drink Rosehip Tea in Survival Bowl; it is now an optional objective
  • Fixed issue with Rifle Cleaning Kit disappearing after reloading a save
  • Fixed issue with environment geo near the Climbing Park section in Milton
  • Fixed various cases where audio could cut out
  • Fixed flickering in cutscenes that could occur when using OpenGL (Mac and Linux)
  • Fixed locked controls when throwing a stone and picking up a rabbit at the same time
  • Fixed floating necklace when speaking with Grey Mother
  • General cinematics polish
  • Fixed scrollbar issue when transferring items to NPCs
  • Fixed place object shader so objects tint correctly over decals
  • Fixed issue with radios playing music when aurora isn’t present

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1.00 Edit

Released 1 August 2017

Size: 2.7 GB

An official changelog was not released for the 1.00 version of the game. The following changelog is unofficial.

  • Added episodes 1 and 2.
  • Added the new region: Broken Railroad
  • Revamped interior and exterior designs for the Mystery Lake cabins, Carter Hydro Dam, and Camp Office.
  • New models and icons for food and drink items.
  • Improvements and additions to first person animations.
  • Added to and removed from the list of achievements.
  • Removed Fluffy from the Carter Hydro Dam.