The snow shelter is a temporary shelter that can be created and placed while outside. The snow shelter provides wind protection, and a temperature bonus.

Mechanics Edit

On Stalker difficulty air temperature inside the snow shelter will always be +15°C higher than air temperature outside the shelter, even if the shelter condition degrades. Additionally shelter provides +3°C bonus when passing time or sleeping (see below). The shelter will provide the bonus even when ruined, until the player leaves it. The warmth bonus from clothing is also used when calculating Feels like (the windshield warmth bonus from clothing doesn't matter here).


The view from inside a snow shelter

When inside it, the player can still light a fire, use a rifle, as well as carry out various other tasks such as harvesting and repairing clothes, and eating and drinking. The player can rest or pass time, even if they don't have a bedroll. When bedroll is selected, the shelter will provide an additional +3°C warmth bonus. This bonus does not decay together with the shelter, and 3% shelter will still provide full +3°C bonus.

The player is vulnerable to animal attack while using the snow shelter. 

The snow shelter will degrade from 100 to 0 in approx. 188 hours (almost 8 days) on Stalker after which it will become ruined and can no longer be used, repaired or dismantled. The decay does not seem to be completely linear and is perhaps influenced by the weather. 

Crafting a snow shelter Edit

The snow shelter can be crafted using the Radial Menu

  1. Open the Radial Menu
  2. Select Camp Craft (left side)
  3. Select Snow Shelter (right side)

After selecting, the player will have to find somewhere to place it. The shelter will turn green when a valid location has been found, if the shelter is unable to be placed it will be red, moving to a leveled plain or bringing the shelter closer should allow it to be placed.

Amount of calories used varies, upon testing ranges from 112 calories to 263 calories were found. It seems to depend on the character's condition and the weather.

Repairing a snow shelter Edit


Snow Shelter's usage menu

To repair a snow shelter, the player can access to the Snow Shelter Menu by clicking on the snow shelter and selecting Repair.

To repair it, sticks are required. Less Condition means more sticks and time needed for repair (lower conditions may require cloth.)

More specific: Up until 74% the shelter will not require cloth. When at 75%, 3 sticks are required to bring it back to 100%. It takes approx 1 day and 17.5 hours (~42 hours) for shelter to degrade to 75% condition.

The shelter will require 1 cloth around 74%, 2 cloth around 48%, and 3 under 30%. The maximum Price of repairing a shelter (when it is 3%) is 10 sticks and 3 cloth.

Dismantling a snow shelter Edit

Snow shelters that are above 0% condition can be dismantled, with a portion of the items used for building it returned to the player (see below), enabling the player to move the shelter elsewhere by rebuilding.

  • 20 Minutes

Amount of calories used varies, upon testing ranges from 38 calories to 88 calories were found. It seems to depend on the character's condition and the weather.

Dismantling a snow shelter yields:

  • 10 Sticks
  • 2 Cloth

Game history Edit

  • The snow shelter was introduced in version 0.346, "Penitent Scholar", on 23 June 2016.