This is a changelog for The Long Dark.

Current version Edit


"Rugged Sentinel"

Released 7 December 2017

Size 796.8 MB


  • Added the Moose to all Survival Mode regions.
  • Added the Broken Ribs Affliction.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Cloak gear item.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Satchel gear item.
  • Milton is now playable in Survival Mode, as "Mountain Town", including a full Loot and Wildlife pass.
  • New Save System for WINTERMUTE.
  • New Experience Modes for WINTERMUTE: Green Survivor, Capable Survivor, Hardened Survivor
  • New Custom Experience Toolbox for Survival Mode.
  • New Worn Clothing Weight Modifier.
  • Added Aurorified Lighting to all regions; these appear when the Aurora is active at night.


  • General texture clean-up.
  • General art optimizations to improve performance.
  • Reduced opacity of nighttime breath effect.
  • Additional beautification around Coastal Highway Quonset
  • Additional beautification around Pleasant Valley townsite.
  • [Wintermute] Added missing texture to chair in cinematic.
  • Fixed floating bones in Forlorn Muskeg Bear Den.
  • Fixed floating Wood object in Mountain Town.
  • Fixed the sun position in all regions to ensure it rises in the East and sets in the West.
  • General clean up on "out of bounds" areas.


  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot in Turbine Room of Carter Hydro Dam.
  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot under bed in the Coastal Highway Quonset.
  • [Survival] Fixed inaccessible loot in Cave in Mountain Town.
  • [Survival] General loot tuning for Broken Railroad region.
  • [Survival] Fixed inactive container item in Hunting Lodge basement.
  • [Survival] Fixed missing corpses and containers in Broken Railroad region.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed progression blocker related to Wood Bin and Flashlight in the Hunting Lodge.
  • [Survival] Milton is now accessible from both Forlorn Muskeg and Mystery Lake regions.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed missing translated strings for "Lake Gunshots" side mission.
  • [Wintermute] Current episode progress (% Completed) is now displayed as part of Save Game information.
  • [Survival] Fixed issue where player could get into a half-buried car on Coastal Highway.
  • [Survival] UI updates to clarify Encumbered and "buffed" carrying capacity states.
  • [Survival] Loot updates to Pleasant Valley to reflect additional beautifications.
  • [Both] Added numbering to Afflictions in the First Aid UI to make it easier to treat when there are multiple instances.
  • [Both] Fixed some inconsistencies in UIs that presented "cancel" options where that functionality did not exist.
  • [Wintermute] Added some failsafe logic to ensure the Old Bear doesn't get stuck and prevent completion of the Bear Hunt mission.
  • [Both] Reduced Deer carcass quartering time to 60 minutes, to improve balance against Bear and Moose quartering times.
  • [Wintermute] Modified aurora appearance timings after the player completes the Bear Hunt mission in Episode Two. Aurorae should appear more frequently now.
  • [Both] Controller bumpers can now be used to toggle between Harvesting and Quartering interfaces.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where lit Lantern would be dropped during a Struggle, and end up back in the player's Backpack without being extinguished, thereby using up all the fuel. Lit Lanterns will now be dropped in a Struggle.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issues where items returned from a Trust interaction might not appear correctly in the player's Backpack.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where player camera would be inside the Bear mesh during carcass harvesting.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where player would take no damage when standing inside Grey Mother's fire.
  • [Survival] Fixed an issue where a few tunables in Interloper were defaulting to Stalker settings. Interloper should be more challenging now, as a result.
  • [Both] Fixed some bugs with the Struggle system which could sometimes result in the player losing control.


  • Several UI audio elements fixed.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed bug where lit Flare audio could carry into cinematics.
  • Moved triggers for "night is coming" gameplay VO to ensure they happen before it gets dark at dusk.
  • Modified frequency of exploration music in Timberwolf Mountain region.
  • General audio fixes for Grey Mother's House (Milton). Post Office (Milton), and the Hunting Lodge (Broken Railroad Region)


  • [Both] General navmesh updates.
  • [Both] The game will now automatically detect Polish and Italian text based on system language settings.
  • [Survival] Added more backer info to Cairns.

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Previous versions Edit


Patch 10 - Released 16 September 2017

Size 318.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue with not being able to ascend rope in Broken Railroad region
  • Fixed collision issue in Dam that could cause player to fall out of the world.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad and Start Fire UI

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Patch 9 - Released 14 September 2017

Size 318.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Improved screen flow leading to Episode Two once Episode One credits are complete or skipped.
  • Episode Two: Fixed issue preventing Jeremiah's Flare Trust mission from triggering correctly.
  • Episode Two: Fixed issue that could prevent Old Bear from progressing to next waypoint in Bear Hunt mission.
  • Episode Two: Fix for Lake Cabin key using the incorrect key asset.
  • Episode Two & Survival Mode: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region.
  • Survival Mode: Tuned Aurora frequency values to make it more rare.
  • Survival Mode: Fixed duplicated gear items in Trailer.
  • Added scrolling for Journal text that won't fit entirely on screen.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad controls when viewing Journal Notes.
  • Fixed issue with Back button returning to Main Menu instead of previous screen when viewing Journal Notes from the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue with Cairn and Note collectibles not saving to Journal after death.
  • Fixed issue where Flashlight pick-up "hot spot" was awkwardly large.
  • Fixed issue where Backer text appeared as "N/A" instead of the correct English text in translated versions; this text is meant to be left untranslated in all languages.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Bears spawning in the Challenge: Hunted, Part Two
  • Fixed issue with duplicate Jeremiah Knives spawning in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue with being able to get past the collapsed bridge in the Broken Railroad region.

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Patch 8 - Released 23 August 2017

Size 274.1 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue preventing "Lake Gunshots" mission from completing correctly.
  • General cinematics polish.
  • Clarified Survival School "Harvestable Plants" mission requires adding plants to crate outside Jeremiah's cabin.
  • Fixed issues with Distress Pistol animation.
  • General memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where storage container in Lodge appeared to be interactive when it was not.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Trust option appeared for Grey Mother.
  • Fixed issue where Torch Blueprint would not unlock correctly when starting a fresh Episode Two game.
  • Fixed issue where players could return to Milton after completing Episode One.

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Patch 7 - Released 16 August 2017

Size 261.9 MB

May include spoilers

Linux Specific

  • Fixed issue with post-FX not rendering correctly on Linux when using Medium or higher display settings.
  • Fixed issue with movie files not playing correctly on Linux.


  • Fixed issue with Jeremiah's Flare Cache not spawning correctly. This fixes a blocker in getting the Supply Caches achievement.
  • Fixed several small typos in various Trust dialogues.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where Survival music could occasionally be heard in a story episode.
  • Fixed issue where Jeremiah would be inanimate after completing the Bear Hunt mission.
  • Fixed issue where the Snow Shelter would not unlock properly after completing the relevant Trust unlock.
  • Fixed issue where Methuselah cinematic might not play in Renewed Hope mission.
  • Fixed issue where Rifle could end up in a broken state when reloading during a door transition.
  • Fixed issue in Survival Mode where the female survivor voice sometimes plays when playing as the male survivor.
  • Fixed issue with a series of multiple exertion sounds being played after a Bear struggle.

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1.08 Edit

Patch 6 - Released 11 August 2017

Size 414.7 MB

May include spoilers

  • Memory and performance optimizations.
  • Fixed issue where Methuselah may not trigger correctly in certain circumstances in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue with "Hank's Hatch" side mission in Episode Two.
  • General fixes to various cinematics.
  • Fixed issue with players teleporting when exiting the Lone Lake Cabin in Episode Two.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck in Grey Mother's Fuel mission in Episode One.
  • Fixed issue with text jittering on some screens.
  • Retuned Food and Fuel requirements of respective Grey Mother missions in Episode One.
  • Fixed camera crashing during Climb and Harvesting animations when FOV is over 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a variety of annoying collision bugs throughout.
  • Fixed issue where the Flashlight's "high intensity" setting was ineffective against Aurora Wolves.
  • Fixed endlessly feeding Wolf in Milton.
  • Fixed issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a dialogue sequence.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text in the Give Items portion of the Trust interface.

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1.07 Edit

Patch 5 - Released 9 August 2017

Size 261.0 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed issue with Rope Fall section of Episode One, where players could get stuck due to a scripting bug.
  • Improved cover flow UI for Episode Selection to make it more obvious that there are two available episodes.
  • Fixed issue with Aurora probability in Survival Mode. Auroras should now appear more reliably.
  • Difficulty tuning of Wolves in Episode One. Struggle should be more survivable for new players.
  • Fixed some camera popping in Episode One cinematics.
  • Fixed scripting error in "Fix My Rifle?" that could create mission logic issues.
  • Fixed issue in Bear Hunt mission where the Ear would not spawn under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with Mackenzie clipping through the chair in some Episode One cinematics.
  • Fixed issue with missing Milton Knowledge strings.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to pick up the Bear Hide in Survival School.
  • Fixed issue where the note with the Code would not appear in "Hank's Hatch" side mission.

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1.05 Edit

Patch 4 - Released 4 August 2017

Size 219.6 MB

May include spoilers

  • Fixed blocking issue where the Aurora would not appear in Episode Two, between completing the Bear Hunt mission and awaiting the aurora's return to get through the Dam. This fix is compatible with current in-progress games so you should not have to restart to benefit from it.

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1.03 Edit

'Patch 3' - Released 4 August 2017

  • Tuned Antiseptic so that one dose is sufficient to treat Infection Risk.
  • Added missing audio for picking up Astrid's Hardcase on Day 4.
  • Added additional checkpointing in Ep1 and Ep2.
  • Cinematics polish.
  • Additional optimizations for performance and memory use.

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1.02 Edit

Patch 2 - Released 3 August 2017

May include spoilers

  • Fixed save/restore issue that could result in missing loot in scenes when reloading from a checkpoint. This bug was preventing some quests from being completable after reload.
  • Fixed the Bear struggle.
  • Fixed issue that could cause player to spawn on top of a campfire in "Survival of the Fittest". It should now be impossible to place a fire and then spawn on it the following day.
  • Memory optimizations to reduce chance lower memory systems will exhaust memory and crash
  • Added some more tools in Milton.
  • Fixed issue with Wolf AI not fleeing correctly when the player throws a lit Flare, Torch, or Stone at it.
  • Fixed issues that preventing the WINTERMUTE soundtrack from playing correctly; you should now hear more music as you explore the world.
  • Modified Fire objective on Day 3 of "Survival of the Fittest" to track how long fire has been burning, vs how long it will burn.
  • Fixed issue where unlocked Crafting Blueprints could carry over to a New game.
  • Fixed issue with Condition tutorial triggering after every death. It will now only trigger once.
  • Add some missing subtitles.
  • Fixed issue with Map Marker not clearing after retrieving Distress Pistol in "Light Up the Night"
  • Fixed issue with “Echoes of Astrid” objective marker appearing during Grey Mother mission set
  • Fixed floating campfire in Milton
  • Fixed issue where looping Wolf "feeding" sounds remained even when the Wolf AI was absent.
  • Fixed issue where feeding Wolves could face the player while still playing feeding animation.
  • Fixed issue where Wolves would sometimes not go into their Hold Ground AI state when approached with a Flare or Torch.
  • Fixed issue with map icon showing up for some Stone spawn regions.
  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck on geometry in Milton.

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1.01 Edit

Patch 1 - Released 2 August 2017

Size: 267.4 MB

May include spoilers

  • Added missing translations for Trust dialogue
  • Fixed startup issues for some systems using DirectX 9
  • Fixed issue with some books disappearing when dropped
  • Improvements to checkpointing to help avoid getting into a low-Condition death spiral
  • Buffed the Condition-restoration boost when player reloads after Death
  • Added a Bedroll to the Cave in Chapter One. This can be used to Save your Game
  • Removed requirement to drink Rosehip Tea in Survival Bowl; it is now an optional objective
  • Fixed issue with Rifle Cleaning Kit disappearing after reloading a save
  • Fixed issue with environment geo near the Climbing Park section in Milton
  • Fixed various cases where audio could cut out
  • Fixed flickering in cutscenes that could occur when using OpenGL (Mac and Linux)
  • Fixed locked controls when throwing a stone and picking up a rabbit at the same time
  • Fixed floating necklace when speaking with Grey Mother
  • General cinematics polish
  • Fixed scrollbar issue when transferring items to NPCs
  • Fixed place object shader so objects tint correctly over decals
  • Fixed issue with radios playing music when aurora isn’t present

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1.00 Edit

Released 1 August 2017

Size: 2.7 GB

An official changelog was not released for the 1.00 version of the game. The following changelog is unofficial.

  • Added episodes 1 and 2.
  • Added the new region: Broken Railroad
  • Revamped interior and exterior designs for the Mystery Lake cabins, Carter Hydro Dam, and Camp Office.
  • New models and icons for food and drink items.
  • Improvements and additions to first person animations.
  • Added to and removed from the list of achievements.
  • Removed Fluffy from the Carter Hydro Dam.

Early Access versionsEdit

0.426 Edit

Released: 15 June 2017

Size: 229.0 MB

  • Fixed rare crash when bullet raycast hit an object
  • Fixed rare crash when clicking rapidly when throwing a Torch or Flare
  • Fixed rare crash when examining inventory items
  • Add Bandage to starting player items in Hunted
  • Updated icons for Old Man's Beard items (harvestable item and crafted Treatment)
  • Added translations for all remaining non-localized strings from 424 launch
  • Fixed issue with not being able to dismiss save failure popup using gamepad
  • Fixed issue with saved Journals not showing written notes, skills or collectibles.
  • Fixed issue with resolutions passed from command line not being used. This fixes issue with game not running multiscreen for some players.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to rebind key when mouse hovered over input field
  • Fixed issue with some UI actions not being possible when using a Steam Controller
  • Fixed issue with all Experience Mode icons being highlighted on death screen stats
  • Fixed issue with First Aid UI not updating if affliction list changes while screen is active
  • Fixed issue with Hypothermia and Frostbite Risk percentages not showing up on icons
  • Fixed issue where female survivor slot could be used when male survivor slot was highlighted
  • Fixed issue with Hunger/Thirst arrows sometimes pointing wrong direction
  • Fixed issue with mouse pointer flickering on screen when opening a can in Fire UI
  • Fixed issue with TOD indicator not showing up in Status UI
  • Fixed issue with TOD indicator shifting turing Harvesting
  • Fixed issue with background blur disappearing in Harvest UI when aborting a harvest
  • Fixed issue with camera switching when pushing LS on gamepad when in Quartering UI
  • Fixed issue with non-functional Harvest option showing up when on Quartering UI
  • Fixed issue with hand sometimes not syncing correctly with lantern in first person
  • Fixed issue with some trees having incorrect lighting (most noticeable at night)
  • Fixed issue with gamepad navigation on Clothing UI
  • Fixed issue with Quit button on death screen having dark text
  • Fixed issue with encumbered icon overlapping full screen UI
  • Fixed issue with scroll audio playing unnecessarily on Clothing and Crafting UI
  • Fixed issue with Lantern sometimes not equipping after leaving a UI screen
  • Use LT/RT instead of LB/RB for top level navigation in Fire UI
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0.423 Edit

Released: 8 June 2017

Size: 1.2 GB

  • Updated the user interface, buttons, HUD elements, etc
  • Added a new option in the Control settings
  • Recreated the save system from scratch to future-proof the game
  • Added Charcoal Mapping into the game
  • Added Carcass Quartering System
  • Updated the scent system & HUD element
  • Updated visual lighting, fog color and fog distance
  • Updated the first-person presence
  • Removed the brandishing and brought back the old throwing mechanic
  • Added stone throwing (pick up stones and throw them)
  • Added struggle weapon choice
  • Updated the radial
  • Updated optimizations
  • Added the enhanced graphics option (Windows/Mac/Linux only)
  • Added PS4 controller support
  • Added crafting from the journal.
  • Changed some sounds and some textures

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0.393 Edit

Released: 13 January 2017

Size: 187.9 MB

  • Fixed issue where Arrows would disappear upon save or scene transition.

