Mountaineering rope
Mountaineering rope
Item Type Tool
Weight 5.00 kg/ 11 lb

Mountaineering rope is a tool used for climbing cliff faces.

Overview Edit

The mountaineering rope is used in conjunction with the rope climbing gameplay mechanic to allow the player to ascend and descend vertical cliffs. The rope must be attached to a certain rock feature above each cliff before the climb can be made.

Locating Edit

Many ropes are already deployed onto rocks over climbable cliffs but can be removed and deployed onto other cliffs instead. Undeployed ropes can be found on Timberwolf Mountain inside the Mountaineer's Hut, in a cave just below the summit, and by breaking a crate in the Tail Section. Version 0.321 expanded rope use to other maps and added additional spawns. There is a chance that one will spawn by Matt's Truck in Desolation Point,at the Forestry Lookout in Mystery Lake region, and the Fishing Camp or the Abandoned Lookout or even in the Ice Fishing Hut in Coastal Highway. Another one can potentially spawn in the train crash near the ravine, and be used nearby to descend and get a distress flare.

Game history Edit

  • The mountaineering rope was added on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298.

Gallery Edit

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