A tough old trapper and hermit. Lives alone in the wilderness of Mystery Lake. Doesn't seem to like people much.
In-game description

Jeremiah is the primary non-player character in Episode 2: Luminance Fugue of the story mode. He is first encountered in the closing seconds of Episode 1, and can be found in the Trapper's Homestead in Episode 2.

Wintermute Edit

Episode 2: Luminance Fugue Edit

Trust Edit


Jeremiah's information.

Jeremiah can reveal further information by increasing his trust - either through completing the main story or through gifting him items.

Needs Edit

Jeremiah has need of six different items. These are referred to in-game as current needs, but they do not change.

Current Needs
Item Trust earned
Stick +1
Cloth +3
Old man's beard wound dressing +3
Pork and beans +10
Rabbit Pelt (Fresh or Cured) +25
Deer hide (Fresh or Cured) +50

Trust level Edit

The below table details the rewards unlocked at each level. Once unlocked, you must speak to Jeremiah through the Trust conversation menu.

Required Trust Title Description Notes
25 Knowledge: Mystery Lake Worldbuilding information about Mystery Lake.
50 Cache Location The location of a Supply Cache, updated on your Map. Gives you the location of a cache near the Rail Tunnel
75 Blueprint: Improvised Hatchet Unlocks the Crafting Blueprint for the Improvised Hatchet. Jeremiah sends to on a side mission to the Old Spence Family Homestead Forge, where you acquire the blueprints to craft the Improvised hatchet and Improvised Knife.
125 Knowledge: Carter Dam Worldbuilding information about Carter Hydro Dam.
175 Blueprint: Deerskin Pants and Deerskin Boots Unlocks the Crafting Blueprint for Deerskin Pants and Deerskin Boots.
225 Blueprint: Snow Shelter Unlocks the Crafting Blueprint for the Snow Shelter. This reward allows the player to craft a Snow Shelter from the Radial Menu.
300 Knowledge: Aurora Observations Worldbuilding information about the Aurora.
375 Side Mission: Old Letters Jeremiah wants you to find and destroy some of his old letters. Jeremiah send you on a side mission to Jeremiah's Hideout near the Shortwave Tower in Forlorn Muskeg. The bunker can only be entered while the Aurorae are present.

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