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0.392 Edit

Released: 12 January 2017

Size: 308.6 MB

  • Fixed crash that could occur when getting Frostbite
  • Fixed uncommon crash related to leaving footprints
  • Reduced glare cast from first person Flare and Torch
  • Fixed issue with predators interrupting player sleep in invalid locations
  • Fixed issue with too many Wolves spawning in Pleasant Valley
  • Fixed issue with harvested Saplings sometimes providing Cured Branches
  • Fixed issue with items falling through ice after a Struggle
  • Fixed issue with wildlife sometimes not being able to pathfind to valid locations
  • Fixed issue with screen sometimes not smoothly fading in when starting a new game
  • Fixed issue with extra cancel button prompt sometimes showing up on Inventory UI (gamepad only)
  • Fixed issues with getting stuck in Forlorn Muskeg and Jackrabbit Island
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck when exiting the bed in the Quonset
  • Fixed issue with Forlorn Muskeg Safe not working properly in Interloper
  • Fixed issue with a container being destroyed in Forlorn Muskeg when breaking down a metal shelf
  • Fixed issue with being able to use Forge before it's hot enough
  • Fixed issue with First Aid Kits floating after breaking down furniture
  • Fixed issue with Research button not being localized
  • Fixed background blur when cancelling the delete of a save slot
  • Fixed missing damage state art for some clothing items
  • Assign non-zero weight bonus for fish at Ice Fishing Skill Level 4
  • Assign non-zero reduction in fishing time at Ice Fishing Skill Level 2
  • Fixed collision issues in some caves that could prevent picking up items
  • Fixed issue with drawn Survival Bow movement speed retained after Wolf or Bear struggle
  • Fixed issue with Arrows not animating properly in certain cases
  • Fixed corpse loot issue on Timberwolf Mountain
  • Fixed issue with Snares not being visible at moderate distance
  • Updated copyright notice on main menu
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0.388 Edit

Released: 21 December 2016

Size: 313.6 MB

  • Fixed delay after eating/drinking in inventory
  • Fixed collision on shed in Forlorn Muskeg region
  • Fixed minor clipping issues with objects in Forlorn Muskeg region
  • Fixed area where player could exit the map in Forlorn Muskeg region
  • Fixed bear getting stuck inside rail car in Forlorn Muskeg region
  • Fixed broken stats for old save games
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0.386 Edit

Released: 19 December 2016

Size: 308.4 MB

  • [NEW!] Addition of new region: Forlorn Muskeg
  • [NEW!] Addition of new enhanced Clothing system and assets; refer to the detailed design notes on this new system as it changes core gameplay significantly!
  • [NEW!] Affliction: Frostbite
  • [Crash] Fixed intro video crash on Windows XP
  • [Crash] Fix for rare crash when placing footprints
  • [Gameplay] Retuned Sprint Stamina recovery and Fatigue cost
  • [Gameplay] Retuned cool downs on Heated drinks; they will now stay warm much longer
  • [Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia recovery times
  • [Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia Risk times; it now takes longer to develop Hypothermia
  • [Gameplay] Hypothermia recovery times now modified by Experience Mode
  • [Gameplay] Added ability to relight a burned out Campfire
  • [Gameplay] Made Scrub Brush harvestable for fuel
  • [UI] Added new Clothing “Paper Doll” interface
  • [UI] Decoy moved to the Camp Craft submenu on the radial
  • [UI] Fix for buttons overlapping when progress bar is active on inventory UI
  • [UI] Accelerant now stacks (no longer degrades)
  • [Bug] Fixed bug that caused Fluffy to fall through the floor of the Dam
  • [Bug] Fixed bug that prevented Challenge retries from working properly
  • [Bug] Fixed bug that caused audio to be muffled after started a game after a drowning death
  • [Bug] Fixed bug that caused wind audio to cut out in interiors
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where it was possible to equip partially crafted clothing items
  • [Bug] Fixed bug with showing "Repair" instead of "Read" for books when using gamepad
  • [Bug] Fix issues with Distress Pistol not animating and playing audio
  • [Bug] Fixed snow shelter rendering glitches
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0.377T Edit

Released: 2 December 2016

Size: ? MB

  • Enhanced clothing system testing
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0.375 Edit

Released: 3 November 2016

Size: 166.8 MB

  • Fixed issue with Cabin Fever and Intestinal Parasite Afflictions needing to be cured multiple times if contracted during the 4 Days of Night Event
  • Fixed issue where Glowing Red Eyes persisted in wolves past the end of the 4 Days of Night Event.
  • 4 Days of Night Event disabled
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0.373 Edit

Released: 30 October 2016

Size: ? MB

  • Removed Parasites and Cabin Fever afflictions for the duration of the "4 Days of Night" event
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0.365 Edit

Released: 28 September 2016

Size: 284.7 MB

  • Fixed issue with Flare Brandish not playing audio or warding off wildlife when player stamina low
  • Fixed issue with unlit light sources being unequipped when picking up items with double click
  • Fixed camera issues when entering tilted vehicles
  • Fixed crashes due to quitting game during fade outs of scene transitions or exiting vehicles
  • Fixed crash that could occur when renaming a Journal
  • Fixed issue with being able type text in a Journal if you died while editing
  • Fixed issue with toilets disappearing when loading old saves
  • Fixed glitch with lit Matches animation when inspecting an item or container
  • Fixed issue with Storm Lantern playing ignite audio when running out of fuel
  • Fixed issue with movement speed if Struggle is triggered when player is crouching
  • Optimized audio in Desolation Point to prevent potential sound hitches
  • General fixes to Environment art and collision
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0.364 Edit

Released: 23 September 2016

Size: 989.1 MB

New features
  • Added new Experience Mode: Interloper
  • Added new Challenge: Hunted, Part 2
  • Added full First-Person Presence for Light Sources: Flare, Torch, Brand, Lantern, Matches
  • Added Beachcombing Gameplay
  • Added Archery Skill
  • Added Mending Skill
  • Iteration on “World Decay” systems across all Experience Modes, focused particularly on: global temperature, weather patterns, wildlife presence, blizzard frequency, and fuel resources
  • Iteration on Feats system; players now activate a limited number of unlocked Feats per Sandbox game
Crashes fixed
  • Fixed rare crash when firing Arrows
  • Fixed rare crash issue in Fire UI
  • Fixed rare crash in Badges UI
  • Fixed rare audio crashes
  • Fixed crash issues that could occur in the Snow Shelter UI
  • Fixed rare crash related to Cabin Fever
  • Fixed rare crash when accessing the Log screen
  • Fixed rare crash when cancelling Firestarting
  • Fixed rare crash when being stalked by a Wolf
  • Fixed “Many Campfires” Out of Memory crash
  • Fixed crash that could occur when trying to force burn an unread research book
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when firing the Survival Bow
  • Fixed crash that could occur when entering a Struggle and holding a lit Flare/Torch/Brand
Gameplay tuning
  • Tuned Snow Shelter dismantling resources
  • Hacksaws can now be used to harvest Saplings and Tree Limbs
  • Updated the Bed and Bedroll interfaces to support Passing Time as well as Rest
  • Enabled Users to view status overlay when Rope Climbing - but not the radial menu
  • Tuned Hacksaw per-use decay rate
  • Fixed Decoy exploit; Wolves will no longer make an easy target!
  • Cooking Fish now produces a small amount of Lamp Oil (varies based on Fish type and weight)
  • Fixed issue where brandishing the Flare did not increase Fatigue
  • Fixed issue where player could drop Decoys when in a Snow Shelter or vehicle
  • Fixed issues with drag-and-drop behaviour in Containers
  • Fixed issue with Inventory sort icon colliders overlapping
  • Fixed issue with audio when dragging scrollbar
  • Fixed alpha issue on car windows that caused trees/foliage to not sort correctly
  • Fixed floating objects after breaking down furniture in Farmhouse
  • Fixed issue with player crashing through top of Snow Shelter after picking up items
  • Fixed issue with debug screenshot behaviour
  • Fixed issue with Brands providing a Heat Bonus when placed near a fire
  • Fixed issue where players could become stuck on a black screen when retrying a Challenge
  • Fixed being unable to light Torches from a fire
  • Fixed issue where players could add Coal to a fire at an invalid (too low) temperature
  • Fixed audio dropping out after a player Alt+Tabs away from the game
  • Fixed issue with falling snow passing through walls in Forestry Lookouts
  • Fixed issue that caused wildlife to sometimes become stuck on chunks of ice
  • Fixed issue with Wildlife trying to pathfind into deep water
  • Fixed Flare effects showing through doors
  • Fixed issue that caused corpses to disappear when only partially in view
  • Fixed issue where players could place Camp Fires deep in mines
  • Fixed issue with looping Flare ignition audio
  • Fixed floating plates appearing after breaking down certain tables in Coastal Highway
  • Fixed inaccurate Calorie cost preview for Passing Time
  • Fixed Harvesting UI displaying incorrect requirements when harvesting with bare hands with the Master Harvesting Skill
  • Fixed issue with stackable items merging with invalid stacks, when dropped from inventory
  • Fixed issue with inaccessible backpack in Timber Wolf Mountain
  • Fixed issue with Torches not being lit by other lit (dropped) Torches and Flares
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Journal stats from populating when viewed from the Main Menu
  • Fixed issue that caused the camera to rotate and pan unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue that could cause incorrect camera FOV at the start of game
  • Fixed missing cabins in Coastal Highway
  • Fixed duplicate rope near Mystery Lake Western Access
  • Fixed issue with the Extinguish/Brandish prompts disappearing too quickly
  • Fixed issue that caused the Torch effects to become offset after a scene load
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to fire the Survival Bow after dropping their last Arrow
  • Fixed issue caused by picking up an Arrow and nocking it, while holding the Survival Bow
  • Fixed issue that allowed all Bunkers to spawn in Mystery Lake in certain scenarios
  • Fixed issue that allowed low detail trees to appear on the Main Menu when running Low or Medium quality
  • Memory optimizations
  • Fixed various environment art and world collision issues
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0.349 Edit

Released: 1 July 2016

Size: 197.9 MB

  • Fixed crash when cancelling actions like Sharpening and Cleaning, followed by completing a different action.
  • Fixed issue with Fluffy being a 100% spawn
  • Fixed issue with wolf audio sometimes playing in 2D
  • Fixed issue with incorrect buttons sometimes showing up on the Research UI screen
  • Fixed overlapping messages when trying to refuel a full Lantern
  • Fixed entering Dam at incorrect position/orientation
  • Fixed spot in Whaling Warehouse where player could get stuck
  • Fixed issue with vehicle colours changing after scene transitions
  • Fixed floating backpack after harvesting chair in Trapper’s Cabin
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0.348 Edit

Released: 25 June 2016

Size: 187.3 MB

  • Fixed problem with Efficient Machine progress not updating
  • Ensure F8 Screenshot debug info cannot stay on screen permanently
  • Prevent unintentional scrolling in Journal when accessed from Radial Menu
  • Fixed badly-scaled Salty Cracker boxes.
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0.347 Edit

Released: 24 June 2016

Size: 64.7 MB

  • Fixed crash that could occur on the Journal or Melt Snow UI when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from leaving a ruined Snow Shelter.
  • Fixed issue with Wolves sometimes not attacking when player is crouched.
  • Updated Fire Starting UI to make it more clear that Tinder is optional when Firestarting Skill is Level 3 or higher.
  • Fixed bug that caused radios to float if supporting structure below them was broken down.
  • Clarified objective text for Whiteout Challenge.
  • Linux stability improvements (Required intro movies to be disabled).
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0.346 Edit

Released: 23 June 2016

Size: 329.2 MB

New languages
  • New Languages selectable from Display Options: French, Swedish, Korean, Chinese (Trad + Simplified), Japanese, Turkish, Norwegian
  • A Snow Shelter can now be crafted and deployed from the Radial Menu. This Shelter protects from wind and cold, but leaves you vulnerable to wildlife.
  • First-pass Survival Skills system has been added to the game, with the first test skills implemented. See the Skills section of the Journal for more information. The first Skills are: Firestarting, Cooking, Carcass Harvesting, Ice Fishing, Rifle Firearm
  • First-pass Feats system has been added to the game, with the first test Feats implemented. See the Feats section of the Badges menu interface for more information. The first Feats are: Book Smarts, Cold Fusion, Efficient Machine, Fire Master, Free Runner, Snow Walker
  • You can now find Research Books in the world. Spending time Researching these books will improve specific Skills.
  • Nomad Challenge added. Survive for 3 days each in 15 different locations around the world.
  • Whiteout Challenge added. Stockpile supplies and survive for 30 days as a monster blizzard bears down on you.
  • First-pass Almanac feature added (to support Whiteout gameplay).
  • It is not longer possible to Craft complex items (requiring a Workbench) in the dark. You can still Craft simple things from the Radial Menu in the dark. You also cannot Repair items in the dark.
  • Brandishing now costs Stamina and not Fatigue.
  • When breaking down items, the raw materials produced now go directly into your Backpack (vs. being placed on the ground to then be picked up). This will result in fewer bugs relating to harvesting items being stuck behind geo.
  • Fixed issues with Wolves sometimes walking in place.
  • Warmth from Bedrolls is now taken into account when Resting in Vehicles. (Note: You also get a Warmth bonus from Bedrolls when Resting in the Snow Shelter.)
  • You can now see descriptions for active buffs in the First Aid screen.
  • New Fonts added to the game.
  • Brightness correction now occurs before the Main Menu. Subsequent Brightness changes can be made from the Display settings, accessible from the Main Menu.
  • Reduced the number of stacking Damage event icons during Wolf struggles. (Note that the number of Damage events is still the same.)
  • Added new Skill section to Journal
  • Added new Almanac section to Journal
  • Added new Objectives section to the Journal
  • Added new Snow Shelter Build/Use/Dismantle UI
  • Added Badge art for all Challenges
  • Added Badge art for new Feats
  • The Badge interface can now be accessed from both the Main Menu and the Pause Menu
  • Added notifications for Skill Improvement, Skill level unlock, and Feat unlocks
  • Added audio kickers for Skill improvement, Skill level unlock, and Feat unlocks
  • Player is warped to a safe location if we detect player has fallen through world
  • Screenshot keys no longer force UI to chance from Gamepad to Mouse/Keyboard
  • Significantly reduced color banding in low light conditions
  • [For Streamers] We've added support for being able to access a second monitor without Alt-Tabbing. (Note that this will become a toggle in a future hotfix.)
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0.338 Edit

