Hunting knife
Hunting knife
Weight 0.50 kg
Harvest 1 × Scrap metal
Repair Whetstone
Good quality knife with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle.
In-game description

The hunting knife is an essential multi-use tool and occasional weapon.

Overview Edit

The hunting knife has a large number of uses. It can be used for harvesting guts, hides, and meat from animal carcasses, it can be used to harvest materials such as cloth and tinder plugs, and it can be used to clear frozen ice fishing holes for ice fishing.

A hunting knife is also required to craft certain items at a work bench.

Harvesting Animals Edit

The hunting knife can be used to harvest animal carcasses. If the carcass is less than 50% frozen, it is the most efficient tool for harvesting. If the carcass is more than 50% frozen, hatchet is more efficient for harvesting meat, but the hunting knife is more efficient for harvesting guts and hide.

Repair Edit

The hunting knife can currently only be repaired using a whetstone as part of the bladed tool maintenance gameplay mechanic and requires no material input. However the whetstone itself cannot be repaired and loses 5% condition per repair (for a total of 20 uses), compared to 3% or so of hunting knife condition restored. It is not a permanent solution and at some point a hand-made alternative will be needed.

Combat Edit

The hunting knife can be manually ‘equipped’ as a weapon like the bow or rifle,but only when fighting a wolf, it cannot be used as a weapon outside of a scripted event. The hunting knife will lose condition if it is used in a struggle.

Game history Edit

  • Version 0.136 on 2 October 2014 introduced the ability to harvest the hunting knife and hatchet among other changes.
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