Storm lantern
Storm lantern
Weight 1.00 kg
Harvest 1 × Scrap metal
Repair Simple Tools or Quality Tools

1 × Scrap metal

Wind-proof storm lantern with mechanical ignitor. Burns kerosene.
In-game description

The storm lantern generates a great deal of light, and a paltry amount of warmth. Its glass-encased flame makes it ideal for use in windy weather, which will quickly snuff any other handheld light except a flare.

Overview Edit

The lantern may hold up to 1 litre of kerosene. When full, the lantern will weigh 1.8 kg, and has enough fuel to burn for 4 hours of in-game time (20 minutes of real time), making it potentially useful for nighttime reading or crafting. Sparking the lantern generates a brief, bright light. You can place a lantern on any flat surface using RMB or left trigger, even when it's on. Aren't the dynamic shadows pretty?

It can be refueled with lantern fuel or a jerry can.

Harvesting a storm lantern will return as much of the remaining fuel as there is capacity left in the fuel containers in the inventory. You cannot get the remaining fuel if there is no fuel containers in the inventory.

A lit lantern generates a single degree of "Feels like" temperature, making it next to useless for warmth. If you have kerosene and need mobile heat, use a torch instead!

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