Released: 25 May 2016

Size: 105.4 MB

  • [CRASH] Fixed Mac-specific crash when exiting interiors in Coastal Highway.
  • [CRASH] Fixed rare crash on Windows at startup. 
  • [SAVING] Fixed issue with game not saving on some Unicode Windows systems. 
  • [SAVING] Fixed problem with starting the game in an interior in Pleasant Valley and not saving the state of that interior. 
  • [GAMEPLAY] Improved the Warmth benefit gained by Sprinting. 
  • [GAMEPLAY] Added Cabin Fever Risk. 
  • [GAMEPLAY] Intestinal Parasites now only occur in Stalker. 
  • [GAMEPLAY] Reduced chance of fishing line breaking upon successfully catching a Fish. 
  • [GAMEPLAY] Tuned Fatigue so players are likely to be able to Rest through an entire night after a full day of activity. 
  • [ART] Improved lighting for all interiors, including a new system for Time of Day lighting. 
  • [MISC.] Added a Brightness slider to Display Options. 
  • [BUG] Fixed issue with AI sometimes teleporting while pathfinding. 
  • [BUG] Fixed issue with bears not respawning. 
  • [BUG] Fixed issue where antibiotics button could reappear when already taken dose for parasites that day. 
  • [BUG] Fixed issue with screen inverting when inspecting the Magnifying Glass. 
  • [BUG] Fixed issue with JackRabbit Island not being discoverable. 
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0.332 Edit

Released: 30 April 2016

Size: 90.3 MB

  • Fix for autosaves not working on some systems.
  • Fixed issue with gear not decaying while in a specific container.
  • Fixed issue with some gear sometimes getting smaller when removed from a container.
  • Fixed issue that could cause large numbers of crows and crow feathers to spawn in specific locations.
  • Fixed issue where Intestinal Parasites were affecting fatigue incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with Bears running too slowly.
  • Fixed crash when unloading the Distress Pistol.
  • Fixed Steam Controller issue that could accidentally trigger actions.
  • Fixed issue with first person items remaining offscreen when Inventory exited with Tab.
  • Fixed UI localized text overlap issues on HUD and journal.
  • Added missing localization for “no afflictions” on radial.
  • Fixed issue with AI sometimes spawning or despawning in view.
  • Burned Brands can no longer be added to inventory by pressing Equip during inspection.
  • Fixed problem with Save Journal option not appearing again after initial use
  • Fixed problem with saving icon not showing up when saving a journal
  • Fixed issue with equipped items not showing up in Examine UI
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0.327 Edit

Released: 24 April 2016

Size: 59.7 MB

  • Fixed issue where Cabin Fever couldn't be treated if it was triggered during a v.325 savegame.
  • Fixed crash when trying to light the Torch from a fire.
  • Fixed issue when healing Afflictions that require two pills when holding a bottle with only one pill remaining.
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0.326 Edit

Released: 23 April 2016

Size: 80.5 MB

  • Intestinal Parasites tuning (see link for details)
  • Cabin Fever tuning (see link for details)
  • Removed affliction indicator when player only has at-risk afflictions; this indicator still appears for "full" afflictions.
  • Reishi Tea requirement reduced from 3 Reishi Mushrooms to 2
  • Fixed issue with multiple wolves spawning in Desolation Point cave
  • Fixed issue that could allow rifles to spawn outside Trapper’s Cabin in the Hunted Challenge
  • Fixed issue with shutters disappearing on some Lake Cabins
  • Reduced Bedroll per-use Condition decay
  • Changed R3 to Click RS in Controls options
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0.325 Edit

Released: 21 April 2016

Size: 77.8 MB

  • Fixed issue where some containers could be inactive when containing hides.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to rebind the Forward key.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to Rest while having the Sprain affliction.
  • Removed the "Sleep Until Rested" button as it was causing some bugs. This functionality can be accomplished with the current "Rest" and "Pass Time" buttons.
  • Fixed issue with "Risk"-type afflictions preventing gradual Condition recovery.
  • Sort items in inventory using the basic gear name (not the Condition descriptor).
  • Fixed issue with player not being able to walk up steps to the deck of the Abandoned Harris Home.
  • Fixed issue with blood effects not playing when wildlife shot with rifle or arrows.
  • Fixed issue with controller disconnect screen appearing behind Challenge Mode game over UI.
  • Fixed issue with reticule dot visible when holding the Distress Pistol.
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0.321 Edit

Released: 21 April 2016

Size: 730.2 MB

Gameplay, Tuning & User Interface
  • New! Radial Menu and streamlined Status Screens.
  • New! Sandbox Challenge Modes: “Hunted, Part One”, and “Hopeless Rescue”.
  • New! Emergency Stim gear item. Emergency stims added into various locations (also made available in older saves) and also available in some containers.
  • New! Brands can now be taken from a burning fire (replacing Torches taken from fires; Torches are still craftable).
  • New! There is now a chance of getting Cabin Fever from spending too many continuous hours inside.
  • New! There is now a chance of contracting Intestinal Parasites from eating too much meat from carnivores (i.e. Wolves and Bears).
  • New! Added a Curiosity state to Wolf AI. There is now a chance that Wolves will hang back and follow the player from a distance, before deciding to either leave, or stalk the player.
  • Refreshed wildlife spawning in all major regions (except bears).
  • Overhauled item degradation behaviour and retuned all decay rates for 1000+ day timescale. Gear decay now begins at game start for all items in the world. All Clothing items decay based on a daily rate modified for interior/exterior storage, and player use. All food decay is based on storage (interior vs. exterior) and, for fish and meat, whether an item is raw or cooked. All tools continue to decay based on use only.
  • Removed decay from Matches.
  • Added various rope climbs and climbing anchor points across all regions (including access to a couple of previously inaccessible areas).
  • Added rope gear spawns into a few locations (also made available in older saves).
  • Journals can now be saved on the death screen. Saved journals can be viewed from the main menu. A maximum of 10 journals can be saved at any given time.
  • Updated the gear naming system to reflect item condition (applies to Food and Clothing items, currently).
  • Complete overhaul to Rest system. Player cannot Rest if there is no fatigue. Added a Passing Time mechanic to allow advancement of time.
  • Added slow Condition gain while awake and healthy (i.e. no Afflictions, and not Starving, Exhausted, Dehydrated, or Freezing).
  • Added Hypothermia Risk affliction, as an early warning system to help avoid “surprise” Hypothermia.
  • Added more stats tracking including: Intestinal Parasites, Cabin Fever.
  • Differentiated all light sources more clearly, by tuning burn times, Brandishing effectiveness, and item “cost”. This applies to Torches, Flares, Brands, and Lanterns.
  • Flares are now Brandished and not thrown.
  • AI will now ignore dropped Torches and Flares.
  • Harvesting Branches now produces 3 Sticks (increased from 2).
  • Harvesting Sticks now produces 2 Tinder Plugs (increased from 1).
  • Hatchets now modify Branch harvesting time correctly.
  • Brandishing now only works if an item is lit.
  • Items that decay to 0% Condition will now be marked Ruined, but persist in the world.
  • Increased the Wind speed required to blow out existing fires, as well as which prevents fires from being started. This should reduce instances of strong fires being blown out suddenly due to wind changes.
  • Delay condition-loss from Bear struggle until the struggle animation is complete. (This does not apply to Wolf struggles.)
  • Combined Stats with Journal. Made accessible from Main Menu and Deathscreen as well as in game.
  • Simple Crafting now accessible directly from Radial Menu (see above for more details).
  • Updated art for Feed Fire screen.
  • In the Options screen, Key Bindings will now display a mouseover effect.
  • Show sheltered icon when in caves and other large enclosed spaces outdoors.
Art, Animation, FX
  • New! Added experimental First-Person presence for Wolf Struggles with Knife, Hatchet, and Prybar.
  • New! First pass on colour grading.
  • New! Added rim lighting effect for night-time lighting. It should be more possible to see the “edges” of snow banks and things on clear, moonlit nights, enhancing night-time navigation.
  • Improved the Bear model and texture.
  • Improved the Bear animations.
  • Improved the Wolf animations.
  • Updated the visual effects for Torches, Flares, Lanterns, and Brands, so that flames begin to “sputter” when you are running low on burn time.
  • Added new Footprints system, which improves the footprint visuals as well as respects weather conditions; footprints will persist for a longer period of time, unless filled in by snow or high winds. (Future improvements to this system will be focused on enhanced Tracking gameplay.)
  • Improved draw distance for falling snow.
  • Updated the “light shafts” window effect to improve performance.
  • Increased the visibility of blood drops, to aid with tracking wounded animals.
  • Added blood splatter effect when player is injured by blood loss event (ex. during wolf struggle), when wildlife is hit, and when a carcass is harvested. Also, when hit, the first blood drops from a bleeding animal will be larger, to help the player determine the direction of the animal’s movement.
  • New! The game now supports Steam Cloud Saves for Windows, Mac and Linux. This means that you can continue to play your saved games across multiple systems (provided you are using the same Steam account).
  • New! More graceful handling of corrupt or incompatible save games. Saves will be shown as corrupt or incompatible in the UI, allowing players to remove them and avoiding system crashes due to corrupted save files.
  • New! All game sessions are now saved upon start, not at first Rest or interior/exterior transition. This should result in fewer “mysterious” save losses when players abandon games before they have been auto-saved.
  • Improved Steam Controller support. All in-game actions can now be rebound using the steam controller configuration screen.
  • Particle optimization now active for Windows. This should result in better performance of heavy snow and blizzard conditions for some players.
  • Mac and Linux rendering now uses OpenGL 4.1, which should result in some performance improvements for players on those platforms.
  • Added error handling for updating to default key-bindings due to the addition of new controls (ex. the new radial menu is bound to the Space Bar by default). Note that this error will only be seen if a newly added binding was already in use.
  • The save icon now appears when saving the player profile.
  • Added save file compression which results in smaller save files and faster cloud-save uploads.
  • New! Added master volume slider.
  • Added more general ambient and exploration music, and fixed some issues that were preventing ambient music from playing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issues that were preventing desired gameplay speech from playing. As a result, you should hear more gameplay-relevant voice feedback from the survivor personae.
  • Overhauled struggle audio for both Wolves (to account for new first-person presence) and for the Bear struggle (to make it more impressive).
  • Footstep audio now differentiates between shoes, boots, and bare feet.
Bug Fixes
  • We now display an error message if user tries to use a stove to start a fire but are missing all of the required items.
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck in an infinite cooking loop when using gamepad/controller.
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck in an infinite crafting loop.
  • Fixed issue where you could quit the game in the middle of a save, which would result in corrupted save files.
  • Fixed issue where worn-out tools could be used one extra time.
  • Fixed Distress Pistol using wrong ammo icon on inventory screen.
  • Fixed issue where the First Aid screen would not update if an affliction healed itself while the screen was open.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to holster the held item while cancelling item placement.
  • Fixed issue where blood trails were only being left when wildlife was fleeing.
  • Bears are now spawned facing outwards from Dens. This helps fix some pathing issues when the bear attempts to leave the Den.
  • Fix issue with items being left behind when transitioning scenes with item placement in progress
  • Fixed issue with corpses getting re-oriented after loading a save.
  • Fixed issue where players could add fuel to fires that had already blown out (the fire FX didn’t reflect this state).
  • Fixed issue with camera sometimes crashing into geometry when placing a campfire.
  • Fixed issue with being able to place snares too close to geometry, causing the snared rabbit to be inaccessible
  • Fixed issue with Bear playing sleep animations after leaving the sleep AI state.
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0.304 (Xbox One) Edit

Released: 19 February 2016

  • Various fixes to address remaining known savegame corruption issues.
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0.302 (other platforms) Edit

Released: 8 January 2016

Size: 73.5 MB

  • Fixed issue with some gear items respawning.
  • Fixed disappearing doors on some cargo containers in Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Fixed issue with Longest Burning Fire stat being recorded in seconds.
  • Fixed expended Distress Pistol rounds sometimes being collectible after reloading a save.
  • Fixed issue with Sharpening/Cleaning skill starting at 1 for old saves.
  • Fixed menu navigation when LMB/RMB are bound to movement directions.
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0.303 (Xbox One) Edit

Released: 3 February 2016

  • Fixed issue where game would not suspend when in constrained mode, which could mean the player died while the game was left running in the background while the player did something else on their Xbox.
  • Fixed issue where the game would crash if the player tried to cook too many items, too rapidly (button mashing).
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0.301 Edit

Released: 18 December 2015

  • Fixed issue with parts of a Cave in Timberwolf Mountain disappearing when running Low or Medium Quality visual settings.
  • Fixed issue with GPU over-usage when game not in focus.
  • Fixed issue with player being stuck if attacked while climbing.
  • Fixed problem with wildlife spawning at incorrect locations during player Rest (ex. mountain ledge).
  • Fixed issue with the game saving when player at 0% Condition (death).
  • Fixed issue with maximum fire duration stat being tracked when fires left burning in unloaded scenes, resulting in very long burn time stats.
  • Fixed issue with world explored stat sometimes being incorrect when starting a new game.
  • Fixed issue with initial fade from black on main menu being stuck, if the player mashes buttons before main menu load. [Controller]
  • Fixed issue where damage events were displayed when menu screens were open.
  • Fixed issue with pain effects potentially turning blue when stacked together.
  • Fixed animation glitches with the Distress Pistol, if trying to fire before aimed.
  • Fixed issue with being able to switch food items while cooking.
  • Fixed issues with stacked items not transferring from a container correctly.
  • Added check to give a non-duplicate default name for new saves (ex. multiple "SANDBOX 1" names).
  • Gamepad B button now always cancels text input in Log. [Controller]
  • We now display item Condition in the harvest section of the Examine screen.
  • Fixed colour of text on the Crafting screen.
  • You can now use WASD and arrow keys to scroll through the Log.
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0.298 Edit

Released: 16 December 2015

Blog post: User blog:LegendFPS/The Long Dark — December Update (v.298), “Timberwolf Mountain”

