Item Type Material
Weight 0.15 kg
Burning Time 50 min/kg
Harvest 2 × Tinder plug
Small stick, will burn, but not for long.
In-game description

A stick is a type of material item.

Overview Edit

A stick is a fuel source for a fire and it will increase a probability of lighting a fire by 15% with estimated fire duration of 7.5 minutes (the half minute is not displayed in game).

A stick can be harvested in 5 minutes for two tinder plug.

Sticks can be found laying on the ground near trees, or by breaking down branches or scrub brush. It takes 10 minutes (5 minutes with a hatchet) to break down a branch into three sticks. Sticks frequently respawn in wooded areas after storms.

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Up-to-date as of version 0.301.

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