Stamina is a bar which represents your ability to undertake several physically demanding tasks. It quickly drains when sprinting, rope climbing or brandishing a flare, torch or firebrand. When the stamina bar is completely drained, rope climbing becomes slower and more dangerous, brandishing items becomes less effective and it is impossible to sprint. The stamina bar will gradually refill itself when not in active use. It also becomes completely filled and stops draining while the player is under the effect of an emergency stim.

Stamina Penalties Edit

In several circumstances and afflictions the character can suffer a stamina penalty, or even experience complete stamina depletion for an extended period of time until treatment. These circumstances include :

  • Suffering from the affliction Intestinal Parasites causes a large stamina penalty.
  • Suffering from the affliction Sprained Ankle causes complete stamina depletion.
  • Being completely exhausted causes complete stamina depletion and reduces your recommended carried weight to drop down to 15 kg.
  • Wearing most types of clothing causes a small to large sprinting stamina penalty.
  • Being heavily encumbered (carrying 10 or more kilograms over the recommended carried weight) causes complete stamina depletion.

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