A box of rifle rounds.
In-game description
A single .303 rifle round.
In-game description

Rifle ammunition is .303 ammunition for the hunting rifle. It can be found alone, as a single round, or as several rounds in a box of rifle ammunition.

The box is branded as a product called Bullseye.

Notes Edit

  • The character will load five rounds into the magazine at a time using stripper clips. Any number of rounds less than five are loaded one-by-one.
  • Due to their small size, single rifle rounds are often hard to find when lying around the inside of a structure.
  • Rifle rounds can be found on corpses, as well as lying on the floor of the inside of a building.
  • Dropped rounds appear as a box of rounds when dropping more than one at a time, even if an actual box of ammunition is never found.

Tips Edit

  • Rifle rounds in The Long Dark are often rare. Use your ammunition wisely as it is not renewable. There are a finite number of rounds across the regions.
  • Rifle rounds are found either in a small, red and grey coloured cardboard box or alternatively if the player has a keen eye can be spotted singly in fishing huts and other buildings.
    • Hunting rabbits with the hunting rifle is not very effective, as the rabbits are small and fast, and they can be hunted with stones found on ground instead of ammunition. So you can save your ammunition for more difficult hunts.
  • Ammunition spawns randomly throughout the regions, however there are some areas that are more likely to have boxes of ammo.
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