Weight 0.30 kg
Harvest 1 × Reclaimed wood
A simple snare, used to capture small game.
In-game description

The snare is a type of tool.

Overview Edit

A snare is a trap you can set up to catch rabbits (see: Trapping). Snares are only effective when placed in a rabbit-rich place. Once a rabbit is caught, the snare can be re-used if it did not break and its condition is greater than 0%.  If it breaks, it can still be harvested for 1 reclaimed wood.

A snare can be used continuously as long as it does not break because the gut from the rabbits can be used to repair it.

A good strategy is to store many snares in a container near a rabbit-rich location, so that you can catch many rabbits without having to cart lots of snares between your shelter and the location. However, catching too many rabbits will reduce their respawn rate in that area. Waiting several days will restore the rate.

Crafting Edit

30 minutes at a work bench:

Cannot be repaired. Harvesting yields 1 × Reclaimed wood.
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