Weight 1.00 kg / 2.20 lbs
Harvest 2 × Scrap metal
A beat up prybar. Useful for opening locked containers.
In-game description

General informationEdit

A prybar can be used to open locked containers, such as lockers and car trunks (they cannot be used to open Cargo containers). It's also possible to break the ice on ice-fishing holes with a prybar. It can also be used as a weapon during Struggles and cannot be repaired but can be harvested for some scrap metal. Prybars are fairly common and can be found in almost any condition. The condition may even be so low as to have only one remaining use before being ruined.

Combat Edit

The Prybar cannot be manually ‘equipped’ as a weapon like the bow or rifle, it cannot be used as a weapon outside of a scripted event. Only certain items can be used as weapons in the struggle, the knife is the most effective. The Prybar will lose condition if it is used in a struggle.

Possible locations Edit

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