  • Added new region: Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Added Rope Climbing gameplay.
  • Added Distress Pistol tool/weapon.
  • Added Stats Screen that tracks current and historical Sandbox game data.
  • Added Player Log that tracks locations explored, general status, and allows for players to write/edit Journal entries.
  • Added Rifle Cleaning Kit tool, and Rifle maintenance gameplay.
  • Added Sharpening Stone tool, and bladed tool maintenance gameplay.
  • Added Sharpening Stones and Rifle Cleaning Kits to all Sandbox regions. Added spawning logic to ensure they spawn in old save games.
  • Added Rifle Jamming.
  • Added Fatigue-driven Rifle sway.
  • Added pre-Aim reticle back to Bow.
  • Added on-screen indicators for all types of damage.
  • Added variant of Ice Fishing Hut that has flimsy door to provide shelter from wind.
  • Updated Caves directly connected to the world so their interior temperature is modified by the exterior temperature, vs. a static temperature trigger.
  • Added new Death, Near Neath, and Region music.
  • Added some new landmarks in Pleasant Valley to help with the navigation to Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Updated Wind system to affect trees, branches, grass, and reeds.
  • Updated Stag model and animations, including carcasses.
  • Updated Condition HUD indicators, to only appear when sub-conditions are critical.
  • Updated the Stamina Bar to more clearly indicate when the player cannot sprint due to injuries, exhaustion, etc.
  • Updated Location text labels.
  • Updated the names of some of the “transition” regions, to give them a unique identity.
  • Updated the Sandbox menu for improved usability.
  • Updated Low Health screen effects to better communicate critical health status.
  • Unlocked all playable Regions from the Sandbox menu. The player may now select any of the available regions without needing to find those locations through gameplay.
Rendering / Effects
  • Fixed issue with mountains being rendered in front of chain-link fence in Pleasant Valley.
  • Fixed issue where barrel smoke would be visible after re-equipping a holstered Rifle.
  • [PC/Xbox] Fixed potential clipping of sun/moon above the line of the horizon.
  • Fixed issue where mouse could occasionally exit the active game window.
  • Fixed issue where gamepad input was being received when game not in focus.
  • Fixed issue with excessive GPU usage when game not in focus.
  • Fixed issue where players would be able to accidentally set fires under themselves (leading to injury or death).
  • Fixed issue where player could respawn inside rocks after falling through ice.
  • Fixed issue where one of each relevant raw material item would remain after crafting an item.
  • Fixed issue where 0-calorie food items could be returned to inventory.
  • Fixed issue with Coal sometimes spawning in air.
  • Fixed issue where the Rifle could be reloaded while in Aim mode.
  • Fixed issue where Rifle could be fired after reloaded Aim was never released.
  • Fixed issue where Rifle aiming was out of alignment with the iron sights.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to break down respawned Hardwood and Softwood Limbs
  • Fixed issue with breakable objects respawning after being broken down outdoors.
  • Fixed rare black screen crash when harvesting a carcass with near zero meat
  • Fixed issue with getting kicked out of vehicle when trying to place objects.
  • Fixed issue with snare being put into trap mode when unset snare moved around.
  • Fixed issue where branches/sticks/limbs would sometimes not spawn in areas they should.
  • Fixed issue where animal corpses outdoors would thaw if the player was inside a sheltered location.
  • Fixed issue where the Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet, Hammer, and Prybar, could not be used to clear Ice Fishing holes.
  • Fixed issue where Arrows would become very large when hitting certain surfaces.
  • Fixed rare crash in old games when saved during certain Moon phases.
  • Fixed issue where if the survivor had a sprained wrist, a weapon would be re-equipped after loading the game.
  • [Xbox Only] Fixed issue where players could play without being signed in to an Xbox profile, which would result in losing game progress when the console was turned off.
  • Fixed issue where players required an extra night to get the Night Walker achievement.
  • Fixed issue where creating Reishi and Rosehip tea invalidated the Living Off The Land achievement.
User Interface (UI)
  • Fixed issue where the game could crash when opening cans in the Cooking UI.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to Cancel Cooking or Opening Cans actions.
  • Fixed issue where Crafting buttons were visible while Crafting action was underway.
  • Fixed issue where a burned out Torch could still be used to start a fire.
  • Fixed issue with LMB+RMB causing placed objects to blur and be placed in the air.
  • Fixed issue where the Inventory action label for Matches displayed "Equip" instead of "Strike", as they must be used from first-person view.
  • Fixed issue where the Main Menu would occasionally fade out when on a secondary menu layer.
  • Fixed issues where audio could become distorted or muted when using Alt-Tab.
  • Fixed issue where wind audio could sometimes disappear in Desolation Point.
  • Removed error noises when triggering boil water/melt snow.
  • Fixed issue with torch audio continuing to loop after harvesting a lit torch.
  • Fixed issue where Mouse adjustment sliders in the Options Menu would not trigger a sound.
  • [Xbox Only] Fixed issue where audio could occasionally stutter for streaming sounds.
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0.284 (Mac only) Edit

Released: 8 November 2015


Recently, we discovered that a small number of Mac players who had updated their Mac OSX to "El Capitan" had subsequently lost their save. After investigating, we discovered that El Capitan reset the default location for save files. We believe we have a fix for this issue -- we are forcing El Capitan to save the game in a specific directory -- which we're rolling out in a Hotfix to v.284. This fix is only for the Mac version of the game. Details below.

With this fix, it should now be safe to update to Mac OSX "El Capitan", without risk of losing game saves.


v.284 updates the Mac version of The Long Dark, to restore save files not found after upgrading to El Capitan.

Saves will now be located here for Mac players:


v.284 will automatically restore old saves from:

/users/username/Library/Application Support/Hinterland/The Long Dark /users/username/Library/Application Support/unity.Hinterland.The Long Dark

Note that v.284 will not overwrite or delete any data. If El Capitan users have created new saves, manually check the above two paths and copy the contents to the new save location: (/users/username/.local/share/Hinterland/TheLongDark).


Please note there is a chance that this v.284 update will restore saves that were previously lost due to the El Capitan update, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this will work for everyone, as all these changes are being made on the OS-level and have nothing to do with The Long Dark itself.

For more info, or to follow up with additional issues, please check the Technical Issues sub-forum. Thank you.

- The Hinterland Team

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0.283 (Linux and Steam OS) Edit

Released: 16 November 2015


We've just hotfixed the SteamOS/Linux version of The Long Dark to fix the following issues:

  • SteamOS/Linux version occasionally crashing when the intro movie plays
  • SteamOS/Linux version erroneously displays "Development Build" label

To fix the occasional crash, we have temporarily disabled the intro movie in the SteamOS/Linux version. We'll re-enable the movie once we've solved the crash, which we suspect is a Unity issue.

Please note this hotfix only affects the SteamOS/Linux version. Also, this hotfix does not increment the version number so the build should still be v.284.

Thank you!

- The Hinterland Team

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0.282 (PC and Xbox One) Edit

Released: 30 October 2015

  • Fixed issue introduced with the temporary Halloween theme that kept time from progressing in-game
  • Fixed issue causing black screen to appear after disclaimer screen (XBox One only)
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0.281 Edit

Released: 30 October 2015

  • Updated the game's Main Menu with a Halloween theme
External link

0.280 Edit

Released: 16 October 2015

General fixes and improvements
  • Outdoor load times have been reduced by about 30%.
  • The moon now glows.
  • The starfield is now projected on a sphere, and moves as night progresses.
  • Fixed an issue with terrain grass disappearing if the user looked directly down.
  • Reduced size of Rabbit Pelt gear item.
  • General clean-up of Gear item positions in Inspect mode.
  • Lighthouse - fixed floating clipboard after shelf breakdown
  • Fixed placed arrows sometimes falling through the world.
  • Fixed intermittent audio pauses/gaps [Xbox One]
Gameplay fixes
  • Fixed issue where Rifle would occasionally be lost during a Struggle.
  • Fixed issue with being able to instantly catch Rabbits in a Snare.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with not being able to pick up used Snares.
  • Fixed issue where broken arrows sometimes had higher Condition than when they were whole.
  • Tuned wildlife respawn times in Mystery Lake, to bring them more inline with other regions.
  • Chain-link fences no longer provide shelter from wind.
  • Fixed issue where very small amounts of water could disappear from inventory when dropping water bottles.
  • Added slight illumination to items in Inspection mode, to make them visible even when in low-light conditions.
  • Made deer corpses in Desolation Point cave start unfrozen, and made corpses thaw when inside caves.
  • Slightly increased spawn chance for Feathers.
  • Added a small chance that Arrowheads may spawn in Cash Registers or Tool Chests.
  • When Breaking Down an item, the spawned Raw Materials are now placed based on the interaction point and not the original object's centre point.
Save system fixes
  • Fixed issue where vehicle colours would reset between loads.
  • Fixed issues with game failing to save, or failing to load old saves [Xbox One]
UI fixes
  • Updated Can Opening UI to use the cover-flow style, to make it more consistent with other selection UIs.
  • Fixed missing icon on popup when harvesting Old Man's Beard and Cattails.
  • Fixed "Feed Fire" button placement so players are less likely to accidentally take a Torch from an active fire.
  • Exiting the Repair or Tool Selection menus will now return you to the Harvest/Repair screens, rather than exiting.
  • The UI now displays how much Kerosene gets used up when selected as an Accelerant during Firestarting.
  • Non-stackable Firestarting tools (ex. Firestriker) now show their Condition value, vs. simply saying "None", in the Firestarting UI.
  • You can no longer modify the amount to be harvested while the harvesting action is in progress.
  • Made some improvements to how we handle auto-repeat actions (ex. holding down a key or controller stick), which should help avoid accidental repetitions.
  • Added the Time of Day information to the Rest and Ice-Fishing UI, to make it easier to plan out how long you want to Rest or Fish for.
  • Added fire duration widget while time is accelerated when using fire.
  • Fixed sort/filter icons not appearing on container screen [Xbox One].
  • Added lantern and torch icons to equip popup.
  • Fixed issue where "Rest Remaining" on first aid could round down to zero.
  • Fixed issue where HUD condition icons were partially covered during time accelerated actions.
  • Fixed issue with Inventory selection when dropping items from a stack while sorting by weight.
  • Fixed issue where mouse cursor would reset to centre after using a first aid item.
  • Fixed issue with Rifle not rotating around its centre-point in Inspection mode.
  • Fixed issue where scrolling audio wouldn't always play correctly, when scrolling through menu items.
  • Torch Condition now visible from the Firestarting screen.
  • Fixed issue with very short Repair actions not showing a progress bar.
  • Fixed issue where smashing open a can from Feed Fire screen would return to Fuel tab, also added (Opened) tag to cans on Feed Fire screen.
  • Fixed fuel display on Inventory screen and Refuel screen.
  • Added gear pop-up for cooked or heated food items.
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0.271 Edit

Released: 30 September 2015

  • Fix for crash that could occur in Coastal Highway when approaching mine entrance.
  • Fix for intermittent crash in Camp Office and Rural Store.
External link

0.270 Edit

Released: 26 September 2015

  • Fixed crash at startup that was affecting some Windows systems.
  • Fixed issue with "Savegame Inconsistencies" message being shown incorrectly. All games that erroneously received this message will still have scores uploaded to Leaderboards.
  • Re-calibrated Mouse Sensitivity to address issues introduced in a previous update.
  • Added option to disable Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) for High and Ultra Display settings.
  • We now dynamically update FOV based on multi-monitor setups. Previously, we only checked at game launch.
  • Fixed issue that could sometimes cause gear to be duplicated when restoring an old save.
  • Fixed issue with vehicles losing loot in trunks/gloveboxes when restoring an old save.
  • Fixed bug that could rarely cause containers to disappear when doing a save/load.
  • Added a *small number* of random spawn arrows and arrowheads, spread across the game world.
  • Fixed issue where Improvised Hatchet was unable to harvest Birch and Maple Saplings.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck around The Riken in Desolation Point.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck in ice near Matt's Truck in Desolation Point.
  • Fixed Matt's Truck so that players can no longer enter and get stuck inside it.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck along Skeeter's Ridge in Pleasant Valley.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck in Broken Highway transition zone.
  • Fixed issue with weather sometimes appearing to change immediately after leaving a building.
  • Re-tuned low Condition blur effect to be less punishing.
  • Fixed localization issues with status bar text.
  • Fixed issue with location reveal text sometimes staying on screen permanently.
  • Fixed issue with Required Material text always being red in the Repair UI. Now it's only red if the player does not have the material.
  • Fixed issue where Scarf Repair did not require the same tools as other clothing Repair actions.
  • Fixed issue where arrow keys were not valid when turning Safe dials.
  • Fixed issue where rifle would lag when turning camera while aiming.
  • Fixed issue that could sometimes cause Reishi Tea to not provide medicinal benefits.
External link

0.265 Edit

Released: 19 September 2015

  • Fixed crash issue that could occur when re-loading certain interiors.
  • Fixed problem with UI text shrinking at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed issue with UI elements not being clickable at certain resolutions
External link

0.264 Edit

Released: 18 September 2015

  • Added new region, Desolation Point.
  • Added new item placement system.
  • Added Forging gameplay.
  • Added new Tools: Hammer, Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet.
  • Added new Fuel type: Coal
  • Added new location discovered on-screen text.
  • Replaced all HUD text with icons.
  • Updated Survival Panel with new Status screen.
  • Updated Weather system, both visuals and to introduce weather patterns.
  • Updated Wind system and wind sounds. Wind now changes based on altitude, location, temperature, and time of day.
  • Added new Gear Sound system. You can hear certain gear sounds when moving through the world, if you have certain items in inventory.
  • Added wider support for gamepads on PC/Mac.
Game tuning and big fixes
  • Fixed issue with only rolling for food poisoning when partially eating an item
  • Fixed brightness issues on Mac; lighting conditions now match PC
  • Sort and Filter buttons shift to the active inventory or container section of the UI
  • Players can now drink water directly from Inspection mode
  • Light torch UI only shows fire option after clicking on a burning fire
  • Fixed issue where players could not fill a container to 100% full
  • Fixed issue with books changing weight after being dropped
  • Struggle and Fire actions now use the Interact binding.
  • When rebinding movement actions to arrow keys, arrows can navigate menus
  • Fixed small delay after crafting an item where you can't use the craft button
  • Fixed confusing wording in "condition too low" when trying to harvest a carcass
  • The game now saves when the player is woken up from sleep
  • Fixed torches so they emit heat
  • Fixed break down audio loop playing forever if break down is interrupted
  • Dropped and scattered items will only be randomly oriented/embedded if in snow
  • Only wake player up after fire dies out if player is freezing
  • Player will not receive torn clothing events if not wearing any clothes
  • Fixed AI issues with wolves after attacking player holding a flare
  • Fix crafting exploit (switching items while crafting in progress)
  • Fixed crafting issue that could sometimes require longer crafting time than necessary.
  • Fix for graphical glitch related to light shafts [Xbox One]
  • Modified struggle damage modifiers for various tools, and added modifiers for the new Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet, and Hammer
  • Reduced the Condition-cost to tools when using them to clear ice-fishing holes
  • You can now clear ice-fishing holes with Hammers and Prybars
  • Increased Prybar durability
  • Modified animal carcass harvesting times
  • Tool chests and Toolboxes are now more likely to have tools in them
  • Hammers can be used to break down crates, furniture, etc.
  • General performance optimization on PC, Mac, and Xbox One.
External link

