Lantern fuel
Lantern fuel
Item Type Item
Weight 0.10
Small bottle of kerosene
In-game description

Lantern fuel a container holding a small amount of kerosene that can be used for refueling storm lanterns or as an optional accelerant for starting fires.

  • May hold up to half a liter of kerosene, weighing 0.5 kg when full.
  • Able to catch excess kerosene from sources such as harvesting a storm lantern or cooking a fish.
  • Spontaneously inserted into inventory if a fish is cooked while not holding any kerosene containers.
  • Spontaneously removed from inventory when empty.
  • Condition of this item may be below 100% but is irrelevant.
Lantern fuel comes in a container with the product name Ever-Flame Lamp Fuel.
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Up-to-date as of version 0.301.

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