A home-made Arrow, created by combining an Arrow shaft with Crow feathers and an Arrowhead.
In-game description

Simple arrows are craftable ammunition items.

Overview Edit

Arrows are reusable ammunition for survival bow. Arrows embed themselves in most soft targets when fired from a survival bow. Simple arrows are sometimes discovered in hunting blinds or near carcasses.

Wear Edit

The condition of an arrow will decrease by up to 25% on every use depending on the target hit. Hitting the rock causes the most damage to the arrow's condition. After a hit takes an arrow below the condition 0%, the arrow will become broken and fall to the ground. Broken arrows should still be recovered and harvested for materials.

Ricochet Edit

Arrows hitting hard surfaces will bounce off. Bounces off hard vertical surfaces can be hard to predict and may even return back toward the player. Glancing bounces are a common occurrence when arrows hit horizontal surfaces, especially ice. These glancing arrows carry a lot of their original momentum through the bounce and can travel 15 or more meters further along their original trajectory, far out of sight of the original shooter, and can be very difficult to locate as most players do not believe how far they actually can bounce.

Crafting Edit

Harvesting Edit

Harvesting a broken arrow yields one less feather than harvesting a useable arrow. Therefore, harvesting an arrow before it breaks does conserve one feather at the cost of one less use per Arrow shaft.

Game history Edit

  • Simple arrow and materials were introduced on 22 May 2015 in version 0.233.
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