For the region, see Mystery Lake (region).

Mystery Lake is a mysterious lake located to the south-east of the Mystery Lake region in The Long Dark.

Overview Edit

Mystery Lake is a good location for collecting supplies due to the abundance of cabin and huts around the lake.

A Camp Office is located at the north-western tip of the lake between the lake and the rail road tracks, this building has an abundance of supplies and is a contender for one of the best base locations in the region.

There are two collections of lake cabins on the south and south-eastern end of the lake, usually one cabin out of each collection is burnt down, but there is still a large amount of supplies to be found in each.

Further up past the triple lake cabins a  lone lake cabin quietly sits abandoned.

There is the occasional wolf or two, as well as a Bear on the lake which makes exploring slightly risky sometimes. You can harvest the cattails from lake edge as a food and tinder source. Several fishing huts (each with a stove, cupboard and fishing hole) are scattered over the frozen lake and a small strip of land sits in the middle of the lake. Over all Mystery Lake is a great location for supplies. There is a rifle that does spawn behind the lone lake cabin.

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