0.258 Edit

Released: 14 August 2015

  • Fixed bug with long survival times not increasing in very rare cases.
  • Fixed issue with button collision being offset at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed bug with Invert-Y not changing when modified in Options.
  • Reduced brightness of snow at night.
  • Fixed issue with falling out of world when loading save after falling through ice.
  • Fixed problem with containers not restoring to correct location if previously stuck to ground.
  • Fixed issue with confirmation dialog input being processed by UI underneath the dialog.
  • Fixed bug with wolves sometimes making unprovoked attacks on players in Pilgrim Mode.
  • Fixed issue with blood hit effects not playing on wolves.
  • Increased wolf detection range for footstep audio when feeding.
  • Fixed interior reset issue when spawning inside an interior (Xbox One only)
External link

0.257 Edit

Released: 8 August 2015

The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha — Hotfix to v.257
  • Fixed bug where wolves would sometimes continue to attack after being killed.
  • Allow hypothermia to reverse itself as long as player isn’t freezing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause multiple infections from a single infection risk.
  • Fixed issue that caused multiple infection risks in the same location to not heal properly.
  • Fixed crash when an item finishes curing while being viewed in inspection mode.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when loading very old profiles.
  • Fixed ammo loss issue when transferring a stack of single rounds from a container to inventory.
  • Fixed exploit for making fires last forever with a single torch.
  • Fixed issue with option sliders not resetting after backing out of menus.
  • Fixed typo in Pilgrim description.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with OBS and Xsplit. [Issue only reported for PC users]

The following changes apply to PC/Mac players only, and will be included in the next hotfix for XBox One:

  • Fixed repair button not appearing first time repair screen is shown.
  • Fixed issue with being able to equip partially crafted Bow from inspection mode or with hotkeys.
  • Fixed problem with wolves being able to attack player inside the derailed train in Mystery Lake.
External link

0.256 Edit

Released: 1 August 2015


>>> Please take a few minutes to review the update video.

Gameplay improvements
  • Replaced abstract Foraging with Direct Harvesting mechanics. You can now harvest fuel and cloth directly from objects in the world. This is a new system that will likely require ongoing tuning into the future, so we appreciate all your feedback and patience!
  • Updated outdoor Campfire system. You now need to add fuel to increase the burn time and heat output of a fire. In Pilgrim and Voyageur experience modes, any fire will immediately halt all Condition loss due to Freezing (note that you won't warm up unless the fire temperature exceeds the outside temperature). In Stalker, the fire temperature needs to exceed the outdoor temperature before you begin to warm up.
  • Updated the Wolf Struggle mechanic. Simplified the controls and interface. Wolf Struggle now inflicts damage events over time. Fighting back reduces the duration of the Struggle, and is modified by weapon and experience mode.
  • Updated the First Aid system. Replaced the previous First Aid interface and also extended the First Aid system to support multiple afflictions per type (ex. multiple simultaneous blood loss events), as well as added new afflictions/injuries including Wrist Sprains, Lacerations/Bruising, and Hypothermia.
  • Updated the player movement model to remove Running. We now have Walk (base speed has been increased), and a discrete Sprint action that has a stamina component. Stamina regenerates slowly, and Sprinting increases Fatigue.
  • Physical objects now properly occlude snow and wind FX. If you see something blocking snow, it means it will provide shelter from the wind.
  • Replaced the Warmer/Colder HUD text with a sheltered icon (wind with shield). When this icon is present, you are protected from windchill and fires will not be affected by wind. (Keep in mind that wind direction changes more frequently now).
  • [Controllers only] Rebound Crouch to Left Shoulder to avoid accidental use.
  • [Controllers only] Remapped Inventory navigation to D-pad, LS-click for sorting.
Visual/audio improvements
  • Added ambient bird-song which communicates things like wildlife presence, temperature, location, and time of day. Sudden ducking of song from small birds may indicate the presence of predators.
  • Added 1,500 additional ambient sound effects for high-winds and blizzards. Players should now be able to identify man-made shelters from afar, by listening to how the wind behaves (ex. metal rattling in the wind).
  • Updated the campfire, torch, flare, and lantern fire FX.
  • Updated the snow visual FX and increased weather and wind variability to create a more dynamic weather environment in the game. Performance of snow and blizzards has also been improved.
  • The reticle now fades out unless there is something interactive within range.
Bug fixes
  • Screenshots now work when HUD is disabled
  • Fixed issue with fish weight not saving/restoring properly
  • Fixed some bugs related to wildlife audio sometimes distorting
  • Fixed issue with campfires sometimes not being allowed to be lit in caves.
  • Adjusted the two most basic beds to give some warmth bonus
  • Removed equip button in inventory for broken rifles/bows
  • Tuned deadzone for controller sticks to make fine adjustments easier
  • Fixed white outlines on trees at night
  • Exploration achievement fixed
  • Fixed issue that could sometimes cause arrows to become compressed
  • Peaches now lose heat over time once cooked
  • Gear weight shown to two decimal places in inventory UI
  • Allow extra fuel from harvested lamps to fill other lamps in inventory
  • Cancelling lantern refuel will now give you fuel based on the percentage of refuelling
  • [XBOX Only] Auto select of profile if only one exists
  • [XBOX Only] Fix issue with unresponsive controls when using a second wired controller
  • [XBOX Only] Detect and handle controller disconnects
External link

0.244 Edit

Released: 19 June 2015

  • Issue where players with extra control devices plugged in (ex. steering wheel) will interfere with mouse & keyboard controls. There will now be a "Gamepad Off" option that disables all non mouse & keyboard devices.
  • Issue with loot spawns and respawns in the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse. This is a pretty obscure issue where loot will appear and disappear depending on which doorway you enter.
External link

0.243 Edit

Released: 16 June 2015

  • The game now supports full Controller play.
  • Widespread environment art fixes to address popping and performance.
  • Fixed issue with some cabins disappearing.
  • Fixed terrain shadows popping in.
  • Fixed issue with curing sometimes getting reset when in-progress curing items were picked up.
  • Fixed voice sometimes being incorrect gender after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed issue with bedrolls not being repairable.
  • Fixed bug that could audio to be attached to wildlife corpses and would persist.
  • Fixed problem with pill bottles only having 1 pill in starting inventory.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to harvest a carcass after cancelling upon the harvesting action.
  • Fixed issue that caused Bow to not degrade when used. The bow now degrades on use as designed.
  • Improved object pickup radius to make small items easier to interact with.
  • Removed daily decay rates from harvested saplings.
External link

0.236 Edit

Released: 27 May 2015

  • Rebalanced and improved the audio mix; this should address issues where some people found the audio too quiet.
  • Fixed a rare crash that can occur when loading old saved zones.
  • Fixed a bug with tripped rabbit snares refreshing to empty each day.
  • Fix a bug where loot would reset in the PV Rural Store and ML Camp Office.
  • Fix for birch sapling and maple sapling spawns not activating in old saves.
  • Fixed various issues with repair pre-requisites; this should address issues preventing clothing and bedrolls from being repairable.
  • Crafted Bow and Arrow are now always 100% condition when first crafted.
  • Reduced the per-shot Condition decay on the Bow. Note that Bow Condition does not degrade over time; only when fired.
External link

0.235 Edit

Released: 23 May 2015

  • Fixed missing containers for players who saved game when containers were missing.
  • Fix for tools sometimes not repairing gear.
  • Hide 3D object while harvesting, selecting repair tool, or repairing.
  • Fixed an audio crash triggered in the Pleasant Valley to Mystery Lake transition zone.
External link

0.234 Edit

Released: 22 May 2015

  • Fixed issue with save points sometimes being outside interiors. Players are now restored to default start point for old saves inside interiors.
  • Fixed problem with some containers not being created after loading old saves.
  • Fixed flare and lantern effects being sometimes offset
  • Rebalanced wood footstep audio
  • Fixed bug with being able to repair items with any tool
  • Fixed issue with calorie burn being set too high when player is freezing
External link

0.233 Edit

Released: 22 May 2015

Important notes
  • The game now defaults to DirectX11 (from DirectX 9). If needed, players can still run in Directx9 mode by running tld_dx9.bat or passing -force-d3d9 as a command line parameter when launching the game.
  • In order to mitigate the risk of gear loss from previous saves, you may find stored gear items have appeared on the ground when you spawn.
  • Players can now Craft Bows and Arrows. This is the first iteration of this system so there may be bugs!
  • New Convolution Reverb audio system supports correct positional audio and allows for true environmental awareness. In general, audio has received a major overhaul: footsteps, rifle firing, gear pickup and use, etc.
  • Added a new Transition Zone between Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake. Players can now travel an entire loop between the three major regions.
  • Wildlife AI has been improved to facilitate true hunting gameplay. Players may now use Walking, Crouchwalking, and Crouching to reduce their profile and the noise they make, allowing them to get closer to Wildlife.
  • Animal skins and certain types of Wood now need to be Cured (Dried) before they can be used as raw materials for Crafting.
  • Players can now craft Pants from Deerskin.
  • Two new harvestable plants have been added to the game: Maple Sapling, Birch Sapling. These are needed for Bow and Arrow crafting. These only grow in specific groves in the world.
  • All wildlife have been tuned for per-location damage, bleed-out rates, and critical hits. This allows for more effective use of the Rifle and Bow for hunting.
  • Various UI elements have been overhauled in anticipation of future controller support (coming soon!). Some of these changes are WIP.
  • Starting gear is now randomized, and reduced based on Experience Mode (Stalker has the least).
  • A new Random starting spawn option has been added to the Region Select interface. This will select a random valid spawn location from any currently available region. On Pilgrim and Voyageur modes, you may also spawn in interiors (never on Stalker).
  • Balancing pass on the availability of various gear items.
  • The "grace period" from hostile wildlife in Voyageur has been reduced to 12-24 hours (from 12-36 hours).
  • Fishing Tackle can now be used in place of the Sewing Kit for Crafting and Repair.
  • It is now possible to Unload ammunition from the Rifle (using the Inventory).
  • Rifle ironsights now line up correctly when aiming.
  • Rifle audio has been improved.
  • Crows can now drop Crow Feathers.
  • Added a new introductory logo movie.
  • Bow accuracy is affected by Fatigue. (Same fix will be applied to the Rifle in a future update.)
  • Many objects in the game have been rescaled to ensure they are the correct size and the player feels they are the correct size and height.
  • Tuned the per-use Condition loss of Sewing Kits and added more guaranteed kits to the world.
  • Tuned the weights of Craftable clothing and animal skins, to be better balanced.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where aim sensitivity slider didn't have enough precision at low end
  • Fixed issues with wildlife sometimes waiting indefinitely to attack the player
  • Fixed bug that could sometimes cause audio to continue playing for despawned wildlife
  • Fixed infinite bedroll/lantern exploit
  • Fixed bug with hot drink/food buffs getting cleared on indoor/outdoor transitions
Known issues
  • Arrows may occasionally intersect with invisible collision, giving them the appearance they are "floating". This is especially noticeable on trees.
  • You cannot currently select between Simple and Quality tools when crafting Arrowheads. The game automatically selects the better tools in your inventory.
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0.228 Edit

Released: 29 April 2015


We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox to v.228, to address a few bugs.

  • Fixed issue with some Mac players falling through Abanadoned Mine (Mac only)
  • Fixed issue with possible out of memory crash when saving
  • Rebalanced materials required for Wolf Coat repair
  • Fixed issue that could cause two torches to appear at once
  • Fixed scale issues in Dam and Radio Hut due to rescaled world assets
External link

0.227 Edit

Released: 25 April 2015


We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox to v.227 to address some bugs introduced in the recent update.

  • Fixed issue with player occasionally falling through the ground at specific locations
  • Fixed issues with controls picking up faulty inputs
  • Improvements to mouse sensitivity settings
  • Fixed issue with rifle reloading occasionally being unresponsive
  • Added anti-aliasing to all items when seen in Inspection mode, or any used in First-Person (ex. Rifle, Lantern, etc.)
  • Fixed issue where torch light source and audio sometimes persisted after the torch was extinguished
External link

0.226 Edit

Released: 24 April 2015


We have just updated The Long Dark Sandbox to v.226. This update introduces major performance improvements due to project migration to Unity 5, as well as some other improvements and bug fixes.

Update to Unity 5
  • The Long Dark has now been updated to use Unity 5. Everyone should experience performance improvements between +50-300%. Depending in your hardware, you may now be able to play at higher resolutions or quality settings than you could before. In general the game should feel smoother and look better for everyone.
Additions & tuning
  • All skies and Time of Day settings have been revised to utilize Unity 5's improved skybox technology.
  • Bears have now migrated to all regions of the game world.
  • Adding fuel to a fire at the embers state now restarts the fire.
  • Increased rate at which warmth reduces player's Freezing rating.
  • Improved loot spawn variation in car trunks and fishing huts.
  • Improvement to Item Transfer UI: Items in a stack will transfer one by one unless the stack is greater than five items.
  • Cat Tails can be harvested once to produce both the Stalks and the Heads.
  • Harvestable plants can be inspected before committing to the harvesting action.
  • Rifle Aim sensitivity can be tuned separately from mouse zoom settings. This should improve rifle aiming.
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed UI issue that could cause some HUD elements to not be visible at certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Cat Tails to have zero weight and zero calories.
  • Fixed problem with movement not resuming if movement key was held down when exiting an interface.
  • Fixed bug where flare audio would not end if the player was attacked while holding a lit flare.
  • Fixed problem where certain containers (e.g., file cabinets) would never have loot in Stalker
  • Fixed problem with not being able to bind the Apple Command key (Mac only).
External link

0.218 Edit

Released: 9 April 2015

Hello! We've just updated The Long Dark's Sandbox to v.218, to address a few bugs.

The Long Dark Sandbox v.218 Changelist
  • Inventory UI will remember the previous filter (i.e. it will not reset to ALL).
  • Fixed issue where frozen carcasses would sometimes not thaw when within range of active fires.
  • Fixed issue where crafting times were longer than necessary for some tools.
External link

0.217 Edit

Released: 7 April 2015

Hello! We have just updated The Long Dark's Sandbox to v.217, to address some bugs.

