Rifle round
Rifle round
Item Type Other
Weight 0.02 kg
A single .303 rifle round.
In-game description

A single round of .303 ammunition for the hunting rifle. It can be found alone, or as several rounds in a box of rifle ammunition.

Notes Edit

  • The character will load five rounds into the magazine at a time using stripper clips. Any number of rounds less than five are loaded one-by-one.
  • Due to their small size, rifle rounds are often hard to find when lying around the inside of a structure.
  • Rifle rounds can be found on corpses, as well as lying on the floor of the inside of a building.
  • Dropped rounds appear as a box of rounds when dropping more than one at a time, even if an actual box of ammunition is never found.

Tips Edit

  • Use the rounds wisely. They are hard to find, and can be used up quickly.
  • Do not use for hunting unless a clear shot at a target can be made. Far away shots do not always hit their target, resulting in a loss of ammunition.
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