TailSection&Wing Summit

Tail Section & Wing - The Summit Edit

Overview Edit

The Summit is located in Timberwolf Mountain, its the highest point ingame for now.

The Summit contains three locations of Timberwolf Mountain. They are:

Reaching the Summit Edit

It is possible for a lucky player (even in stalker difficulty) to reach the Summit on the first day. If the player spawns near deer clearing, or below, it will be possible, even if not well-equiped, to reach the Summit in a day and a half. Even if the weather isn't nice to the player, there are many small caves to hide in, and an actual cave that is always warm once in a bedroll.

Usually players tend to wait before reaching the summit, to have warm clothes and/or coffee. Having a lightsource is important to explore the cave.

Mountaineering Ropes are not necessary, but they can make the trip back to the mountaineer's hut easier and they will grant the player fast access to Eric's falls and another cargo container full of tin cans of food (normally, there are three ropes that always spawn: two around the summit and the Tail section, and one in the moutaineer's hut)

For a well-equipped and experienced player, it is possible to reach the summit in less than one day once the ropes are placed (between one and three days if it's the first time, depending on the weather and the player's condition).

One way to reach the summit is the following: (visualize the area on Whiteberry's map)

  1. From Mountaineer´s Hut, make your way to the Deer Clearing, you need to climb at least 1 rope (you can do it via the cave system or via the "echo ravine")
  2. After reaching the Deer Clearing, climb to Secluded Shelf and enter to the cave system (Cave B to Cave A on the map linked above), in which you'll find a tunnel that need to be passed while crouching; this is the way out.
  3. When you exit the cave, turn right and reach the longest rope to the summit. You can rest on two ledges along the way. Even when over recommended encumberment (50 kilos), you can still reach the summit, as long as you take some rest before the end (a game-time hour isn't necessary; you can do anything to pass time, like repairing your clothes or harvesting items you don't need anymore)
  4. Reach the summit and enjoy your progress.

Tips while climbing Edit

  • Use the edges of the mountain to rest and recover stamina
  • Climbing ropes quickly deplete your stamina bar and cause fatigue. Make sure to rest between ropes
  • While blizzards can be dangerous, there are many nearby caves and good spots to make a fire and pass the blizzard.

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