A Scrub Brush is a type of plant that can be harvested for useful materials.


Scrub brushes are used for harvesting sticks, yielding seven regardless of harvesting time. They can be processed by hand or with a hatchet. However, there is a look-alike that can appear similar at a distance, but is clearly very different when approached and attempts to interact with it are made.




  • 10 minutes; 21 calories


The following information should generally help with identifying and distinguishing between the useful and the useless:

Scrub BrushEdit

  • Dark bark
  • Snow-covered tips
  • Small number of thick branches
  • Can be somewhat uncommon

False Scrub BrushEdit

What to look for to avoid disappointment:

  • Light bark
  • Entire branches may bear light patches of snow or frost
  • Clusters of numerous small, short branches
  • Very common; currently serve no purpose other than filling out scenery



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