• Hibernia Processing roadside area view.
  • Hibernia Processing seaside area view.

Hibernia Processing is a whaling station located on the coast in Desolation Point.

Overview Edit

Hibernia Processing is an old whaling station situated almost at the end of Desolation Point. The location is visible from the road, as well as from the top deck of the Lonely Lighthouse. The outside area is patrolled by several wolves, along with a possible bear. Preparation for the encounter is highly recommended but hiding inside one of the smaller structures and sleeping may cause them to drift away, allowing the player to escape.

The Yard Edit

The area has a group of interconnected trailers on one side and a lone trailer on the other side of the main building of the Hibernia Processing station. The yard can be accessed from both the road and the coast, climbing up the main boat ramp from the east or climbing through a truck which is blocking the main gate from the west.

Interior Edit

Pretty much the entire interior is dimly lit, requiring light sources 24/7.

The Hibernia Processing building has two entrances: a large door straight from the east leads to the lower floor while a staircase at south side leads up to a spacious staff lounge.

The first floor includes a huge processing hall and a smaller engine room, where a staircase to the second floor is located. The processing hall is full of rusty whale processing equipment and contain a lot of wooden crates, pallets and other objects that can be harvested. The engine room, besides pallets and cardboards, has a fire barrel, work bench and a safe in the end of the room, hidden behind a wooden crate.

The second floor has three rooms. The biggest one, staff lounge, has a few beds, tables and chairs, as well as shelves, which do usually have some clothes at them. Another room, a locker room, has an exit to the outside area, some harvestable objects and four lockers. The third room is a small office room with two file cabinets and a table with drawers. The room also has a hole in the wall, leading to the processing hall's maintenance floor. Walking further and overcoming the snowdrift, the body can be seen in the corner.

The player MAY fall through the cracks in 2nd floor safely, but this has not been tested thorougly. 

Gallery Edit

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