Safe in Hibernia Processing

Safe is a stationary interactable object and can work as a storage container.


Safes have a combination lock and can contain rare items such as flare shells, MREs or Mukluks.

A safe can hold 10kg.


A safe is located on the right side of the tool board in Hibernia Processing, hidden in the Old Spence Family Homestead of Forlorn Muskeg, in the control room of the Carter Hydro Dam, and in the Trapper's Homestead.


Safe Lockpicking Interface

Safe lockpicking interface.

Opening a safe requires neither resources, nor luck, but can be somewhat time consuming. The player can turn the dial by using the arrow keys.

  • For the first tumbler, the dial needs to be rotated counterclockwise. A click can be heard and an open lock icon will display in the box to the right when the correct number is reached.
  • When first tumbler is unlocked, the dial should then be rotated clockwise.
  • After unlocking the second tumbler, rotation to be changed again to counterclockwise.
  • A moment after third tumbler is unlocked, the "Open" button will appear.

If the correct number is missed, cracking the safe can be started again by rotating the dial counterclockwise. After the safe is opened, it won't require cracking anymore.

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