Survival Bow
Survival bow
Item Type Item
Weight 0.50 kg
Craft Hunting knife
1 Cured Maple Sapling,
2 Cured Gut
Harvest Unharvestable
Repair Unrepairable
A simple, improvised bow, suitable for hunting small game.
In-game description

The survival bow, is a long range weapon along with the hunting rifle and Distress Pistol. The bow requires arrows to shoot with. It can be found in the world, or crafted. It's best-used for defending yourself against wolves, or hunting them down. It will kill rabbits with one shot and there is a guaranteed kill if hitting a headshot on deers and wolves. A instant kill on bears is never guarantueed, which makes hunting bears with a bow more difficult and dangerous. Every hit has a certain chance of scoring a critical hit. This means even bodyshots can lead to instant kills with a certain chance. A well placed shot which causes bleeding will lead to the death of every animal. So even a bear can be killed with one shot if that hit caused bleeding.


The bow has drawbacks and advantages over the rifle and is not necessarily better or worse. While the bow is much lighter than the rifle(0.5Kg/4Kg), arrows are heavier than bullets(0.15Kg/0.02Kg). However, arrows can often be retrieved from dead animals or, in case of a miss, from the ground or object they struck, unlike bullets. Take note, a missed arrow striking ice can bounce far away, which might complicate searching to retrieve the arrow.

The bow's condition will degrade about 2-3% per shot and unlike the rifle, it cannot be repaired.

The bow requires some practice to use effectively and some factors should be taken into consideration with its use:

  • Draw speed: is a lot slower than aiming the rifle.
  • Horizontal sway: When drawn, the bow will sway from left to right affecting the arrows flight accordingly. When it tilts to the right or left, the arrow will fly a bit to the right or left of the center of your aim. The sway increases if the player is tired.
  • Vertical targeting: arrow flight trajectory forms an arc, following in-game physics, similar to the real world. Farther targets may require aiming higher.
  • Arrow flight speed: arrows fly much slower than bullets, so take a target's movement into consideration.
  • Usability: the bow, unlike the rifle, cannot be fired while crouched unless one's archery skill is Level 5.


Total 5 hours on a work bench. By default the crafting will last for 5 hours and can be done in parts, minimum 0.5 hours (30 minutes) each.

Cannot be repaired or harvested.

Spawn pointsEdit

As with other items, the Survival Bow may randomly spawn in different locations on different play-throughs.

Some observed spawn points include:


  • Like all ranged weapons, the bow can't be used with a sprained wrist.
  • A rabbit can be killed with a single arrow, although you'll only get one shot. If spooked, they'll run, and their tiny bodies are very difficult to hit while they're sprinting. Still, if you're desperate for calories and you have no snares, there's not much to lose (Arrows only lose 3% condition when they hit snow).
  • Arrows cause few critical hits, making animals more likely to be able to run after being hit by an arrow. However, hitting wolves in the head is often easy, since they face you as they stalk towards you.
  • Arrows cause more severe bleeding wounds in animals, making them die sooner.
  • Caution is advised when approaching wounded wolves. If you get into melee range, the wolf may turn and attack again, and possibly run away again (at top speed, oddly) making it frustratingly time-consuming to hunt them down.
  • Arrows fired straight upwards may hit and kill you. Try not to kill yourself.
  • It's actually possible to retrieve arrows from animals who are still alive and running around, if they happen to turn around and run by you. This is particularly useful if you only have one arrow.
  • Animals that die and fall on the arrow may push the arrow beneath ground level making the arrow lose visibility and complicating retrieval. You can still collect the arrow even when it's not visible if you look directly at it. If you know where the arrow should be, slowly look around until the Simple Arrow text pops up for collection.
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