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Overview Edit

The ​stone​ is a throwable item found scattered around all maps. It can be picked up and used as a distraction.

Stones are an excellent tool for hunting rabbits since they are abundant and require no additional resources to use.

Each Stone weighs 0.25kg.


Rabbits can be stunned by being hit by a stone. If the player picks up the rabbit the game gives you the option to kill or release it.

Throwing a stone causes wildlife like rabbits and deer to run away from where it landed. This can be very useful when hunting since you can herd the animals towards your position. Stones can be thrown to wolves as well but the chance of them to flee is very small while the bears will ignore them. However, throwing stones right next to the wolves and bears will attract their attention to the location and briefly investigate, providing enough time to escape from dead ends.

Like arrows, stones can ricochet off trees and walls.

Game HistoryEdit

The stone was introduced in patch v.423 "Faithful Cartographer ".

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