Salty crackers
Salty crackers
A box of salty crackers.
Item Type Food
Weight 0.10 kg
Calories 600 cal
Hydration -20%
Energy density 6000 cal/kg
Dried, salty crackers. Will make you thirsty.
In-game description

Salty crackers are a type of processed food. They can be found anywhere but are most commonly found inside houses and stores.

Overview Edit

Eating these crackers will decrease the player's thirst by about 20%, making them potentially dangerous when low on water. At 6,000 calories per kilogram, they have the highest calories to weight ratio of any food item in the game. But if you account for the water that you have to carry to stay hydrated (roughly 0.15 liters per box of crackers), their energy density comes closer to 2400 calories per kilogram.

The salty crackers are packaged as a product called Standard Fare, possibly a play on the real-life saltine cracker brand, Premium.

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