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S*** nothing town a few hours North? Yeah I know it.

Perseverance Mills is a town mentioned in The Long Dark. It has not made an official appearance in the game yet, but has been mentioned several times and will likely appear as a location in a future episode.

According to Grey Mother, it is located far to the north of Milton. Jeremiah says it can be reached by taking the road north out of Pleasant Valley, but would take days to get there on foot.

Outline Edit

Nothing is yet known about the history of Perseverance Mills prior to the First Flare.

Dr. Astrid Greenwood is thought to have made her way to the town after passing through Milton, leaving behind a message for Will McKenzie indicating that she was heading for Perseverance Mills.

A character named Atwood is said to live in the hills near the town.

Notes Edit

As of v1.09, the reward for raising Grey Mother's Trust to 300 is described as Worldbuilding information about Perseverence [sic] Mills; however the reward actually grants worldbuilding information about The Collapse.