Improvised knife
Improvised Knife
Item Type Tool
Weight 0.75 kg
Craft Heavy hammer
3 × Scrap metal, 1 × Cloth
Harvest 1 × Scrap metal
Repair Whetstone
An improvised knife made of scrap metal with a cloth-wrapped handle. Not as robust or nice to look at as one made by professional, but it'll do the trick.
In-game description

Description Edit

Similar to the hunting knife, the improvised knife is a tool used to harvest carcasses, tinder plugs from cardboard boxes, cloth from pillows, towels, curtains and old bedrolls or retaliate during predators attacks. The improvised knife is also slightly heavier and around 25% slower than the hunting knife.

Forging is only made available at a furnace and a Heavy hammer is required as a tool. Cedar firewood or coal are required for the furnace, as well as Scrap metal to craft.

Tool condition lowering around 3% each use.

Crafting Edit

3 hours at a Furnace:

Harvesting yields one Scrap metal.
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