Wind-proof storm lantern with mechanical ignitor. Burns kerosene.
In-game description

The storm lantern is a mobile light source that creates a large amount of light and a paltry amount of warmth. Its glass-encased flame prevents it from blowing out in windy weather, making it and flares the only light sources not reduced by wind.

Overview Edit

The lantern can hold up to 1 liter of lantern fuel. When full, the lantern weighs 1.8 kg, and will burn for 4 hours of in-game time (20 minutes of real time). The lantern requires no ignition source (in the way torches require a match to light). Lanterns can be placed on any flat surface, even when lit.

It can be refueled with a container of lantern fuel or a jerry can. You can save the lantern fuel from harvesting a storm lantern even without any containers present in the inventory, similar to the way cooking fish generates lantern fuel containers.

A lit lantern generates 5 degrees Celsius to the player's "Feels like" temperature regardless of wind, making it unreliable for mobile warmth. A torch is much better for mobile heat.

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