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The Old Bear is a bear and the primary antagonist of Episode 2 of story mode and in challenges of The Hunted Part One and Part Two.

Story Edit

The Old Bear is first faced in the closing seconds of Episode 1, where Will Mackenzie is faced with it attacking Jeremiah.

In Episode 2, the Old Bear does not make an appearance until the player reaches the Chapter Jeremiah's Folly where they have to kill the Old Bear.

Challenges Edit

As well as its role in the story, the Old Bear appears in both The Hunted, Part One and The Hunted, Part Two challenges. In both the challenges the bear is invincible and cannot be killed.

Part One Edit

The challenge revolves around the bear chasing the player through Pleasant Valley to the Trapper's Homestead so they can get the Bearkiller Rifle. The Old Bear will hunt the player and follow them to each region they visit.

Part Two Edit

After completing part one, part two is unlocked and begins where the first left off. The roles are switched and the player hunts the bear as it runs across Mystery Lake back to its den.

Gallery Edit