Flesh from a rabbit. Cook to eat safely.
In-game description
Cooked flesh from a rabbit.
In-game description


Rabbit meat is any meat harvested from a rabbit. Fresh rabbit carcasses have up to 1.5kg of the meat.

Cooked rabbit meat can be obtained by cooking raw rabbit meat over a fire. Cooked rabbit contains 50 fewer calories than raw rabbit, but carries a much lower risk of food poisoning.

50% condition boost will be added to raw meat after it is cooked over fire, but will continue to decay over time. Cooked meats weigh the same as before cooked but decay four times slower. Poor condition meat still has all its calories. Low condition meat will show yellow then red condition numbers, warning against the increased food poisoning risks of low quality food. Zero condition meat disappears.

Recipe Edit

Cook over fire to cook rabbit meat. It takes 20 minutes to cook, with the basic cooking skill. No tools required.

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