Heavy hammer
Heavy hammer
Weight 2.00 kg
Harvest 2 × Scrap metal, 1 × Fir firewood
Repair 1 × Fir firewood
A hammer suitable for metalworking.
In-game description

Overview Edit

The Heavy hammer is a tool. It can be used to break down crates or open ice-fishing holes in fishing huts, but its main use is the crafting of items like arrowheads, improvised hatchets, and improvised knives, at the furnace. It is the only tool that can do this and was introduced along with the first furnace found in the game.

Harvesting Reclaimed Wood Edit

You can harvest reclaimed wood from furniture you can't break down with bare hands. However it takes more time to break down and consumes more calories than breaking down with a hatchet. Many players might find using hammers for breaking down furniture favorable as hammers are easier to repair if one has a set of simple tools or quality tools available.

Locations Edit

One can usually be found in the Desolation Point region inside Hibernia Processing, on the lower level, on one of the tool boards. The Heavy hammer will also appear in various, random locations on different play-throughs. It should be looked for wherever random tool spawns are located, particularly inside large tool box drawers.

One can also sometimes be found near the forge in Forlorn Muskeg.

Some particular observed locations include:

Mystery Lake Edit

Coastal Highway Edit

Pleasant Valley Edit

Desolation Point Edit

Forlorn Muskeg Edit

Timberwolf Mountain Edit

Broken Railroad Edit

Ravine Edit

  • Can be found in a train carriage.
  • Can be found in the fallen gondola.

Notes Edit

  • The shape of the hammer is similar to a real-world mini-sledge.
  • In real world metalworking, numerous different hammers (each with their own unique head shapes and weights) would be be used for different applications, but for all intents and purposes the picture suits as merely just a reference.

Game History Edit

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