  • Fixed problem with snares not catching rabbits as expected.
  • Fixed rare black screen issue when zooming rifle.
  • Container will not reset filter after quantity selection.
  • Inventory screen now defaults to ALL for filter.
  • Fixed problem with some small gear items sinking into the ground when dropped.
  • Fixed issue with objects sometimes not being interactable when dropped in Trapper's Homestead
External link

0.215 Edit

Released: 3 April 2015

Hello! We've just updated The Long Dark Sandbox to v.215, fixing the following bugs:

  • Fixed wildlife carcasses sometimes disappearing after scene loads
  • Fixed bear animation issues when stalking
  • Default to the "All" filter when a container is opened
  • Fixed issue with "Tools" filter not working properly for containers
External link

0.214 Edit

Released: 2 April 2015

Hello all,

We've just released another quick update to address a couple of bugs. Thanks for your patience!

  • Fixed container UI crash
  • Fixed issue that caused profile settings to be reset when using non-English languages
External link

0.213 Edit

Released: 1 April 2015

We fixed a few bugs introduced in today's v.212 update. Thanks for helping us find them!

HOTFIX TO v.213 -- Changlist
  • Increased streaming audio buffer to fix issue with audio sometimes cutting out
  • Fixed crash issue that could occur when using containers
  • Fixed issue where certain interiors could reset loot when being loaded from previous save games
  • Fixed issue with some containers having their doors or lids shifted from previous save games
External link

0.212 Edit

Released: 1 April 2015

*** We have confirmed that save games from the previous version should work fine with this update.

Major improvements
  • Expanded "transition zones" between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway, and Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley.
  • Updated Wolf stalking behaviours, animation, and vocalizations to improve player's ability to gauge intentions and specific location. This should make Wolves easier to avoid.
  • Modified audible "cone" to help highlight wildlife vocalizations and increase the player's ability to extract usable gameplay information from the audio environment.
  • (VOYAGEUR ONLY) Hostile Wildlife now only spawns between 18-36 hours after game start.
  • Expanded Cave and Radio Tower Hut interiors.
  • Added 9 new Achievements.
  • Updated Crafting, Firestarting, Feed Fire, Foraging, and Container UIs to match the revised style and improved functionality.
  • General content optimizations in Pleasant Valley to improve performance.
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Removed precise clock; all game times now expressed in terms of hours of daylight or remaining night.
  • Modified wildlife spawn times. It is now possible to temporarily depopulate an area of wildlife if they are hunted/harvested too aggressively. This also applies to Wolves.
Minor improvements
  • Added short progress bar to plant Harvesting.
  • Rebalanced Food Poisoning to re-introduce it as a credible risk.
  • Rebalanced fire heat radius and fuel type efficiency to make outdoor fires more useful.
  • Rebalanced Cooked Fish to retain more of Raw Fish's Caloric value.
  • Improved performance of Save system.
  • Feeding wildlife will no longer attack non-aggressive targets.
  • Updated sound effects for various inventory items.
  • New ambient music for Pleasant Valley.
  • Added new Bear "smelling" and "standing" animations.
  • Improved Wolf "turning" animations, to remove sidestepping.
  • Wildlife will only attack you when sleeping if wildlife is spawned and in the area.
  • Properly simulate corpse decimation due to feeding when in unloaded scene.
  • Rabbit Pelt is now used to repair Rabbitskin Mitts (instead of Leather).
  • Wolfskin Pelt is now used to repair the Wolfskin Coat (instead of Leather).
  • Wolves and Bears will stop attacking when the player falls through the ice.
  • Added Truck and Tractor assets.
  • Resized several items that were too large relative to game camera.
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed wildlife respawning issues that could cause permanent depopulation in an area.
  • Fixed issues with corpses disappearing on steep slopes after loading a save game.
  • Fixed issues with corpses sometimes standing or floating.
  • Fixed issue with player health being reset to 100% if loading a save after a Bear attack.
  • Fixed exploit of getting full fatigue benefit from a partial cup of coffee.
  • Fixed bug that caused the rifle to sometimes unequip after loading a game.
  • Fixed issue with Wolves investigating the location of dropped food after the player picked it back up.
  • Fixed UI getting cut off at low aspect ratios.
  • Fixed collision issue on bridge in Pleasant Valley that could cause fatal falls.
  • Fixed issue where mouse cursor would centre itself after using food/drink/first aid from Inventory.
  • Fixed buried stove near Trailers in Mystery Lake.
  • Fixed some localization/text errors.
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0.200 Edit

Released: 17 February 2015


We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox to v.200.

  • Further memory optimizations to fix loading issues for low memory PCs
  • Fix for crash issues in the inventory UI
External link

0.199 Edit

Released: 13 February 2015

  • fixed inspection mode issue introduced in v.198
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0.198 Edit

Released: 13 February 2015

  • Reduced memory usage when transitioning between outdoor scenes (to address out of memory crash for some people running 32 bit Windows)
  • Blood trails persist longer so players can effectively track bleeding wildlife
  • Wildlife can now lose the player’s scent if wind changes or if player gets far enough away
  • Don't close the inventory interface after eating, drinking or using first aid items
  • Fixed issue with being able to use a partially crafted bedroll
  • Fixed issue with footstep audio not respecting the global sound volume setting
  • Fixed incorrect time of day lighting during time lapse activities such as crafting
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0.197 Edit

Released: 13 February 2015

  • Fix issue with Wolf spawn region population control in Coastal Highway.
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0.196 Edit

Released: 12 February 2015

Note: This update will not interfere with current Game Saves.

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Reduced rate of Wolf respawns in Coastal Highway, without reducing the actual current Wolf population. This means that it will take longer for the population to replenish after individual Wolves have been killed. *THIS DOES NOT AFFECT POPULATION DENSITY OUTSIDE OF PLAYER ACTIONS. (I.e. if the player does not interact with the Wolf population, it will remain static.)* If we find this population balance feels better, we may roll it out to the other regions and other types of wildlife.
  • Memory optimizations around UI and specific textures which should improve general performance without compromising visual quality.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when throwing a burning torch at wildlife
  • Updated the Cat Tails to now be Harvestable.
  • Added Harvestable plants to Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway. They are now available in all regions.
  • Updated sorting on Firestarting and Feed Fire interfaces so Torches aren't first in the list. This should help players avoid accidentally using up valuable Torches.
  • Updated Rifle fire audio.
  • General localization fixes in German and Russian.
  • Fixed issue with First Aid interface not displaying correct amount of Old Man's Beard dressing currently in Inventory.
  • Fixed layering of region selection icons on Main Menu (visual improvement).
  • Made LMB/RMB not navigate inventory if they are bound to movement direction.
  • Removed Debug HUD option.
  • Misc art fixes.
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0.193 Edit

Released: 10 February 2015

We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox to v.193. Changes below.

  • Performance improvements in Pleasant Valley.
  • Fixed some bear AI detection and reaction issues.
  • Fixed problem with wolves congregating around vehicles when player is inside.
  • Tuned AI smell detection distance for blood and raw meat.
  • Fixed AI movement speed when Investigating (reduced from Stalking speed to Walking speed).
  • Fixed issue with AI attacking players Resting inside cars.
  • Reduced raw materials required to craft Torches.
  • Re-balanced harvestable meat and gut yield for Bear, as well as Caloric value of Bear meat.
  • Re-balanced weight of Rosehips, Reishi, and Old Man's Beard lichen.
  • Fixed problem with lantern placement sometimes not working.
  • Fixed some localization formatting issues for German and Russian.
  • Fixed inaccessible Prybar in Coastal Highway.
External link

0.192 Edit

Released: 7 February 2015

***NOTE: Save games from previous versions have been confirmed to work with the v.192 update.***


We're excited to share some details about our 21st update to The Long Dark's Sandbox. Our newest region, Pleasant Valley, is nearly 10 square kilometres of rural mountain valley featuring abandoned fields, farms, caves, surrounded by a vast wilderness.

Between Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, and Pleasant Valley, the Sandbox is now nearly 20 square kilometres of playable space.

In addition to the new region and Mystery Wildlife (details to be updated once the first sightings are reported), this update adds Harvestable Plants (so players can produce their own first aid items), Torch Brandishing gameplay (used to scare off Wolves), improved Wildlife AI, and an entirely new Inventory interface!

Details in the Changelist Below!

Accessing Pleasant Valley & Region Unlocking

Pleasant Valley is accessed through the Coastal Highway region. Please note that for existing players, Pleasant Valley will only be unlocked in the Sandbox Menu after it has been discovered in the game. New players will first need to discover Coastal Highway before they can find Pleasant Valley.

General Note on Game Performance & Optimization

We've seen quite a few notes about people with high-end systems experiencing lower than expected performance in the game. We're continuing to work on optimizing the game world, but unfortunately some of the issues are related to how our core engine -- Unity -- was built, and how it utilizes multiple CPU cores for physics objects.

You'll notice that game performance is more dependent on CPU speed than GPU speed, which is why changing graphics settings has little effect on frame-rate (assuming you are CPU-limited).

We will continue our optimization efforts and work with Unity to find good solutions. We are hopeful that the upcoming Unity 5 will address these limitations, as the existing outdated physics engine is being replaced. We're also exploring our own ideas, the goal being to improve performance without sacrificing the size or detail of the world.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this thorny technical challenge!

The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha -- v.192 Changelist

Major additions
  • New Region! Pleasant Valley. Nearly 10 square kilometres of rural mountain valley.
  • New Mystery Wildlife! Keep your eyes open.
  • Harvestable Plants. Collect Old Man's Beard Lichen, Rose Hips, and Reishi Mushrooms and craft natural remedies.
  • Torch Brandishing. Craft Torches and Brandish them against Wolves. You might scare them off!
  • Visual Inventory. Completely redone Inventory screen with improved navigation and embedded Repair and Harvesting actions.
General improvements
  • General improvements to wildlife AI, to support better player decision-making about Fight or Flight response and clarify wildlife presence and intent.
  • Predators are now attracted to the smell of Blood (bleeding wounds, raw meat, etc.) and will come investigate if within range.
  • Scent is now affected by Wind speed and direction.
  • All Beds now have a Warmth value displayed in the Rest interface.
  • Bedrolls now lose Condition and must be maintained. It's possible to find multiple Bedrolls in the world.
  • All fires now visualize their state (ignition, full burn, cooling off, coals) through flame, sparks, and smoke. Smoke also respects wind direction.
  • Various new sounds, and many previous sounds have been replaced based on a new foley recording session.
  • Many UI improvements throughout.
  • Updated Silent Hunter and Pacifist achievements to clarify they need to happen in the first days of a game (not after many days have already passed).
  • German and Russian translations have been fully updated.
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed Exploration achievement
  • Achievements are not sent to Steam if player is dead.
  • Fixed key binding issue with AltFire.
  • Fixed discrepancy between time survived and time of day.
  • Fixed scroll wheel issue on right side of container screen.
  • Fixed issue when dying during a load scene fade
  • Fixed issue with failing to Transfer All showing incorrect info on screen afterwards.
  • Fixed issue with fishing huts sometimes not blocking wind
  • Fixed issue with phone wires dropping at game start (physics)
  • Fixed inaccessible Prepper Hatch bug
  • Fixed issue where First Aid items were disabled if used, then use was cancelled, then the item was dropped
  • Fixed issue where Log could show incorrect days in a new session after dying.
  • Fixed errors in Calorie Burn amounts being displayed for Resting, Foraging, Ice Fishing and Harvesting
  • Increased navmesh accuracy to address a variety of pathfinding issues
  • Fixed issue with dropped items sometimes being inaccessible
  • Fixed issue with campfire disappearing if cancelling out of creating a fire in a stove.
  • Display correct Calorie Burn on the UI for activities when in Pilgrim and Stalker modes
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0.183 Edit

Released: 18 December 2014

Update size: 191.5 MB

We've just updated The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha to v.183, to address a few bugs that popped up in the past 24 hours.

v.183 Changelist

  • Fixed issue with tools providing a double bonus when crafting
  • Fix for incompatible tools in crafting/repair showing craft/repair times
  • Fix bug that allowed a free round of carcass harvest if you cancelled out of interface
  • Fix for overlapping UI when breaking ice or fishing
  • Stove in broken cabin near Trailers made functional
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues in Coastal (in ice areas)
  • High Quality tools now look different from Simple Tools
  • Added pain voice-over when player falls through ice
  • Fixed typo in Tomato Soup description
  • Updated Tomato Soup drinking sounds
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0.182 Edit

Released: 17 December 2014

We've just hotfixed The Long Dark's Sandbox Alpha to v.182, to address some bugs that appeared after this morning's update.

Changelist for v.182 Hotfix

  • Fixed issue with loot being reset inside some structures (when playing from old save)
  • Fixed issue with wolves attacking player while sleeping outdoors in Pilgrim Mode
  • Fixed issue with incorrect time lapse popup sometimes appearing when harvesting items
  • Fixed issue with some trees not having correct collision shape
  • Fixed LOD popping issue on telephone poles
  • Fixed bug with male voice always being used when drinking
  • Performance improvement for outdoor scenes when ground foliage present
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0.181 Edit

Released: 17 December 2014

The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.181 -- Experience Modes, German & Russian, Craftable Clothing, Hot Drinks!

We're happy to share the 18th Update to The Long Dark since we brought the game to Steam Early Access in September.

Apart from hotfixes, this will be the last major update of 2014.

We hope you enjoy the updated game! Happy Holidays to all of you, and all the best from the Hinterland Team, to you and yours in 2015.

Here is the changelist for v.181 of The Long Dark Sandbox:

NOTE: All gameplay tuning is WIP. Balance issues and bugs will be addressed in hotfixes. All current savegames should remain valid after the v.181 update.

