A package of fragrant tea. The label promises restorative benefits and more peaceful rest.
In-game description

Herbal tea is an ingredient for making cup of herbal tea.

Overview Edit

These tea boxes can be found with five packets of tea inside and takes 0.25L/0.07 gallons of water to make one cup of herbal tea.

When cooked, the condition of the brewed cup of herbal tea will be twice the condition of the package, up to 100%.

While the herbal tea deteriorates over time, cups of herbal tea do not. So if you have a place to store them, it's wise to make cups of herbal tea before the package's condition drops below 50%.

Herbal tea is packaged as a product called Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea.

Medical Applications Edit

Herbal Tea, when drunk while hot, will give you the "Improved Rest" affliction, which will increase condition gained while sleeping by 2% an hour one's next 6 hours of sleep (whether this be all at once or across multiple sleep sessions), meaning one glass of Herbal Tea can restore up to an additional 12% condition.

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