Good quality tools for crafting and repair.
In-game description

Quality tools is a tool item used for crafting items and repairing equipment.

Overview Edit

Quality tools weigh 0.75 kilograms and will reduce the time need for repairing an item by 50% and increase the chance of success by 20%. They are much rarer than simple tools and weigh slightly less. They always come in 100% condition when found, and can be repaired by Simple Tools or another quality tools.

Items needing this to be able to be repaired:

Fishing Fishing tackleHookLantern fuelLine
Harvesting Improvised hatchetImprovised knifeSnare
Other Bear skin bedrollSurvival bowTorch
Ammunition Flare shellRifle ammunitionSimple arrow
Fire starters AccelerantCardboard matchesFirestrikerMagnifying lensWood matches
Harvesting HacksawHatchetHeavy hammerHunting knife
Light FlareFlashlightStorm lantern
Repair Quality toolsRifle cleaning kitSewing kitSimple toolsWhetstone
Weapons Distress pistolHunting rifleStone
Other BedrollBolt cuttersCan openerJerry canPrybarMountaineering rope