Lilith Barker

A portrait of Lily on Grey Mother's mantelpiece.

Lilith "Lily" Barker (1969 – 1985) was the daughter of Grey Mother and Martin Barker. She lived in the town of Milton in the Mountain Town region. She was determined to climb all the peaks of Great Bear. One perticular day, she wanted to climb on her own. Grey Mother told her no, but her father let her go. Lily fell during the climb and died. She had a necklace of pearls that she wore. Her mother wanted them buried with her, but her father kept them to remind himself of his daughter, and placed them in a lockbox at the local bank. The incident caused the permanent separation of Martin and his wife.

Lily is buried in the graveyard across the street from the church. In Episode 1 of the story mode, Grey Mother sends Will Mackenzie after the lockbox. After retrieving the pearls, Mackenzie is asked to place them on Lily's grave. He is then offered Lily's climbing equipment as a reward.

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