Needs must be satisfied to maintain survival. Failure to meet needs will drain condition, weakening the player all the way to the point of death if not properly handled.

Four major needs exist, referenced on the status overlay as four white bars. Satisfaction of a need fills its respective bar. Arrows within the bar indicate the direction and severity of progression; the more arrows in one direction, the faster the movement is.

As needs deteriorate past hash tags on their bar, they change their description to the right of the bar. This change is also noticeable by a brief display of the corresponding icon on the main HUD in the bottom left corner. When a need has emptied its icon turns red and remains on the screen.

Warmth Edit

Warmth progresses from Freezing ↔ Numb ↔ Cold ↔ Chilled ↔ Warm

  • Warmth is satisfied by maintaining a feels like temperature above freezing (0°C or 32°F) over time. Hot foods or drinks will also decrease your cold by 20% as well as apply the "Warming up" affliction.
  • Drains in cold areas - the colder it is, the faster it will drain. Can be accelerated by wet or freezing clothes.
  • Represented by rising steam and icicles.

Fatigue Edit

Fatigue progresses from Exhausted ↔ Drained ↔ Tired ↔ Winded ↔ Rested

  • Fatigue is satisfied by sleep and drinking cups of coffee.
  • Drains based on activity level.
  • Represented by an eyeball that gradually closes.
  • When fatigue falls below 'tired' the player's recommended weight capacity will rapidly diminish from 30kg down to 15kg (or 66lb down to 33lb).

Hunger Edit

Hunger progresses from Starving ↔ Ravenous ↔ Hungry ↔ Peckish ↔ Full

  • Hunger is satisfied by consuming calories, which can be gained through food and drink.
  • Drains based on activity level.
  • Represented by a stomach that gradually empties.

Thirst Edit

Thirst progresses from Dehydrated ↔ Parched ↔ Thirsty ↔ Dry-mouth ↔ Slaked

  • Thirst is satisfied most commonly by drinking water and sodas, but can also be increased, albeit less quickly, with certain foods.
  • Drains constantly at a consistent rate.
  • Some dry or salty foods may drain the thirst meter.
  • Represented by a water drop that gradually empties.

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