Major updates
  • Added Experience Modes to the game: Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker. Players can now select their preferred experience, between Exploration-focused, Survival-focused, or a balance. Wildlife presence, Supply availability, item decay, and Condition effects have been tuned per experience mode.
  • Complete overhaul of Supply distribution, to ensure key Tools can be found. General availability of Clothing and Food has been reduced (outside of Pilgrim).
  • Added German and Russian translations to the game. These are selectable from the Display settings.
  • Added new Craftable clothing items: Rabbitskin Mitts, Deerskins Boots, Wolfskin Coat
  • Added new Hot Drinks: Coffee, Tea, and Soup can all be heated to provide buffs to Warmth, Fatigue, etc. Canned beans can now also be cooked and eaten hot.
  • UI improvements for Struggle, First Aid, Crafting, Repair, Harvest, Foraging, and Rest.
  • Falling Through Ice will now result in clothing getting wet and immediate Freezing state. Wet clothing will Freeze if not dried near a fire.
  • New Exploration music.
Other updates
  • Added support for Multi-Monitor play, including wider aspect ratios and FOV.
  • There is now a possibility for Shelters to spawn as unsearchable, burnt husks.
  • General art updates throughout, including a beautification pass on Mystery Lake and Coastal Region.
  • The Rifle now has muzzle smoke and hit/miss effects.
  • Interior lighting brightened up for daytime.
  • Length of Day/Night has been increased.
  • General tuning on Decay rates for Clothing items, to reflect longer average survival times.
  • Reduce per-use decay on the Firestriker Tool.
  • Improvements to Save Game UI elements.
  • Improvements to Game Clock "passage of time" UI elements.
  • Partial progress will be awarded for cancelled Crafting, Repair, Harvest, and Foraging actions.
  • Players will now have more breathing room from Wolves when exiting interiors (Stalker Mode excluded)
  • Firelog heating characteristics have been retuned.
  • New Leaderboards for Voyageur and Stalker Experience modes.
  • Updated Antibiotics bottle and First Aid UI art to distinguish more clearly from Painkillers.
  • Improved Night Sky starfield.
  • Reduced clothing damage from Blizzards.
  • Crafting now always succeeds provided the player has the required Materials.
  • Wolves will now Flee for much longer when bleeding out, improving the chasing & tracking gameplay
  • Fixed bugs causing injured wildlife to despawn.
General bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where Fuel was consumed when cancelling Firestarting.
  • Fixed issue with unlit flares and lanterns igniting when clicking to go through a loading zone.
  • Made Ctrl, Alt, and Apple keys available for binding on Mac.
  • Fixed crash when wolf attacked player at the moment a flare was being ignited.
  • Fixed save/restore issues with stoves and campfires outdoors.
  • Fixed "Exploration Game" achievement; it is now obtainable.
  • Fixed issue/exploit with being able to start a fire inside a car (and then get inside the vehicle and not be burned). Now you cannot set fires in or under vehicles.
  • Fixed bug with player sometimes falling through world when restoring game while on a slope.
  • Fixed bug with the heat from fires not restoring after a save/load or scene transition.
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0.170 Edit

Released: 3 December 2014

  • Improved Wolf Struggle UI to clarify controls and gameplay effects.
  • Improved Weak Ice feedback to avoid players falling through ice without warning.
  • Improved various presentation elements on the First Aid interface.
  • Food with Condition over 75% will never cause Food Poisoning (excludes Raw Meat and Fish).
  • Added new Crow model and animations.
  • Fixed issue where Wolves could still attack when players were getting into a vehicle.
  • Fixed issue where Antibiotics or Painkillers were added to the wrong item stack in inventory.
  • Fixed issues preventing the Outdoor Living achievements from working as intended.
  • Fixed issue where cooked Coho Salmon would not be accessible from a container.
  • Fixed issue where players could too easily be burned by their own campfire.
  • Fixed issue where encumbered voice-over would play after every indoor/outdoor transition.
  • Fixed issue with cancelling when harvesting items from a stack.
  • Fixed issue where players could walk through the Camp Office exterior when backing into the rear doorway.
  • Fixed issue of wallpaper covering the door to one of the Coastal Houses.
  • Fixed some collision issues in Coastal Highway.
  • Containers will no longer spawn duplicate items.
  • Fixed issue where players could not exit the car door they selected.
  • Fixed issue where Burn afflictions were not updated immediately when healed in the First Aid screen.
  • Quick Slot 1 will never equip a Burned Out Flare.
  • Fixed issue where the game would crash when exiting a vehicle.
  • Fixed bug where the most serious sub-condition would be shown (ex. Starving vs. Hungry).
  • Fixed issue where fallen trees were not affecting pathfinding.
  • Fixed issue with player getting stuck at end of railings beside the Dam entrance.
  • Removed deprecated Compression bandage from loot tables.
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0.166 Edit

Released: 29 November 2014

Wolf fixes
  • Tuned bare-handed Wolf struggle to be more survivable (but still very challenging, as intended).
  • Tuned Wolf reaction to Campfires and Flares. The Campfire is now the most effective deterrent to Wolf attacks.
  • Addressed "ambushing" behaviour by ensuring Wolves cannot spawn near building entrances/exits. (Note that Wolves will still track you to a building exit and remain there for some time before returning to their "Wander" state, so entering/exiting a building in quick succession will not result in the Wolf despawning.)
  • Blood Loss now only begins after the Wolf Struggle ends.
Other fixes
  • Fixed issue with achievements being unlocked from Main Menu
  • Fixed issue with clipping into Fishing Cabin after exit
  • Fixes for wolves sometimes ignoring the player
  • Fix for rare crash when using last match
  • Fish and Fishing-related gear items now spawn in certain containers
  • Introduced chance of "Kill Shot" when hitting wildlife in chest and neck
  • Container search times more randomized (generally shorter)
  • More vehicles added in Coastal Townsite, to provide shelter from roving Wolves
  • Fixed issue where sprained ankle status wasn't updating right away after taking Painkillers
  • Fixed issue with black polygons appearing in some interiors (only affected Mac); light shafts have now been re-enabled on Macs.
  • Fixed vertical line artifact on First Aid interface
  • Fixed several floating objects.
  • Fixed issue with Antibiotics and Painkillers not always stacking
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0.164 Edit

Released: 27 November 2014

  • Fixed issue that was causing too many wolves to spawn after spending time indoors
  • Fixed issue with buried stove being lit in broken cabin near Logging Camp
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0.163 Edit

Released: 27 November 2014

***IMPORTANT*** This update invalidates save files from previous versions. If you do not wish to lose your in-progress game, please do not update.***IMPORTANT***

A note on tuning & balance

Gameplay tuning and game balance is always a Work in Progress. That's part of why the game is in Early Access. If you experience tuning or balance that you feel is incorrect, please share your feedback in the community forums. Keep in mind that there are vastly differing opinions on what the "correct" game balance is. We take all feedback into account, and consider it against our vision for how we want the game to play. Bugs can create unexpected and intentional issues that affect balance. We appreciate your patience as we address these, whenever they come up. On average we update 3-4 times between major updates to address any bugs or issues that arise. Whatever bugs or issues arise tend to not exist in the game for very long.

Major improvements
  • Major overhaul on the Wolf Struggle system. The intention is to create more meaningful and discrete choice for the player. In the revised implementation, an attack without much strength build up (AKA "Light Attack") does very little damage but has a small chance of causing the Wolf to flee. Building up Strength, then releasing it will result in a "Strong Attack" that does much more damage. Damage scales on a curve, so that the more Strength you build up, the more damage it does, with a full strength attack doing significant damage. Button mashing will now have little effect.
  • Major overhaul to Hunting. All wildlife now have location-specific damage. Only headshots are now one-shot kills. Injured animals will bleed, making it possible to track them. Depending on the injury, animals may eventually bleed out.
  • New First Aid interface. This interface addresses general usability and player information issues, and is a model for future interface improvements. This is the first pass on the First Aid interface.
  • Added Ice Fishing to the game. Players can now craft Fishing Hooks and Lines, and use tools to open up Ice Holes in the Fishing Huts. There are both Freshwater and Saltwater fish, all with different potential weight ranges.
  • Major performance improvements. Most players should find a 25-30% improvement to frame-rate for all interior locations.
Other improvements
  • If left untreated, Food Poisoning will now degrade Condition to just before the point of death.
  • Added 6 new Achievements.
  • Widespread art improvements throughout the game.
  • Added new ambient exploration music cues.
  • The game now Saves after every Affliction.
  • All Clothing items now have a Toughness rating that provides protection against Wolf Struggles.
  • Clothing can now be damaged by: Wolf Struggle, Falling, Fire, and Very High Winds (Blizzards). Fire and Falling only damage clothing on Legs and Feet. Only the current exposed (Top) clothing layer is damaged.
  • Players can now press ESC to interrupt all in-progress Harvesting, Repair, and Crafting actions.
  • New icons have been added to the game.
  • Running now generates a small Warmth bonus.
  • Wolf flee times and distances have been reduced. Wolves fleeing from flares or struggles will now likely circle back and find you if you do not put some distance between you and them.
  • Bandages are now stackable.
  • Updated the Rifle model, texture, and reloading animations.
  • Updated the coniferous Tree models to improve their look and shadow-casting properties.
  • Tuned ankle sprains so they are more directly related to Falling and other navigation choices (i.e. less random).
  • Increased the falling distance required to do damage trigger the chance of Sprains.
  • All Container capacities have been retuned.
  • Snares that catch Rabbits can now be re-used.
  • Gut can now be Harvested from Wolf carcasses.
  • Knife, Hatchet, and Prybar Struggle damage modifiers have been rebalanced due to updates to the Struggle system.
  • Reduced min/max values for harvestable meat on a Wolf carcass.
  • Added a Subtitles option to the Display settings. Subtitles default to "off".
  • Fixed some two-door containers to be considered a single container for the purposes of searching and Supply capacity.
  • Reduced the number of searchable containers in most of the Coastal houses.
  • Replaced desk in Camp Office with Workbench.
Bug fixing
  • Fixed issue where players could fall out of the world from one of the Coastal houses.
  • Fixed bug with Wood foraging where the time calculation would be based on the last type of fuel foraged, not the currently selected one.
  • Fixed the Moon not sorting correctly with tree billboards.
  • Fixed issue where some telephone poles in Coastal Highway did not have collision.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong label was applied to melted snow/boiled water.
  • Fixed issue where distance travelled was mislabeled in the Log
  • Fixed issue where Inventory would sometimes incorrectly show [Wearing] for non-worn items.
  • Fixed issue where Wolf audio would sometimes play on an endless loop.
  • Fixed issue where some Food items could have a Condition of over 100%
  • Fixed issue where individual Rifle rounds had the incorrect weight.
  • Fixed issue where wildlife would occasionally get stuck in one place, disappear, or become locked in feeding animations.
  • Fixed issue where the Bedroll would occasionally disappear when dropped.
  • Fixed issue where Rabbit Meat Condition would not update when Cooked.
  • Fixed issue where the game would soft-crash when players started a fire in the "transition" zone.
  • Fixed issue where Cans that were opened but not fully eaten would lose their opened state.
  • Fixed issue where ice-cracking audio would play after leaving the breakable area.
  • Fixed issue where first person items might come back into view when putting back an item from inspect mode during a container search.
  • Fixed issue where a first person item could come back into view during fade-out before sleeping.
  • Fixed issue where the aim dot could be displayed while zoomed if you were crouching.
Known issues
  • We are experiencing some issues with some new lighting effects rendering incorrectly on the Mac. As a result, we have temporarily removed the "god rays" lighting effect from all interiors (only on the Mac build). We are working on a fix for this and will update ASAP.
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0.154 Edit

Released: 31 October 2014

NOTE: We've confirmed that v.153 saves work with v.154.

  • Reduced the Wolf population along Coastal Highway. In general, areas with a high concentration of Supplies are balanced to present more of a risk to players.
  • Rebalanced Calorie costs per activity level to find a better "sweet spot" and average daily Calorie requirements. This should address the need to eat frequently.
  • Reduced rate of Freezing increase for cold "Feels Like" temperatures.
  • Reduced Fatigue modifiers for Running, to avoid penalizing players for exploring.
  • Reduced Calorie cost per Kg of inventory. Min/Max-ers can still benefit from careful inventory management.
  • It now takes longer for Fatigue to affect Inventory capacity.
  • Wolves will no longer "camp" at entry ways for as long as before.
  • Wolves are now more noticeable when stalking.
  • Backpack weight no longer affects calorie burn rates when standing.
  • Sleep interruption no longer occurs indoors.
  • Antiseptic Bottles now provide multiple doses.
  • Reduced chance of Food Poisoning from all cooked meats.
  • Removed the Calorie Burn display from the Survival Panel as it was presenting incorrect information and just confusing people.
  • Set up some double-door container objects to only count as a single container for the purposes of searching.
  • Fixed issue where Rabbits would follow the player. (Bug or feature?)
  • General art fixes and optimizations.
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0.153 Edit

Released: 30 October 2014

  • Fix rare crash that could occur during wolf attacks
  • Fixed pink rock bug in Mystery Lake
  • Fixed white cube issue in Coastal Highway
  • Fixed some LOD popping issues on rocks

Note that saves from v.152 should still work after the v.153 update.

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0.152 Edit

Released: 30 October 2014

General notes
  • We have confirmed that saves from v.138 are compatible with v.152.

Game tuning around the new region is WIP and will be constantly modified based on further internal testing and feedback from external playtesters (i.e. all of you). Please note that the availability of Supplies, the distribution and density of wildlife, distances between shelters, etc. are constantly being refined. Also, keep in mind that the game is now being tuned around a larger Sandbox experience -- this means that some Regions might be more suitable for certain activities, and Supply distribution is more regionalized.

