Moose are large, solitary animals. Although they can appear in any region, they do not spawn often and can be difficult to find. Their hides and meat are useful, but they are also relatively aggressive and can cause serious injury when provoked.

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The Moose are the largest and toughest of the prey animals and can be very dangerous if a player provokes them. Their walk and most movements resemble that of a deer, but a moose will charge the player if he or she comes too close (somewhat similar to the behavior of bears).

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Moose have three paces: walking, fleeing and charging. They behave in similar manner of deer when roaming around, stopping occasionally to sniff the ground or raising their heads to listen. Moose do not hunt the player but will aggressively defend if approached. Possible locations for moose are marked by scratches on trees; moose are hardly ever far from their marked areas. (Untrue requires more testing)

Moose do not respond to the presence of other animals, but rabbits, deer, and wolves will flee from the moose. The bear and moose will actually walk right past one another.



Moose in hostility posture - The player is too close.

Moose have a detection radius regarding the player. When the player is within the radius, moose will stop walking and turn to stare at the player, grunting and stomping on the ground as a warning. If the player fails to leave the radius immediately, the moose will launch into a charge attack on the player, except on Pilgrim, where they will flee instead. A Moose will also charge instantly at any player that harms them without warning. Just like bears.


Once close enough to the player, a struggle ensues much like how a bear mauls the player (as in, you cannot fight back). The player will pass out after. Upon waking up, the vision will be disoriented. About 10% to 50% condition will be lost. The Moose will still be near the player upon waking up but will not charge, provided the player flees from the area immediately or the attack can restart.

Broken RibsEdit

Moose attacks award a unique affliction: Broken Ribs, which reduces carrying capacity and Stamina and takes a long time to fully heal even with treatment.


Charging moose can not be fended off with Flares, Torches, rifles, or arrows. Shots from the Distress pistol are effective deterrents. Also, Moose will turn and retreat if pathing to the player becomes not possible (In tight spaces like rock crevice or elevated position like in tree).

  • Moose are afraid of Fire and will turn and run away from it.
  • Rocks thrown by the player out of the Moose's sight will generally cause it to flee. This is useful for when a Moose is blocking a path.

Unprovoked Moose do flee from gunshots and close arrow impacts.


Note: More work is needed to verify all these locations. Others will expand and modify this list as players discover more locations.

Moose can spawn in any map. Sightings are rare however. Moose will often appear then disappear on their own. It can be several days before they return to any sighted location again.

Tree Bark MarksEdit

Moose tree marks

Tree Marks on Birch

A player can locate possible moose spawn locations from scratched tree barks. Typically many marks will form a ring around a possible sighting location.

Mystery Lake Edit

Mountain Town Edit

Broken Railroad Edit

  • Near Hunting Lodge
  • Near wooden bridge leading to Hunting Lodge

Dead Moose near marked tree

Forlorn Muskeg Edit

  • Marsh Ridge
  • SE area close to the snow shelter - moose likes to roam on the thin ice

Coastal Highway Edit

Desolation Point Edit

Timberwolf Mountain Edit

Pleasant Valley Edit

Hushed River ValleyEdit

Hunting Edit

Unlike other animals, MOOSE DO NOT BLEED OUT. This can make killing moose a bit more difficult. They are fairly tough so multiple shots are often required. It is possible to kill a moose with one shot, most likely when hitting the head, but typically moose do not die before taking four shots, from any weapon; rifle, bow, and distress pistol all seem equally effective. It is impossible to kill moose without a ranged weapon.

  • One technique for hunting Moose is to take one careful shot from a distance and more as the Moose then charges, hopefully killing it before it reaches the player.
  • Lighting a campfire before engaging a moose should provide an adequate shield from struggle. Provoking a moose to charge at a campfire location can provide good close-range opportunities without actual risk of trampling.
  • The Distress Pistol is excellent at both damaging and scaring away a charging moose.


A Moose carcass can be harvested for a very large amount of high-calorie meat as well as Moose hide and twelve guts. Since moose are herbivores, there is no risk of Intestinal Parasites. The huge amount of meat gained from a slain Moose means that harvesting may necessitate multiple trips in order to transport all.

  • A Moose "quarters" into seven to nine bags weighing up to 10 kilograms each containing exactly half their weight in harvestable meat. Takes two hours.

The player can also harvest their hide, which can be used to craft Moose-Hide Cloak (a heavy, extremely water-proof, and armored coat) and a Moose-Hide Satchel (which increases carrying capacity by 5 kilograms, or roughly 11 pounds). The player can equip only one Moose Hide Satchel at a time, which provide no warmth bonus of its own, unlike the only other accessory, the wool ear wrap.

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  • Raphael van Lierop initially joked about removing Moose if he wouldn't get good programmers in his vacant positions.[1]
  • The Moose was added in the Rugged Sentinel update, version 1.16.

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