Pleasant Valley
For advanced players. A challenging, vast mountain wilderness region with a few key shelters, originally settled by hardy homesteaders.
- In game description
Pleasant Valley is the third map added to The Long Dark.


Pleasant Valley is the third map added to the game, and by far the largest of all of the maps. While the other maps are more traditional (Mystery Lake) or abandoned civilization feeling, Pleasant Valley focuses on surviving the elements, living off the land and navigating by natural structures.

There are several buildings located around the map, which consist of:

A large barn (On the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings area) located around the center of the map, including abandoned cars, hay trailers and tractors scattered around the perimeter. The barn is good location to set up base as it possesses all the needed utilities such as a fire barrel, a work bench, lots of storage, a central location and a bed (it is possible to sleep on the seat of the truck).

Located about five minutes from the barn is Pleasant Valley farmstead (walking through the bale field). This location, like the barn, has several cars scatted around the perimeter which supply a decent amount of supplies. The farmstead is also a great location for a base, as with the barn,  it possesses all the needed utilities such as a stove and a fire place, several beds with different warmth values, lots of storage, a work bench(in the basement), a patio for testing the weather, a large amount of loot and is located centrally close to the outbuildings and Signal Hill.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the largest of the four maps it has the second smallest number of buildings.
  • Pleasant Valley is also currently the only map that tractors and hay trailers appear on. (need confirmation for newer versions)

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  • Go to Pensive Pond
  • Go to Picnic Spot
  • Go to Rural Crossroads
  • Go to Cascading Falls
  • Go to Lower Falls
  • Go to Skeeter's Ridge
  • Go to Pleasant Valley Outbuildings
  • Go to Pleasant Valley Farmstead
  • Go to Heartbreak Bridge
  • Go to Contemplation Bridge
  • Go to Derelict Cabins
  • Go to End of the Road
  • Go to Draft Dodger's Cabin
  • Go to Signal Hill

Screenshots Edit

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Pleasant Valley Burned Ridge CaveCascading FallsCinder Hills Coal MineContemplation BridgeDerelict CabinsDraft Dodger's CabinEnd of the RoadForest CaveHeartbreak BridgeHilltop CaveLong CurveLower FallsLonely CabinsPleasant Valley OutbuildingsThree Strikes FarmsteadPleasant Valley FarmsteadMisty Falls Picnic AreaSignal HillRural CrossroadsPensive PondPicnic SpotSkeeter's RidgeUpper FallsAbandoned Prepper's Cache
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All locations Prepper cache
Transition zones Abandoned Mine No. 3Cinder Hills Coal MineCrumbling HighwayCaveThe RavineWinding River
Up-to-date as of version 0.393.

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