Major changes
  • New Sandbox region added: "Coastal Highway". To travel to it, follow the railway in Mystery Lake (Dam side).
  • Long-term Starvation now affects Fatigue. If you starve for too long, it becomes very difficult to avoid Exhaustion. The Fatigue increase due to Starvation is gradually reduced by not Starving. (Addresses the "Starvation Exploit")
  • Removed concept of Calorie Deficit.
  • Added "Rate of Change" indicators on all Sub-Conditions. This should help highlight the impact of more serious situations on Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, and Cold.
  • Fatigue now directly affects your Carrying capacity. Rather than a sudden capacity drop based on hitting the Exhausted threshold, we interpolate based on Fatigue level.
  • There are now Rabbits in the game.
  • You can now craft Snares at the Workbench. If placed in the world wherever you see Rabbits, there is a chance you will capture a Rabbit every 12 hours.
  • All wildlife spawns are now more dynamic, and will change over the course of a game. Wolves, Deer, and Rabbits all refresh on different intervals, reflecting their relative mobility and travel/migration patterns.
  • Wolves are now sensitive to player Condition. They will hunt you more aggressively if you are weak (ex. Exhausted, low Condition, etc.). This is something we are testing.
  • The damage from player strikes in Wolf Struggles is now modified by the best Tool you have in your inventory, in this order: Knife, Hatchet, Prybar. The weapon is automatically selected, and the Struggle costs Tool condition.
  • You can now select what type of Fuel Source you are looking for when Foraging Wood (i.e. it is no longer random).
  • Added a 100% guaranteed Rifle spawn to Mystery Lake. Its location is randomized.
  • Reduced daily Condition decay on all Tools and Clothing items. Reduced per-use Condition decay for all Tools. Tools should now last much longer, and will not decay when you don't use them. Clothing should not decay nearly as quickly as before. (We're still tuning the availability of Clothing items in the world, and this is something we'll continue balancing based on feedback.)
  • Reduced the frequency/availability of Tools in the world. Since they now last much longer, they have to be more rare.
  • In general, reduced the Condition decay for all Food items. Increased the Calorie value of most Food items. Reduced the Calorie value for most types of Meat.
  • Rest can now be interrupted regardless of Bed or location type. Every bed offers and location type offers a different degree of Rest benefit and chance of interruption. Uninterrupted Rest hours offer a bonus over interrupted Rest hours.
  • Fatigue is now properly affected by inventory weight. The more you carry around, the more quickly you will become tired. (Note that Calorie Burn already takes inventory weight into account.)
  • Reduced the general availability of First Aid items. They are now mainly found in appropriate First Aid containers.
  • In general, reduced the availability of Supplies in the world. There was far too much Food and Clothing in random containers.
  • Made very cold temperatures much more of a serious consideration.
  • New audio for all new locations, container types, etc. Added a lot more variety for container searching audio, to avoid repetition.
Minor changes
  • Every interior location now has a maximum inventory of Reclaimed Wood that can be Foraged.
  • Wildlife will no longer spawn in a Blizzard.
  • The Stag is more sensitive to the player's presence.
  • Tinder can now be harvested from Newsprint and Newsprint Rolls.
  • Bandages can now be harvested from Cloth.
  • Freshened up Supplies in all Mystery Lake locations.
  • Footprints (player and wildlife) now last longer, but are affected by wind and weather conditions.
  • It is now possible to find single Rifle Rounds in the world.
  • Kerosene can now be used as an Accelerant.
  • Added a few test Non-Potable water sources to the world.
  • Footprints and blood drops are now persistent across Saves.
  • General bug fixes and optimization.
Bug highlights
  • Fixed various issues related to carcasses freezing.
  • Various fixes related to player movement.
  • Fixed issue with harvesting Lanterns producing unlimited light.
  • Fixed issue where cooking a partial stack of raw meat produced an unequal stack of cooked meat.
  • Fixed weight capacity of Containers so they can be filled to full capacity now.
  • Fixed issue where last Water Purification tablet in the stack would not purify water.
  • Fixed issue with locked Safe not using the correct loot table.
  • Fixed exploit where players could cause a feeding Wolf to despawn.
  • Fixed issue with gear not decaying in Containers.
  • Fixed issue where Inventory screen occasionally didn't display all items in player inventory.
  • Fixed issue where increase/decrease buttons were still active during Harvesting actions.
  • Fixed issue where Toggle to Run would default back to Walk mode when opening the Options screen.
  • Fixed issue where Burns would not heal themselves over time.
  • Fixed issue where ear ringing wouldn't stop after firing the Rifle in the Forestry Lookout.
  • Fixed issue where menu dropdowns might be greyed out when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed issue where sun position and weather would not update correctly during outdoor Harvesting/Rest intervals.
  • Fixed bug where Encumbered warning would not always appear in the HUD.
  • Fixed crash when player clicked Bedroll icon in survival panel when they did not have a Bedroll in inventory.
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0.138 Edit

Released: 4 October 2014

  • Don't allow ruined gear to be repaired
  • Throwing an unlit flare at a wolf will no longer scare it off
  • Bottle of painkillers now contain 6 pills (3 full doses) instead of 5.
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0.137 Edit

Released: 3 October 2014

  • Fix for false positives on savegame file tampering
  • Fix for crash that could occur when putting ruined items in containers
  • Fix issue with deer sometimes "following" the player
  • Fix issue where meat would regenerate on placed carcasses
  • Fix framerate drop during Harvest and Repair
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0.136 Edit

Released: 2 October 2014

  • General art optimization should result in shorter initial load and noticeable performance improvements across the board
  • Tampering of save data will result in survival time not being uploaded to Leaderboards.
  • Game saves automatically when entering an interior. This will prevent abuse of the savegame system to re-roll interior loot.
  • Fixed issue with some long dropdown menus getting cut off.
  • Fixed bug where time would accelerate forever when opening the Survival Panel during a Harvest or Repair action.
  • Slightly increased the Calorie/hour costs of Walking and Running.
  • Slightly increased the Calorie/Kg cost of carrying inventory.
  • The Hatchet and Hunting Knife can now be harvested.
  • Harvesting values for all Tools have been tuned for duration and what they produce.
  • Increased the Repair improvement value for the Hunting Knife.
  • Reduced the "per use" Condition decay of the Hatchet, Hunting Knife, and Prybar
  • Slightly reduced the per/Litre cost of Boiling water.
  • Added some new loot to the Dam.
  • Tuned the Rifle Ammo spawn in Trapper's Homestead.
  • Tuned the availability of Rifle Ammo in the Safe loot table.
  • Tuned Locker and Metal Desk loot tables.
  • Improved Persona selection UI.
  • Fixed bug with Dysentery where it would be removed when transitioning to a new scene.
  • Wolves no longer run from deer.
  • Tuned wolf population density.
  • Slightly reduced chance of wolf fleeing when player sighted.
  • Arrow keys will now rotate safe dial.
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0.127 Edit

Released: 27 September 2014

  • Reduced % chance of Fluffy spawning in the Dam.
  • Fluffy will no longer respawn in the Dam after X days.
  • Wolf population has been modified to reduce overall density.
  • Wolves will show more interest in the player and be "drawn" to them based on behaviour.
  • There is now a chance that a Wolf will Flee when it detects the player at a distance (vs. going straight into Stalking behaviour).
  • Fixed bug where Wolves would sometimes ignore lit Flares. Lit Flares should now provide significant deterrent to Wolf attacks.
  • Fixed bug where Wolves would ignore Campfires. Campfires should now provide almost certain deterrent to Wolf attacks.
  • It is now easier to "break" the Wolf Stalking behaviour by gaining distance from them.
  • Dropped decoys are now more effective at slowing down Stalking wolves.
  • Reduced initial damage inflicted during Wolf struggle.
  • Reduced range of player damage inflicted during "light" Struggle attack.
  • Increased effectiveness of full-strength Struggle attack.
  • Reduced chance of contracting Food Poisoning for all Food Items.
  • Reduced chance of contracting Dysentery from Non-Potable water sources.
  • Reduced Calorie costs for all activities.
  • Reduced Clothing Condition decay rates when indoors.
  • Reduced per/day Starvation damage.
  • First-pass fixes to Hunger.
  • Improved HUD and Survival Panel prompts around First Aid events (i.e. Afflictions).
  • General art fixes.
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0.125 Edit

Released: 26 September 2014

  • Return to using DX9 for rendering
  • Added tld_dx11.bat and tld_borderless_dx11.bat for launching game using DX11
  • Fixed issue with sandbox loading more than once (if rapidly clicking start)

We have decided to return to using DX9. Although DX11 did improve framerate for some players, it seems a larger number were negatively affected (either by lower framerate or stability issues). Users can still run DX11 by launching the game with the newly added tld_dx11.bat file, or by manually using the command line argument -force-d3d11

We are going to continue to investigate using DX11 by default, but right now it is safer to use DX9 and allow players to experiment with DX11 to see if it improves framerate. If you have played v.124 and it improved your framerate, then you should use DX11.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thanks for your support.

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0.124 Edit

Released: 26 September 2014

This update should address general game performance, particularly on high-end systems.

  • Fix key bindings crash when user did not have a profile
  • Framerate improvements, especially for high end PCs
  • Display correct bindings during wolf struggle
  • Fix problem with binding Inventory to [Enter]
  • Removed Help from pause menu

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you update your graphics drivers, or you may experience crashing.

If you experience a crash and have updated drivers, temporary solution is to run in DirectX9 Mode, by running the following from command prompt:

tld.exe -force-d3d9

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0.122 Edit

Released: 25 September 2014

  • Added control configuration to Options > Key Bindings
  • Added vertical sync option to Options > Display
  • Fixed framerate drop issues when inspecting items
  • Fixed issue with tools wearing out 2x normal speed when Foraging or Harvesting
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur in Repair and Harvest carcass screens
  • Fixed "bigfoot" bug -- items sometimes scaling up when dropped
  • Some voice over fixes and new heavy wind audio
  • Fixed issue with being able to turn past last tumbler and open safe
  • Fixed issue with audio for fires not playing when reloading a save
  • Fixed issue with Encumbered label sometimes turning off
  • Holster current weapon/tool while eating/drinking/firstaid
  • Fixed audio issue with scrolling in the Log
  • Disabled the F1 Help (instead view bindings in Options > Key Bindings)
  • In adding the new key bindings options we have broken the Safecracking interface. The arrow keys will not rotate the dial. It is still possible to use the A/D keys to rotate the dial, however. We will fix this in the next update.
Trying to get in for the next update...
  • Tuning of Clothing system and decay rates
  • Better balancing of Wolf population
  • Improvements to Hunger system
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0.119 Edit

Released: 23 September 2014

  • Fixed compatibility issues with v.107 saves
  • Fixed issue with containers not resetting when "Start New Sandbox" selected after dying
  • Fixed typo on death screen (Sandobox -> Sandbox)
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0.118 Edit

Released: 23 September 2014

  • VS 2010 Redistributable files install automatically if needed
  • Fixed issue with mouse sensitivity resetting
  • Fixed snow fx issues on Low and Medium detail settings
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0.117 Edit

Released: 22 September 2014

  • You can now choose between a Male and Female survivor “persona” before playing in Sandbox mode.
  • The entire User Interface has been completely overhauled with updated artwork and streamlined functionality.
Art & Animation
  • All clothing items now have proper models.
  • You now leave a blood trail when suffering Blood Loss.
  • Fixed Wolf stalking animations and foot sliding.
  • Removed the tab from the can of Pinnacle Peaches because we’re all about quality and realism on this team.
  • Added VO for female survivor persona.
  • Tuned all VO triggers and levels.
  • New music stingers.
  • Added new sound for harvesting and item degradation.
Gameplay & Tuning
  • All Wildlife spawns have been tuned to be more random. Expect to see wildlife where you haven’t typically seen it.
  • All Gear is now more randomized. Expect to find gear where you haven’t typically found it.
  • The Gear Condition system has been improved to better handle gear breakage. Gear will now have a chance to break based on its Condition value. As a result, most gear items will not decay “on use” as significantly as before, but there is now a chance they can break before they reach 0% Condition.
  • Improvements to the way we handle Locked containers. Locked containers now require a Prybar to open, and there is a chance of breaking the Prybar or breaking the Container, rendering it inaccessible.
  • Increased indoor movement speeds slightly.
  • All Afflictions/Ailments have been tuned, and have updated descriptions.
  • Removed the Bandage requirement for healing Sprains. Sprains can now be healed with Painkillers or Rest.
  • All Food items have been tuned for Calorie values, Condition Decay, and % chance of Food Poisoning.
  • New Food items added to the game.
  • All Sub-Conditions (Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Freezing) have been tuned to improve their impact on player decision-making.
  • All Bed objects have been tuned to differentiate them from each other; also, their Rest characteristics have been modified.
  • All Fuel items have been tuned to better balance their weight vs. efficiency. This includes burn duration and heat production values and ranges.
  • New Fuel Bottle gear item added.
  • Items will now decay even when placed in Containers, but at a reduced rate dependent on container type.
Menus, HUD, UI
  • Added a Walk/Run toggle option, available in the Controls settings.
  • Fixed item placement and scaling for certain items that didn’t look right in Inspection mode.
  • Added rotating Survival quotes on Sandbox loading screen.
  • The Tab key will return to the Survival Panel from any Survival Panel sub-menu.
  • Added the option to use a 24-hour clock for those for prefer it to AM/PM.
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0.107 Edit

Released: 5 September 2014

The Long Dark's Sandbox Alpha has been updated to v.107. This includes the v.103 release, plus a few hotfixes for various bugs we encountered after launching the new update.

For information on what was added/changed in v.10x, please refer to the Changelist here:

  • Our programming wizards have optimized load times. Most loading transitions, after the initial load, should now only take a few seconds (system dependent).
  • Player outdoor walking and running speeds have been increased.
Art & Animation
  • Fixed geometry clipping issues when kneeling with the Rifle.
  • Wolf feeding animation alignment improved.
  • Updated to the latest version of Wwise (audio engine). This removes the requirement to install the DirectX Runtime. Many audio bugs introduced by the update have been fixed, but we might have missed some.
Gameplay & Tuning
  • Lighting a Flare or Lantern now requires you *hold* LMB (vs. clicking). This should hopefully address issues with people accidently starting flares or turning lanterns off.
  • The Rifle can now only be fired when in Aim mode (RMB).
  • Dehydration, Freezing, Starvation, and Fatigue have all been tuned to be *slightly* more forgiving.
  • Calories can now go into the negative, up to a threshold.
  • A Wolf Attack now results in Blood Loss and Infection Risk (vs. immediate Infection, as before). Infection Risk is reduced by applying Antiseptic. Wounds can become Infected up to 24 hours after they have been inflicted.
  • Increased frequency of Antiseptic spawning in containers.
  • Some wildlife spawns are now more random.
  • Fixed some harvesting exploits.
  • Fixed bug where gear left on the ground would decay at an accelerated pace.
  • Fixed issue with lantern fuel being burned by unlit lanterns across a save/load.
  • Added a motion blur effect to accentuate very low Condition.
  • When harvesting the Rifle or Lantern, the ammunition or Fuel will be returned to your Inventory. In the case of the Lantern, you need a Jerry Can in Inventory and you can only salvage fuel until it is full.
  • Increased Fuel produced from Foraging to 2 units/hr (from 1 unit/hr)
  • Radius of protection from wildlife provided by Campfires is now 10m (was 5m).
  • Can Opener can now be harvested.
Menus, HUD, UI
  • HUD messages will now be queued.
  • Added HUD options to the Display settings. You can now select between Normal, Debug, and Disabled. Debug includes coordinates and is useful for bug hunting. Disabled is useful for screenshots and trailer footage. NOTE: Important gameplay information is communicated through the HUD and we recommend you play using the Normal HUD setting.
  • Wildlife feeding behaviour is more persistent between saves and loads now.
  • Default FOV has now been set to 80 degrees. This can be modified in the Display options.
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0.106 Edit

Released: 5 September 2014

  • Fixed issue with weight fluctuating after scene transitions (if you had Jerry Can in inventory)
  • Fixed red box around fire in Lookout stove
  • Shadows cutting in/out fixed (Unity patch)
  • Fixed collision issues with wildlife (hit detection, hotspot detection)
  • Better performance at Low and Medium quality settings
  • Enlarged player footprints
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0.105 Edit

Released: 5 September 2014

  • Fixed gear wearing out faster than normal
  • Fixed first aid items not being applied if last dose in inventory
  • Fixed not being able to use Pause Menu (ESC) during fade in/out
  • Use "The Outdoors" instead of "Mystery Lake" for loading screen text when loading outside zone
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0.104 Edit

Released: 5 September 2014

  • This update was to fix a crash bug related to inventory items wearing out.
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0.097 Edit

Released: 5 September 2014

  • Fixed issue with running fullscreen at non-native resolution on OSX.
  • Fixed bug/exploit where meat and frozen state was reset on fresh kill carcasses after a save/restore.
  • Fixed bug/exploit where unsafe water changed to potable after a save/restore.
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