Old man's beard wound dressing
Old mans beard wound dressing
Item Type First aid
Weight 0.1 kg / 0.22 lbs
Craft See crafting
A dressing utilizing Old Man's Beard lichen. Apply to wounds to help prevent infection.
In-game description

Old man's beard wound dressing is a type of natural first aid item used to eliminate infection risk.

Overview Edit

Old man's beard wound dressing is created with old man's beard lichen, which functions as an antiseptic that will disinfect a suffered wound, thus removing any chance of infection. They weigh the same as a normal bandage.

Previously, before release of 0.423, "Faithful Cartographer", old man's beard wound dressing functioned as a regular bandage combined with an old man's beard lichen.

Old man's beard lichen can be harvested from low hanging tree branches.

Crafting Edit

15 minutes at a work bench (after "The Tireless Menace" Update can be crafted without the workbench, directly from the radial menu):

Cannot be harvested or repaired.

Before release of "Faithful Cartographer" the recipe was:

Game history Edit

  • Old man's beard wound dressing recipe changed on 8 June 2017 in update 0.423.
  • Old man's beard wound dressing, and other harvestable plants[1] and remedies, were introduced on 7 February 2015 in update 0.192.

Note Edit

  1. Mushrooms and lichens are not technically plants but fungi and cyanobacterium respectively.
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