Moose are large solitary animals as they always roam around alone. They are found rarely in all regions, making them unique animals.

Overview Edit

The Moose are the largest and toughest of the prey animals and can be very dangerous if a player provokes them. They walk in same manner as a deer, but can sprint fast to catch up to the player when provoked. Moose also share similar characteristics of deer and bears.

Behavior Edit

Moose have three paces: Walking, fleeing and charging. They behave in similar manner of deer when roaming around. Moose are initially friendly to the player and will attack only if provoked, similarly to bears. They are rarely found in any region. Their possible location can be indicated by scratches on tree barks.

Hostility Edit

Moose have a detection radius of which if a player is in the radius, Moose will stop walking and begin to stare at them, growling and stomping once on the ground, indicating his annoyance from the players' action (ie. Approaching too close to a Moose, harassing, etc).

If the player fails to leave immediately after the stomping or after its growls or during its stare, the Moose will launch a head-on attack on the player. Flares, gunshots and fired arrows will not stop a provoked Moose from charging, similarly to bears.

Once close enough to the player, it will proceed to trample them much like how a bear mauls the player (as in you cannot fight back). The players will pass out for a few minutes. Upon waking up, the vision will be disoriented for few minutes and they will lose about 10% to 50% condition. The Moose will still be near the player upon waking up but will not charge, provided the player flees from the area immediately without provoking the Moose again or the attack will restart.

The Moose's attacks have an affliction associated with it, named Broken Ribs, which reduces carrying capacity and takes over 120 hours to fully heal ( 5+ days).

Fleeing Edit

Moose can not be fended off from flares. However, Moose will flee from the player should one being inaccessible to be attacked (In tight spaces like rock crevice). Unprovoked Moose will also flee from gunshots, fired arrows and flares from flare gun.

Tree Barks Edit

Due to Moose appearance being rare, a player can assume their possible location from scratched tree barks.

Hunting Edit

Unlike other animals, Moose do not bleed out making hunting a bit difficult should one flee during hunt. However, Moose rarely flee and tend to attack instead.

Carcass Edit

A Moose corpse can be harvested for a very large amount of high-calorie meat. Since moose are herbivores, there is no risk of Intestinal Parasites. The player can also harvest their hide, which can be used to craft Moose-Hide Cloak (a heavy, extremely water-proof, and armored coat) and a Moose-Hide Satchel (which increases carrying capacity by 5 kilograms, or roughly 11 pounds). The player can equip only one Moose-Hide Satchel at a time, which provide no warmth bonus of its own, unlike the only other accessories, wool ear wraps.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Raphael van Lierop initially joked about removing Moose if he wouldn't get good programmers in his vacant positions.[1]
  • The Moose was added in the Rugged Sentinel update, version 1.16.

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