Freshly harvested maple sapling. Needs to be cured before it can be used for crafting and repair.

Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 6 days.
In-game description
Small maple sapling that has been cured. Can be used for crafting and repair.
In-game description

Overview Edit

A maple sapling is a plant-based material that can be harvested, cured and finally crafted into a Survival bow at a work bench. Contrary to the in-game description, the sapling cannot be used for repairs. Both green and cured maple saplings will always be at 100% condition. 

Green maple saplings can be harvested with a hatchet or a hacksaw. Once harvested, 1 x green maple sapling is added to the inventory and where it was, a small root stalk remains.

To cure, place on the ground inside a building and wait. Progress can be checked by looking at it while close. Curing process advances at approximately 0.8% per hour.

Cured maple saplings stack in the inventory.


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